Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get a Gun!

I am still out of town and won't take time to write much on my blog. As everyone should know by now the Supreme Court did the right thing in respecting the constitutionally protected right to individual gun ownership.

The right of an individual to own a gun is a fundamental right. Our founding fathers understood this when writing the constitution. They understood that when a citizens militia was called the citizens would not have to come to a governmental authority to be issued a weapon. The citizens owned weapons and when called they would bring their weapon with them.

Of course morons are acting as if there is going to be an increase of violence now that this fundamental right has been recognized by the high court. What foolishness to think that suddenly people are going to think, "OK I have a right to own a gun so I think I will go out and shoot somebody."

If everyone owned a gun, violent criminals would be less likely to attack the innocent. Even black neighborhoods will be much safer. Right now the only ones that have weapons are the gang-bangers. Elderly black people and other innocent blacks in the projects are not safe from the gang-bangers who hold these areas in hostage.
I have just heard about a middle-age couple who were beaten to death in a nice motel (I think it was Comfort Inn) in Missouri. If they had a weapon they may have been able to defend themselves. Some child will not be able to go visit grandma this weekend.

I urge everyone to obtain whatever permits you need to carry a concealed weapon AT ALL TIMES. Not just when you think you might be traveling to a bad neighborhood. Carry it with you ALL THE TIME - even when you are at home. You never know when someone might break into your house.

Those who are killed by violence did not know that they were going to be the victim of brutality. It can happen and usually does happen when you least expect it.

Don't put it off. If your state allows you to carry a concealed weapon them by all means do it. This goes for men, women and all legal age children. And under-age children who are not allowed to carry a weapon should be taught how to use it and have once available at home for easy reach.

We are living in dangerous times! There are animals on the hunt. Be prepared to shoot and save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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God bless! Get a gun!