Tuesday, July 15, 2008

War on the Horizon

The Sunday Times of London (England) reported a shocking story claiming that President Bush has given the Israeli government an "amber light" in its planned war against Iran.

According to the Times an Amber light is just short of a green light and gives our nod to the Jewish government to begin making preparations for an intended strike against Iran.

If this Jewish nation begins an aggressive war against Iran, it will immediately mean the engagement of U. S. forces also.

There are many people who are of the opinion that it is the intention of Bush to engage the U.S. in war with Iran before the election. If Israel makes an unprovoked attack against Iran, there is little doubt that Iran will retaliate (as any sovereign nation is entitled to do). When that happens the Neo-cons will take us into war by claiming that the U. S. is only acting in defense of their ally.
The hysteria for war against Iran is coming from the same crowd that insisted we go to war against Iraq because of its vast nuclear development and weapons of mass destruction which were never found and therefore presumably never existed.

The primary reason for the war in Iraq and the upcoming war in Iran is the manipulation America into fighting a Jewish war that only benefits world Jewry.

In the past America always prided itself as a peaceful nation that only fought wars in defense. However, the neo-cons have turned us into a nation that is willing to fight wars of aggression.

Israel would be hesitant to attack Iran if it did not first have the assurance that the U.S. would step in to defend them in this obnoxious war. Iran has placed its missile launching sites around the country and it is reported that it even has some in underground locations.

Therefore to help insure the destruction of its enemy the Israeli government would lean heavily upon America’s bunker-busting bombs.

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Anonymous said...

it was reported in the news that they found "yellow cake" in Iraq. wouldn't that indicate that they were in the process of making weapons of mass destruction.