Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Knights Party is Proud to Join the American Family Association in its historic Boycott of McDonalds

I really like McDonald's Quarter Pounder with French Fries. I know they aren't good for you so I don't go there every day. But generally I will stop at McDonalds 2 maybe 3 times a month. And when I say I stop, I don't mean it's one hamburger and one order of fries. I mean I have two or three of my grandkids and perhaps my wife and we often meet someone. So my visit usually means 5 people or more, 2 or 3 times a month.

But when I began to read how McDonald's has stepped over the line and is openly supporting the Gay Agenda, I decided to eat my hamburgers somewhere else.

To the right is the famous Ronald McDonald icon - but does Ronald have a secret?

The American Family Association has organizaed a boycott of McDonald's until they decide to remain nuetral in this culture war and I ask asking all members of The Knights and all White Nationalists in general to join with the American Family Association in its boycott.

McDonalds sponsored the recent Parade of Sodomites in San Francisco and boasted about it sponsorship on television in the San Francisco area. To see this disgusting ad, click here

Do you have a strong stomach, then click here to see some of the Sodomites in the parade. You will have to scroll down a little to see the pictures. I do have to warn you that some of these pictues are quite grafic. So even though you might want to hurl special sauce all over the place after looking at these picture, remember McDonald's is proud of its sponsorship.

McDonald's has also joined as a corporate sponsor the NGLCC (National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and has Richard Ellis, the vice president of communications for McDonald’s, and a openly "gay man" on its board of directors.

I like McDonald's hamburgers, but if I can make the break then you can do! I am asking all White Nationalist to join with me and other members of The Knights to boycott McDonald's. Go to and sign the pledge. Then make the committment and spread the word.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

John Hagee Wants the U.S. to Bomb Iran in the Name of Jesus!

John Hagee (right), the founder and president of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) just finished their 3rd annual conference in Washington D.C. which was held between July 21-24. The purpose of the CUFI is to help bring about a safe and secure Israel and to help insure that it has enough bombs to blow Iran off the map.

In self defense of course!

Let me see if I have this right.

Iran is bad because it threatens its neighbor. Israel is good because it threatens its neighbor.

Well, that is what we are told. And according to the Sunday Times of London, (Read story here: George Bush has given Israel the "Amber" light which means get ready to "wipe Iran off the map" and as soon as you are ready to attack Iran - "let us know." Because Israel is our friendly ally and if Iran should dare defend itself from an Israeli military attack we will come to the aid of Israel and help them bomb Iran - because that is what Jesus would do!

Of course the SAME people that told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destrution, which was (after the invasion) proven false are the same ones that are telling us that Iran is waging a stealth war against American troops in the Middle East. McCain , supported by people like John Hagee wants us to engage in an aggressive war against a soverign nation (Iran) and start dropping the bombs. See video of McCain singing "Bomb Iran." Click here:

John Hagee's created the Christians United for Israel as a means to have hundreds of thousands of Christians pressure congress to support any and all legislation that will aid Israel, regardless or not what harm it will do to the U.S. Hagee believes it is a Biblical mandate to support the evil empire. He is quick to quote from Gen 13:3 where God tells Abraham (and thus his descendants) "I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you."

Well. no one wants to be cursed by God and so all the ducklings who support John Hagee and the Christians United for Israel will continue their financial support and more importantly demands that the U.S. gives unconditional support for the bandit state of Israeli.

But we have been giving our support to Israel since May 15, 1948 when within a very short moments after they announced their independence, President Harry Truman gave official U.S. recognition and protection.


Today, after 60 years of "blessing" this nation of political terrorists, our national economy is in shambles and our national morals are depraved. We are in a $580 billion dollar war that we are now "winning" because we have troops stationed on every other square like a checkered board. Hollywood vomits its filth into our living rooms and Sodomites are shaping the future moral standard of America.

Those are great blessings John Hagee!

The fact is we are cursed by God and Nature because we have turned our back against our own blood and heritage.

At the Christian Revival Center, I have just completed one of the most important sermon series I have ever done. I titled it: John Hagee - Right Theology - Wrong People! I would like to send this series to you. I will send it free. Just request it by the title above. We are able to send this sermon gift to you at no charge because we know there are those who believe in this message of White Christian Revival who are faithful with their tithes and offerings which make this gift possible. We deeply appreciate those of you who continue to support this ministry. Mail your request to Thomas Robb Ministries / P. O. Box 354 / Bergman, AR 72615

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No War for Israel

No More Blank Checks for War

By Pat Buchanan

After the assassination of the archduke in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, Austria got from Kaiser Wilhelm a “blank cheque” to punish Serbia. Germany would follow whatever course its ally chose to take. Austria chose war on Serbia. And World War I resulted.

On March 31, 1939, Britain gave a blank check to Poland in its dispute with Germany over Danzig, a town of 350,000 Germans. Should war come, Britain would fight on Poland’s side.
Poland refused to negotiate, Adolf Hitler attacked, and Britain declared war. After six years, the British Empire collapsed. Germany was burnt to ashes. Poland entered the slave quarters of Joseph Stalin’s empire.

Lesson: No great power should ever give to a small ally or client state a blank check to drag it into war.

This raises the question: Has President Bush given Israel a blank check?

A year ago, Israel attacked and smashed an alleged nuclear reactor site in Syria. In April, Israel held a five-day civil defense drill. In June, Israel sent 100 F-15s and F-16s, with refueling tankers, toward Greece in a simulated attack. The planes flew 1,450 kilometers, the distance to Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Natanz.

On June 6, Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz threatened, “If Iran continues its nuclear weapons program we will attack it.”

Ehud Olmert returned from a June meeting with Bush to tell Israelis, “George Bush understands the severity of the Iranian threat and the need to vanquish it, and intends to act on the matter before the end of his term.”

Is Israel bluffing, or in dead earnest?

For while Israel can do damage to Iran, she cannot defeat Iran without using nuclear weapons. But any attack Israel launched against Iran would require U.S. complicity, and any Israeli war with Iran would almost certainly require the United States to do most of the fighting to win or end it.
Continue at

Monday, July 21, 2008

5 Weeks til Congress

We are busy getting ready for the Knights Party National Congress on August 29,30 & 31. If you are a member of The Knights we hope you are making plans to attend. We know gas prices are high, but if you consider at 25 miles per gallon, a 500 mile trip is only going to cost about $20 more than it did at $3 a gallon and $40 more than at $2 a gallon. I certainly don't want to make light of the high fuel prices, but attending congress, meeting other White Nationalists and fellowshipping is important. While the prices are high the cost is still doable. Most people waste much more than this amount on candy, soda pop, cigarettes and movies each month.
So make some solid plans to attend. I have spoken to David Duke (right) and he is going to make a special presentation at congress. We will have him connected to speakers and he will address our conference from Europe via the internet. We have some other great speakers lined up as well as entertainment from Heritage Connection who is working to have a new CD out by Congress and also Steve & Bonnie from Tulsa.

We have a new issue of The Torch going in the mail this week and a new issue of the Victory Report about ready to be mailed at the end of the week.

We think we are back on track for publishing The Crusader in newspaper format. We'll keep you informed.

Be sure to listen to our program POLITICAL WATCHDOG on Wednesday, 9 pm ET and our Sunday morning church service broadcast live from the CHRISTIAN REVIVAL CENTER at 12 noon ET. Both of these are broadcast on Stormfront Radio. Go to and click the red box that says LISTEN HERE!

Thank you for all the hard work that you are doing to bring the message of White Christian Revival to our people. Keep loving and praying form America. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

War on the Horizon

The Sunday Times of London (England) reported a shocking story claiming that President Bush has given the Israeli government an "amber light" in its planned war against Iran.

According to the Times an Amber light is just short of a green light and gives our nod to the Jewish government to begin making preparations for an intended strike against Iran.

If this Jewish nation begins an aggressive war against Iran, it will immediately mean the engagement of U. S. forces also.

There are many people who are of the opinion that it is the intention of Bush to engage the U.S. in war with Iran before the election. If Israel makes an unprovoked attack against Iran, there is little doubt that Iran will retaliate (as any sovereign nation is entitled to do). When that happens the Neo-cons will take us into war by claiming that the U. S. is only acting in defense of their ally.
The hysteria for war against Iran is coming from the same crowd that insisted we go to war against Iraq because of its vast nuclear development and weapons of mass destruction which were never found and therefore presumably never existed.

The primary reason for the war in Iraq and the upcoming war in Iran is the manipulation America into fighting a Jewish war that only benefits world Jewry.

In the past America always prided itself as a peaceful nation that only fought wars in defense. However, the neo-cons have turned us into a nation that is willing to fight wars of aggression.

Israel would be hesitant to attack Iran if it did not first have the assurance that the U.S. would step in to defend them in this obnoxious war. Iran has placed its missile launching sites around the country and it is reported that it even has some in underground locations.

Therefore to help insure the destruction of its enemy the Israeli government would lean heavily upon America’s bunker-busting bombs.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cute Little Negro

I know that there are people who think I am an evil racist. I even had one person write and suggest that I was the anti-Christ. I guess they made this conclusion because of some apparent obnoxious statement I made about loving white people.

I guess I’m not suppose to make such nasty remarks about loving white people, grandma or apple pie. I guess I should be muzzled because I might influence some innocent white child into thinking about the possibility that they should love their people - their heritage - also. That would be horrible!

After all, drugs, sex, interracial dating, sodomy and other American ideals that our founding fathers fought and died for are far to precious than to allow a hateful bigot like me to mess up their delicate lives with foolish talk about loving God, family, heritage and nation.

My God! They could be scared for life!

So, in an effort to redeem myself before all those people who think that I am full of hate I want to make this statement about Barack Obama.

Here it goes!

I am sure when Obama was a little guy, he was a cute little Negro!

Do you forgive me now?

Ok! You caught me in a lie. Here's his picture and he really isn't that cute after all!

Do you still forgive me?

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Personal Experience!

I have received a comment on a recent post I made regarding the need for people to carry protection (guns). I decided to place his comment as a main post instead of just as a comment. We also have posted some of the best looking Negroes criminals imaginable. I am sure there are others who have had similar experiences. I would like to hear from you.

By Richard Hensley:

Yes Sir! Our founding fathers instituted the rights of gun ownership and it's many uses, (provision of food, protection of self or family, deterrent applied to nefarious elements, securing Liberty, maintaining God's blessing, . . .) which are necessary for a civilized society to exist. What rule of law or level of civility could possibly remain if only criminals had guns?All we have to do is look at the recent city crime rates of Washington D.C., or Chicago, Illinois to see the truth when law abiding citizens are restricted by law from legal gun ownership.

Cities like these two must be Utopian dreams of Peace and Tranquility. Reality is counted amongst the dead or dying as well as those yet alive. Maybe those who seek to remove our rights would care to tell the law-abiding dead how their demise was necessary to uphold gun control measures aimed at disarming the law-abiding populace.

Does that sound silly? If the law-abiding dead were still alive, they probably would not think so.

I would like to share a bit of personal experience myself and children enjoyed while attending a funeral in (Levy area) North Little Rock, Arkansas of a Great Uncle that passed away. I have family in that area that has lived there since the 1800's. My Great Uncle lived on a patch of land that he inherited, and he found his fortune serving in the U.S. Navy, then later working in Washington state. He moved back to Arkansas, got married and raised a family in the Levy area.

In those days Levy was a White neighborhood where everyone's house had a WELCOME mat outside and front doors were rarely locked since the neighbors would help watch the house if one had to go to the store or get supplies. Families would sit outside in the evening and sometimes into the night enjoying the cool breeze and pleasant company. Sometimes we would go out for evening walks after the heat of the day was past and wave at the various white families as we passed by on our walk. Rarely seen was a home without open windows and shouts of greeting from those already seated inside. The city Police were well respected and warmly received by the whites in the neighborhood. As a young child of 4, my Great Aunt would take me with her sometimes on her walks and I looked forward to seeing the neighborhood as she explained the dangers of crossing the street or venturing too close to yards where dogs lived with their master.

I learned how important and integral we are to civilized society as it then existed. All of my family owned guns and our neighborhood was as safe as the Cleaver's, (for those who remember 'Leave it to Beaver'). All of the trouble and strife was located in the colored part of North Little Rock, Arkansas. We had nothing to worry about because they stayed away from our area, and we had no desire to be around them.

Only the foolish and morally decadent wanted to hold company with Negroes late into the night.In Levy, we enjoyed white Christian atmosphere with responsibility, charity and compassion for our families and neighbors. It was a lovely place to be, . . . back then.

After going through my parents divorce with myself and mother moving to another part of town [Rose City area] and after completing 1st and 2nd grade in a mostly white school that I easily walked to, I was introduced into the concept of forced busing and race immersion. As a white child, I was bussed to an all-black school where I became acquainted with the negro school superintendent. As I had been involved in school yard scuffles before at my former school where the teachers went to great lengths to determine who was at fault, I was not alarmed when negro kids would gang up on me and I would have to fight back. My perception of equal protection under the law was clarified when the negro kids got off scot-free and I got some licks with a razor strap. You see, as a white child, I was responsible for causing the Negroes to gang up on me. I was not supposed to fight back. When a negro is in power, the rules are not fair even when clear, unmistakable proof is offered and substantiated by other white witnesses.

We left the North Little Rock area after that and moved to the country in North Central Arkansas where I learned the general education curriculum at an all-white school free from Negroes and other non-white troublemakers. During this time, Negroes and non-whites had moved into the Levy area as "Block-Busters", [negro-phile whites posing as home buyers to secure dwellings inside white areas in order to move Negroes in] turned a once safe and secure neighborhood into a crime and trash infested dangerous place. I was not there during this period as my relations grew distant and seemingly forgotten. Later, after graduating High school and traveling out of state, securing work in various areas of the country, getting a family started, . . . I too returned to North Central Arkansas to raise my White family in a nurturing environment.

We do not have the daily troubling element that currently plagues Central Arkansas. I have lived in various cities across America and am well familiar with Negro culture and their associated way of life. I have no desire to raise up my children in such a corrupted environment. The colored part of town is not a safe place to be. Yet as time passes, our relatives get older and some passed away. As I was close-family decades earlier, I thought nothing of bringing my children to the Levy area of North Little Rock in broad daylight (1 P.M.) since we were just going to my Great Uncle's funeral and would just be there at his house, then down the street to our old Baptist church where I attended kindergarten and from there to the graveyard. As I visited with relatives I had not seen in years and through the many introductions between my children and our extended family, I simply forgot that I was in Levy, North Little Rock 2006.

I had allowed myself to wander down Memory Lane and the walks with my Great Aunt. I wanted to drive down the streets with my children where me and my Aunt walked back in the 1960's. I mistakenly thought that the time of day was a factor of safety in myself and children's favor. That mistake almost cost the lives of myself and precious children.

Over the years of my travels, I have the experience of carrying a gun with me wherever I go. At the time, I had a loaded .44 Magnum with me yet placed out of sight. My children knew where it was and for what purposes it may be used for. As I was not yet quite two city blocks from my Uncle's home where family was gathered, a Negro was parked in the street at a stop sign. As I pulled up behind the vehicle, he eyed me and my truck in his driver's side-mirror, then stepped out of the old clunker with no tags he was formerly sitting in and shoved a hand down toward his pants then up under his pull-over jacket.

As he was walking back toward me, he was asking how to get to a nearby street and eying all he could see as for who may be in my extended-cab truck. I had been caught by surprise and off-guard. Due to my carelessness, I had lovingly shared fond memories of my walking excursions with my children and unwittingly placed myself and children in very grave danger. As the negro continued his aggressive advance, I simply smiled and told the Negro he best better turn right around, get in his car and make a couple of lefts then drive straight through as he would cross the street he claimed to be looking for. My hand was not on my gun, but I acted as if it was just below the window line, with a smile and prayer.

The Negro sensed that something was a-miss which would not ensure an easy kill or car-jacking, plus with someone else pulling up behind my truck there would be others involved. Without ever pulling his hand out from under his jacket, the Negro turned around and got back in the car and drove away. Maybe an angel stayed that Negro's hand. Maybe the negro recognized the insignia marked prominently on my vehicle. Maybe the Negro decided to aim for a less complicated target. Had the Negro decided to carry through with it's action, I and my children may been killed, then my truck disassembled and sold for parts to fund a Negro's crack habit and more cheap thrills. Yet maybe, because the Negro sensed I had my gun close-by and with no fear betraying my facial features for it to savor upon, it possibly had second thoughts about chances for it's own survival.

Yes, even IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, we are currently at risk of dangerous criminals and violent predators! Had I not carried a gun with me that day, my face would have betrayed my fear and utter helplessness. We would have been clearly marked as ripe for the picking. Myself and children would probably be dead and we were less than two city blocks away from my Great Uncle's house.

As our nation slips further into the depths of an emerging third world, I too am glad that our second amendment, constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is upheld by the United States Supreme Court.
Do you think Mr. Hensley is paranoid - check of this website

Or maybe check this one out.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Love Your Heritage

Be sure to listen to our Sunday morning church service on radio at 12 noon ET. My sermon is titled This is Our Inheritance. When you get to the main page on Stormfront click the red box that says LISTEN HERE!

Recently I wrote prepared a flyer that was distributed at an Ozark Craft Festival in Harrison called Crawdad Days. I thought I would share it with you today.

I know many people reading this are not from the South or even from the U.S. So when I say, love your heritage and use the Confederate Battle Flag as a symbol of the heritage I am referring to does not mean it excludes you. In the 1860's it was the battle flag of those southern states, but today it stands as a symbol of white resistance to Global tyranny. It is a flag of White nationalism regardless of what many of those puny heads at the Sons of Confederate Veterans may think. It has grown beyond them and out of their often cowardly hands.

I think you will enjoy it.

Love Your Heritage

Harrison is one of the best little cities in Arkansas with a wonderful history and a bright future. We are progressive and yet remember the "heritage of our birth" which is immortalized on the plaque located across the street at the Confederate Monument. Take a moment to walk a few steps and feel the inspiration from those few short verses. Those of us living in Harrison today can be eternally grateful to our forefathers for giving us this wonderful city to raise our families.

There is no other symbol, other than the Confederate battle flag, that can bring to our remembrance the terrible sacrifice of blood paid by our dear brothers from both the north and the south. That war is now beyond the memory of living men. But honorable men and women cannot and should not forget the price of blood which they freely gave.

However, there are those from across the nation and even within the shadow of our beautiful courthouse that want to dismantle and dishonor the emblems which represent the Bible belt. For example did you know the ADL calls the Confederate Flag a "hate symbol?" Check this out by going to And there are others who paint the disgusting picture which imply that anyone who loves the flag of southern heritage is an ignorant hateful person. Check it out at this web site Unfortunately there is a small, but influential minority in our own community, with the apparent leadership of the FEDEx Diversity Council, who is of the opinion that the residents of Harrison and Boone County who love their heritage are ignorant gun-totting rednecks who love freedom, old values and the Bible just a little too much.

Don’t wail to me about how the war is over. We are not interested in fighting the war again! We just want to remember, in a small and humble way, our mothers and fathers who through, tears, pain and sacrifice gave us a community that is the envy of not only Arkansas but the nation as well.

This flag is not about hate. It never was! This flag is about sacrifice. Today we embrace it because it tells us to love our heritage as no other symbol can!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get a Gun!

I am still out of town and won't take time to write much on my blog. As everyone should know by now the Supreme Court did the right thing in respecting the constitutionally protected right to individual gun ownership.

The right of an individual to own a gun is a fundamental right. Our founding fathers understood this when writing the constitution. They understood that when a citizens militia was called the citizens would not have to come to a governmental authority to be issued a weapon. The citizens owned weapons and when called they would bring their weapon with them.

Of course morons are acting as if there is going to be an increase of violence now that this fundamental right has been recognized by the high court. What foolishness to think that suddenly people are going to think, "OK I have a right to own a gun so I think I will go out and shoot somebody."

If everyone owned a gun, violent criminals would be less likely to attack the innocent. Even black neighborhoods will be much safer. Right now the only ones that have weapons are the gang-bangers. Elderly black people and other innocent blacks in the projects are not safe from the gang-bangers who hold these areas in hostage.
I have just heard about a middle-age couple who were beaten to death in a nice motel (I think it was Comfort Inn) in Missouri. If they had a weapon they may have been able to defend themselves. Some child will not be able to go visit grandma this weekend.

I urge everyone to obtain whatever permits you need to carry a concealed weapon AT ALL TIMES. Not just when you think you might be traveling to a bad neighborhood. Carry it with you ALL THE TIME - even when you are at home. You never know when someone might break into your house.

Those who are killed by violence did not know that they were going to be the victim of brutality. It can happen and usually does happen when you least expect it.

Don't put it off. If your state allows you to carry a concealed weapon them by all means do it. This goes for men, women and all legal age children. And under-age children who are not allowed to carry a weapon should be taught how to use it and have once available at home for easy reach.

We are living in dangerous times! There are animals on the hunt. Be prepared to shoot and save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

I will be back home in the morning and will be at the microphone for my weekly program on Stromfront. Be sure to tune in to the Political Watchdog at 9 pm eastern time at on Wednesday nights. When you arrive at the home page, click the button that says LISTEN HERE!

God bless! Get a gun!