Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chop! Chop!

Muslim Man Removes Wife's Head
In Apparent Effort to Improve the Image of Islam in America

Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher (Northbrook, Illinois), February 13, 2009

NEW YORK A prominent Buffalo area businessman who founded the BridgesTV network to improve the image of Muslims in the U.S. has been arrested and charged with murdering his estranged wife – by beheading her at his company’s office in Orchard Park, N.Y., on Thursday.

Police have charged the husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder in the death of Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37.

In its logo, BridgesTV boasts of “connecting people through understanding” via its dish network available in several states. Its Web site quotes comments about the company by Jay Leno, Brian Williams and others, plus a screen shot of a CNBC interview with Hassan conducted by Maria Bartiromo.

The site also shows a picture of Hassan with his slain wife, described as playing “an instrumental role in the creation of Bridges TV since she came up with the idea for the network.” The alleged killer is called “Mo S. Hassan” at the web site.

NPR's "All Things Considered" profiled the Hassans in 2004. The segment opened, "A new cable network for Muslim-Americans is up and running in Detroit. Bridges TV says it wants to inform and entertain Muslims and, at the same time, give viewers who aren't Muslims a glimpse into their culture . . ."

Mo Hassan was traveling from Buffalo to Detroit a few weeks after the September 11th terrorist attacks when his wife came up with the idea for the new network. They were in the car listening to the radio when they heard some derogatory remarks about Muslims."

Programs include kids shows, "American Muslim Teen Talk," Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" and an interview show with James Zogby. Its news program "brings you balanced coverage from around the world. News you can trust."

He is CEO of the company after stints as a sales rep at Proctor & Gamble and as a banker in Buffalo. He got his MBA at the University of Rochester. The bio concludes: “Mr. Hassan brings to Bridges TV vision, persistence, data-based decision making and financial discipline.”

Police say the wife had an order of protection from the man. A murder weapon has not yet been recovered. The couple had two children, ages 4 and 6.

Khalid J. Qazi, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Western New York, said, “There is no place for domestic violence in our religion — none. Islam would 100 percent condemn it.”
Isn't multi-culturalism a beautiful thing?


Jacob Masters said...

And Islam is a religion/culture of non-violence? Oh! Thats right... Almost forgot... Domestic Violence is bad, but violence against Christians is okay.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a cult. This just proves it.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show these people are not mentally right.

Anonymous said...

Violence against anyone is horrible no matter who they are. But you are so quick to judge...let's look at serial killers. What color are the majority of them? White. And who are normally the victims? White women. Which means all races can kill. Before you start ranting that Islam is a cult remember Charles mason ran a cult and what about Waco Texas? That was a cult of whites and they are all dead. When will you realize whites kill and do stupid things just like any other race? Whites are no more superior than anyone else. It's ok to have pride but why belittle others in the process?

Anonymous said...

totally agreed!!! whites have proved themselves capable of worse things!!! Adolf Hitler was white!!! and he was responsible for the slaughter of 8 million other white people and in the name of god!! you guys are so pathetic, just cos one Muslim makes the new for some atrocity you think that the whole lot of them are exactly the same. just get a life, learn some history and stop being so judgemental. your stupid founding fathers practically wiped out an entire race of people to steal the country that you think now rules the world. Adolf Hitler. Adolf sodding Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Point one: Most serial killers are white but most killers are black! Serial murders happen far less than the crime your ordinary negro commits. Blacks commit far more murders than whites! So do not try and turn this like the crime rate between the races is equal.
Point two: Muslims kill because their crazed religion tell them to. These people are plotting to kill Americans as we speak and you defend them?

Anonymous said...

The two comments by Anon Feb 18. is probably the same guy. Seeing how the response to the first comment is only 16 minutes. Let me make a point though. What is the biggest killer of blacks? Black men. It is not heart attacks, cancer or any disease it is themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon Feb. 18 9:38 If you feel that way about this nation. Get the heck out here then. You are more than welcome to leave!!!

Anonymous said...

You go off on white people yet no one has brought up color in this argument. The point he is trying to make is that some of these people are nuts. He did not say blacks, Jews, or anything else. You liberals are the ones who are the racists.

Anonymous said...

Anon February 20 4:55 That is such a predictable comeback from the average typical badly educated redneck American; 'If you don't like America, than you can geeetooooout'. If you had read my post properly you would realise that I don't live in the US thank god, and as such there is no point asking me to leave. haha

NCKnight said...

For Anonymous - February 18, 2009 9:38 PM & February 21, 2009 11:13 AM: I assume by your use of the word "sodding" that you are British. Is that correct?

Anonymous said...

And i assume that because of the word 'Knight' in your identity that you are a poorly educated bigoted idiot.

Anonymous said...

So you won't admit where you're from, Mr. Snooty? You are obviously ashamed of your country!