Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Worship His Holiness

St. Obama Candle Lights Protest
Priest calls for boycott of shop selling haloed president

A priest in California is outraged at a novelty store’s large display window of “Saint Obama” candles displaying an image he says “depicts our beloved saints in a not so saintly way.”
The candles feature President Obama’s head atop the body of St. Martin de Porres, a Peruvian-born Dominican friar, who became one of the first black saints in the Americas upon his canonization in 1962.

Rev. Tony La Torre of St. Philip the Apostle Church in San Francisco says the candles, sold by the Just for Fun store for $15, “mock and ridicule the Catholic/Christian faith.”
“I am appalled,” La Torre wrote in a recent parish newsletter, “that in such a family-oriented neighborhood, any retailer would be so bigoted and so hateful (as) to carry such merchandise just to ‘make a buck.’”

Just for Fun owners Robert Ramsey and David Eiland, however, say they’ve done more than “make a buck” – they’ve made thousands.


Anonymous said...

As a Catholic Christian I am appalled that someone would depict that man as a Saint!!! Abortion is against the faith and Obama supports abortion rights. If you depicted him as the Anti-Christ, which I believe he is, you would be racist.

Anonymous said...

I am not at all shocked, actually. Many people worship Obama like a saint. Light a Candle how about light a Cross? I am so tired of many people treating him and worshiping him like a saint. Even if you type in "RELIGIOUS ART", a few pages down you see a clipping of a Magazine. People not only want to make money off of this Pig but also people act like he is God's gift. Obama is maybe the most sinfulest man we could get in office--He goes for Abortions and he goes for Homosexual Marriages (JUST TWO OF THE MANY THINGS GOD IS AGAINST!)


Jacob Masters said...

How funny. His face is being superimposed over an black man (not a mulatto!) and being passed of as being "the real deal." The Obama-mania is suffocating. I honestly dont believe that people look at Obama as being a religious prophet/sign of times... but this is entirely too much.

Anonymous said...

The bible warns of false teachers and false messiahs. Many will say "I am He" but do not believe them.