Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ice Storm Pitures

I promised I would post some pictures of the recent ice storm we had in north Arkansas. We all know ice forms when temperatures reach 32 degrees. Ice storms like we had occurs when the temperature holds at the freezing point, but warm air in the upper atmosphere allows rain to fall to the earth where it freezes when it lands on the ground, in trees and of course on electric lines. This does not happen as much in the northern states as the air is colder and the result is snow. And in areas south it remains as rain.
We have ice storms every winter, but they are relatively mild. Some ice will form, but usually not much. The last severe ice storm was about 2000. This time the rain, forming into ice on
contact with the ground, lasted for about 45 hours. We had over a inch of ice on everything and it brought down trees, power poles and some small sheds.
There is hardly a tree that does not have damage to it. Fallen and broken limbs are everywhere. Some trees had so much ice on them that they caused the tree to collapse, pulling the roots out of the ground.
Our electricity was out for 10 days. This prevented us from broadcasting church over the internet for two Sundays. Our computers were shut down and were were without telephone for 4 days.
The photo above is Jason Robb
The picture shown above is Jason Robb standing
on the road near the Christian Revival Center. The huge trees were laid across the road by the ice. In less than 1/4 mile there were about 8 trees across the road.
The next photo shows ice on our patio lights at the Christian Revival Center.
Here is Jason Robb standing in front of the ice (not snow) covered patio.

Of course the photos don't do justice to the damage.

Here is a photo of a deer that was killed by a fallen tree. As you can see the ice is colored red by the blood of the deer.

Any way, things are back to normal (what ever that is?). Be sure to listen to our Sunday morning church service at 11 AM central time.

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Anonymous said...

Had the power been out longer there is some good eating on that deer. And who says God does not provide.

But I am glad to hear that everything ok now.

Anonymous said...

That is crazy Pastor Robb. I did not think you guys would ever see ice storms in Arkansas. May God be with you and the people affected by this.

Anonymous said...

You survived it huh? Well that is too bad.

Anonymous said...

Anon Feb.9 That is terrible that you hate like that. What has Pastor Robb or the Knights ever done to you?

Anonymous said...

They exist! That is their crime against society. You guys are a bunch of backwoods hillbillies anyway!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. We have a president that will massively socialize this government. We have people who could care less about values and morality. We have butchers that take LIVING babies inside the womb and kill them. We have rampant crime in our Democrat controlled cities. Yet we are the crime against society? You are a backwards liberal.

Jacob Masters said...

Oh come on anon... I am pretty sure that I am not a backwoods hillbilly. I never have once (ever, ever!) lived in a "backwoods" locale, or been accused of being a "hillbilly"! I have been called "southern" and a host of other more familiar (and friendly!) monikers, but never a hillbilly. LOL. Thanks for posting!

J. Masters

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the storm. I want to ask when are we going to end this farce called Black History Month? What history is there? There are no great civilizations in Africa. No great cities. No crops are even planted. Then if you go to when they came to America. You are celebrating slavery, oppression, segregation, poverty, crime, ect. So is there anything good to celebrate here? I will gladly celebrate segregation with them though!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Serves you right