Thursday, February 25, 2010

Play Ball!

Are you interested in SPORTS but are tired of seeing a whole industry bowing at the feet of black sports heroes as if they are a Greek God hovering over the lives of us "little" people. Are blacks really better athletes? Certainly they are good - the question is are they better? One would think so by looking at professional basketball and football.
Castefootball isn't just about football. It is also about hockey, basketball, boxing, college ball, golf. News of athletes and anti-white racism in sports. Go here:


Mekibos said...

I don't really know if they are better all around but they certianly are dominating certain sports(football,basketball). The best golfer around is Black-Asian mixed. But Latinos have been dominating in soccer and baseball too. (I see you actually looked into my question.)

But maybe its just of a reverse of what happened during the 30s-60s when many (American) sports teams kept Blacks and other minorities out.

Sure it may also be stereotyping, they could be infact looking for black athletes only but there are still whites in the leauge,
look at all the white quarterbacks.

Maybe they are better and maybe not... But they work really hard to make it to the top.

Anonymous said...

in response to mekibos: your last sentence strikes at the heart of the matter. Do they work really hard to get where they are or did they have it given to them because they are black?