Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Would Teddy Roosevelt Do?

I know what he would do and if you don't - then you need some more history lessons.

The Haitian government has arrested 10 American missionaries in Haiti, because some sort of paperwork was not not in proper order as they attempted to move some kids to Santa Domingo.

Do I feel sorry for the victims of the earthquake? Well, what civilized person wouldn't? But our attempt to rescue them seems to be futile. In the 1960’s Haiti has a starving population of 4.5 million people. After BILLIONS of dollars of relief (3 billion since 1994) Haiti now has a starving population of 9 million.

Our phony “Christian” charity has brought zero relief - doubled the population and has doubled the number of starving Negroes with more demands of relief

So some misguided missionaries go to Haiti and get caught up in the whole, “Your deliverers have come” mentality.

But with all that said - and there is plenty left unsaid - the bottom line is that these missionaries are our white brothers and sisters - maybe “not too bright” - but brothers and sister never-the-less. Now they have been arrested by arrogant Haitian officials who should be on their knees in eternal gratitude for the help these missionaries were giving - not to speak of the millions upon millions of dollars that is coming from the American government and citizens.

What would Teddy Roosevelt do? He would tell this sorry excuse of a government to release these American citizens NOW! - Not next week, not tomorrow - not in five minutes - NOW!

If they are not release NOW - the Marines, who are currently helping the victims of the earthquake should be given another duty to bring home these missionaries and let that poor excuse of a nation sink into the ocean.

Our current government leaders are disgraceful for not taking immediate action to bring them home.

Teddy Roosevelt would surround the island with gun ships, providing an opportunity for the Haitian officials to repent of their evil ways.



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Anonymous said...

And Roosevelt's America would have stood behind him and honored him for his strong leadership!

Anonymous said...

These race traitor missionaries lost their "brethren" status trying to facilitate adoptions and bringing them to the USA. God makes earthquakes. Therefore, I have no sympathy for Haitians. I wish He would shake a few other areas of the world. Roosevelt's 'Big Stick' is trumped by Washington's 'no foreign entanglements' and the Monroe Doctrine. What gives you the right to promote us as the policemen of the world, which is just mercenaries for Zionism? Let the missionaries rot in jail. It might influence future do-gooders. Must sin be rewarded?

Patriot said...

I agree with Pastor Robb assessment. Washington's policy of "Friendly relations with all nations - entangling alliances with none.” is dealing with treaties with foreign nations. The dispute is not over our enslavement to a treaty with a foreign nation but over the capture American citizens, even stupid ones. The Monroe Doctrine is dealing with European nations becoming involved in nations of the Western Hemisphere, again an entirely different issue.
The policy promoted by Pastor Robb is to tell these half baked nations that they will not mess with U.S. Citizens when they travel abroad.

Anonymous said...

Patriot, What you and Pastor Robb fail to understand is that there is no Constitutional authority (or moral justification)for military rescue missions for civilian derelicts. There may be precedence (Jimmy Carter's pathetic attempt in Iran), but there is no law (other than executive orders). This sort of policy just digs a deeper hole for us to fall into and is open for presidential abuse. Is that the kind of power you want to give to Obama? Heck, we couldn't even rescue our boys on the USS Liberty! If you can't see that Haiti is an entanglement (which Washington would have avoided)and that the spheres of influence (which the Monroe Doctrine was addressing) outweigh Rosesevelt's interventionism, then you might as well start singing koombaya and 'we are the world'. These stupid missionaries weren't captured, they were arrested (big difference). If they're so precious to you, then send Hillary and do it the old fashioned way with bribes. They can start with people like you to generously donate funds for their release. But please, not with my tax dollars or blessings. What do you want to bet that a military presence would have a much more ulterior and longlasting motive for the Zionist Occupational Government to procure yet another satellite country for their expanding empire. All because some bleeding heart conservatives care about judeo-Christian missionaries/race traitors who would rather help the beast of the field than their own race in their own country? Somebody needs a reality check. Ever hear of the 'ugly American'? It's like the neighbor who sticks his nose in everybody else's business while his own house is in disorder.

Thomas Robb said...

Dear Friend:
I am sure we have much in agreement, but you fail to understand my blog. (Or perhaps I failed to express myself properly.) The point of the issue is not whether or not these missionaries acted stupidly and are now suffering the consequence of their folly, but to point out the failure of this government (and therefore the people) who no longer have the moral or ethical fortitude to defend the character of our forefathers.
There is nothing in my statement that suggest we be the policemen of the world - only that American citizens should be able to travel abroad under the protection of America's sovereignty.
You contend these missionaries were not captured as I suggested, but were arrested. Perhaps the word captured was inappropriate and I should have used kidnapped. I cannot, however, describe this confinement as an arrest. This "government" is nothing more than the bloated power of a savage tribe of Negroes.
To imply that this is an "arrest" is giving more respect and consideration than it deserves. The kidnapping of these missionaries is no different than the kidnapping of American citizens by any other gang of thieves an cutthroats.
Stomp on their savage heads with our military. Of course, this won't happen because our nation, itself has become corrupt and we are ruled over by strangers. But I make the statement only to emphasis how far we have departed from the character of our forefathers.

Anonymous said...

"But I make the statement only to emphasis how far we have departed from the character of our forefathers."

Sorry, but it sounded like you were in an advocacy mode i.e. "If they are not release NOW - the Marines, who are currently helping the victims of the earthquake should be given another duty to bring home these missionaries....
Our current government leaders are disgraceful for not taking immediate action to bring them home."

Roosevelt wasn't a forefather. And if such a rescue mission were to take place, our military would be there for years, if not decades, making the world safe for jewish interests. The judeo missionaries are just 'useful idiots' for a greater evil.

Better living through petro-chemicals.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Teddy Roosevelt was a forefather, but not a founding father. There is a difference. And the Marines are already in Haiti, however they never should have been sent there in the first place and I think that Pastor Robb would agree. But I do agree with Pastor Robb, the Haitian government is a joke and for them to trample upon American citizens is a disgrace which I do not believe our founding fathers would tolerate. I think the issue of the Barbary Pirates some example of how they would respond.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how information can be misconstrued to propagate an opinion.

The majority of the children these missionaries attempted to bring to the Dominican Republic were not even orphans -- that is an injustice.

If American missionaries are in Haiti, they ought to respect Haitian law and domestic policies. If it was a paperwork issue, they should have had the write paperwork.

Finally, as a powerful nation it is our responsibility to come to the aid of other nations that suffer some sort of catastrophe that they themselves cannot possibly deal with. Ever heard of human solidarity?

I wonder what is the Klan's opinion of Puerto Rico, its people, and its political status -- you do know that it is part of the United States.

I also wonder whether Klan homeschooling teaches children about the period when Europe was in the Dark Ages and Islamic societies flourished in parts of North Africa and Spain.

We are all people; that is, one race.

Anonymous said...

"This "government" is nothing more than the bloated power of a savage tribe of Negroes."

Haiti merits the respect of any other nation on Earth, and you're comments reflect a degree of ignorance.

The Haitian independence movement paralleled the ideal "ideals" of the American independence movement. I say ideal "ideals" because we all know that the Revolution was initiated by smugglers and tradesmen who felt that British economic policies would harm their profits. It was a money war. Don't be mistaken.

Anonymous said...

The Haitian government is not a joke. I think the people that made this web-site are ignorants. What makes you think that other countries don't think Americas government sucks? Haiti neede help and America decided to help because it was a world power. If you didn't think we should of helped well i hope something like that happens to ou and no one hekps either so you can see what it would feel like. If the people over there tried to bring haitian kids back it was not very smart because oviously alot of people are lost and can not find their families so they should have waited. If the missionaries didn't want to go to jail they should have learned how to read and had the paperwork done right. What did haitians ever do to make people treat them like this at a time like this? and by the way it's spelled Santo Domingo not Santa Domingo ignorants.