Monday, February 8, 2010

White & Proud

Sunday's morning service was not broadcast because we were not able to get an internet connection. However, we do have it available now for those who would like to listen to an answer to the question, Can we be White & Proud. Here is the link for part one / part two will be given next week.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Robb. My name is Ricky..I have been listening to your comments on 'global minority report' and on your Sunday church sermon, and I am curious as to how you have come to the conclusion that the Bible is a book about race. You seem to have a strong conviction about this,so I am politely asking you to explain and provide details from the Bible on why you promote these opinions. I am very intrigued by your statements about what you feel the Bible is about. Please discuss the specific versus of scripture to prove your comments to be true. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

TomBulls said...

Ricky- Go to your local book store or check out for a book by the title of "The Mystery of the Gentiles". Here is a link that you can order the book from....

No, I am not going to buy it for you or ship my copy of it to you-- but this book should explain EVERYTHING to you about what Christian-Identity is and why race is a main message in the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the address tomBulls.However, I would like for Mr. Robb to discuss his thoughts and theories about the message of race in the good book.. I have been around most races, and I have concluded that there are good and bad people in every race. Moreover, each individual race has people who are proud of their race and heritage.

I just can't figure out, for the life of me, why the majority of the black race lags behind other races regarding education. Is it because their parent(s) don't take responsibility to teach their children the importance of education?
There are times I dislike the black race so much, and then there are times when I come in contact with respectable, hygienic, educated, thoughtful, charming black people..I feel that people are entitled to their own way of thinking and feeling. People(mostly black) cry racism to often. If these same people could just understand that everyone is different and entitled to how they feel. There is no need to try and persuade someone to like another race. What I wish they would say is,"God is our source of strength and we will continue to seek guidance from God to help show us the way..They seem to constantly look for ways to cry 'racism' on whites. It's aggravating at times..

I recently read an article about how looters(mostly blacks) during the Katrina hurricane were shot in broad day light and murdered. But what is troubling, is how the families of the deceased didn't search for their 'loved ones' nor did they contact law enforcement of their whereabouts. The blacks were being exterminated, and none of them even thought of retaliating on the snipers. Even 'innocent' blacks were being gunned down. No one from their families even thought of seeking revenge on their attackers!! Had one of my family members been shot at or killed, Lord help me, I would've conducted silent and deadly raids on whomever the culprits were..I just don't understand the mindset of some blacks. It's disturbing. Mr. Robb may have some thoughts on this matter and why these people lack the heart and knowledge to defend there very being.

The Nation of Islam seems disciplined, but as for the rest of the gang,drug, crime population of blacks, they are(as Mr. Robb would say) savage Negroes. I prefer ignorant Africans.
As long as NO ONE endangers my life,my family, or friends, you can say whatever you like. There is no cause for violence, unless provoked.

Mr. Robb and Mrs. Pendergraft, could you please discuss more in-depth, about the plight of the African race as a whole and why they seem incapable of maintaining order and sustaining a prosperous nation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Jesus was a man of color. I don't know if your a educated but come on really why all this race talk? There is a Adam and a Eve.. Guess what they weren't white. Sorry to break the news to you.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to know more about race and the Bible I suggest they listen to Pastor Robb each Sunday at 11 AM Central Time at
In time you will begin to understand.
As to smart, nice, clean Blacks, of course there are many and I don't think Pastor Robb would disagree. I have heard him say many times that he has met a lot of good black people. But that doesn't alter the right and need to embrace our white Chrisian heritage and culture and pass it down to our children.

Anonymous said...

Let's also remember that "white" is considered a color too. I always wondered why races,other than white, are considered colored. Isn't white a color? The NAACP doesn't embrace this logic. If they stood for what their title really means, it would mean including advancing white people as well.. My guess is, people have trouble thinking for themselves instead of learning about themselves,and becoming more self-aware. Too many followers and not enough leaders.


Darren said...

I find the logic of so called 'white culture' advocates quite amusing in that it is baseless. I would love for someone to explain to me what 'white culture' is. I know of and understand that there are English, French, Russian, etc. cultures. All are white, but very different and have at many times, throughout history, disagreed and gone to war based on cultural differences. The historical experiences of each of these cultures are not shared with each other, an Italian doesn't take pride in a Danish achievement, because they have very little in common. White pride makes very little sense, where as Ukrainian, Spanish, or Norwegian pride does.

You may question whether Black Americans should be able to take pride in the fact that they are Black Americans. Well, whether you like it or not, they should. African Americans have created a cultural nation of their own within the United States. How? They have a shared historical experience. Slavery and past discrimination in the US has united the black population, and new black immigrants to the US, even if they have no history of slavery or discrimination of their own, have been embraced into that culture because they are identifiable by their skin colour. One could make the argument that the uniting of the black population in the US is the creation of the racism and bigotry of the past.

I think it's unfortunate and sad that, rather than taking pride in being American, you choose to divide your nation along ridiculous and fictional lines. It's too bad you can't see past the colour of your own skin. God is most likely embarrassed and disappointed that extremists like you, and those of any other race, religion, or culture exist.

Anonymous said...

Your right.Blacks have created a cultural nation inside of America. It's a culture of gangs, crime, gangster rap, drug use, handouts, uneducated children and adults...Have I left anything out? Oh, they also created a nation of negroes who call each other 'nigga' The very word created as a slur toward a black person, they embrace as a warm greeting to one another...I truly believe there is a dysfunctional chromosome(for lack of a better word) in most blacks.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 5:43.
While I agree with you on most points. I want to say that "nigga" was not created as a slur. Its just what they were and there was nothing demeaning about it. The word simply means "black."
The word is also found in the African nation of Nigeria. The word is also found in the name of Niger Innis (check his name in Wikipedia) The word Niger is used in other ways also such as in the name of beans and geographical places.
Nigga, Nigger, Negra, Negro etc all have the same meaning and same origin. The word was never a degrogatory term or slur until it was realized that by pretended it was offensive they could create white guilt and therefore make political gain.
Again, Black Americans have the exact same meaning as Nigga Americans. There is no difference in the meaning nor was it ever suggested to be insulting or demeaning until it became apparent that it could be used as a tool to instil white guilt.

Anonymous said...

So, if the word 'nigger' means black, then the word 'cracker' or 'honky' means white? And there's nothing derogatory about these terms? 'chink' for an Asian, 'kike' for a jew? Keep in mind, that the word nigger is defined by English definitions, Caucasian interpretations.

I was told once, that the continent of Africa was given it's name by Europeans(I haven't conducted a thorough research on this). This may also mean that the countries inside Africa were named by Caucasians as well. At one time, the word nigger may have been just a word defined by Caucasians as black. At some point, this switched to meaning less intelligent and not of human qualities.( The switch was conducted by whites, and blacks went along for the ride thinking whatever the white man says, must be how it is.) This is where I have trouble understanding why the black man doesn't remember or know his roots and history.

Anonymous said...

Look black people(African Americans) are so poor an uneducated because of.... Slavery. Even though they were liberated after the Civil War they still weren't given a proper share in anything. They weren't given any type of handout. This was like this until the 60s when things started to turn around a bit. But it was only a very little amount. Why so many blacks live/moved in the cities and such is because they can't afford to live anywhere else. And if you think about it large cities especially in the poorest parts always have violence, gangs, drug use, death, and sorrow.You can find that in any city in the world.

And this is the reason for their ignorance. There are many good Blacks and many bad ones.

Anonymous said...

And Exactly how is bible about race. I'm pretty sure God is for all people; white,black,brown,yellow,etc.

I think your getting race and religion mixed up. The bible does speak against intermarriage between two religions because of people like Solomon.(You know he marries pagan women and builds temples for there gods)

In the bible Moses marries an Africa woman and God doesn't seem to care. He did how ever curse Miriam with leprosy for speaking against Moses for marrying someone so dark. And guess what color they used to describe Miriam's leprosy...White.

Also do you have any exclamation on how sports like football and basketball are dominated by Blacks. Or how baseball and soccer is dominated by Hispanics.

Thomas Robb said...

I have posted the above three comments to demonstrate examples of failed critical thinking. Hope you enjoyed them.

One thing I want to point out is the assumption Moses married a Negro simply because the Bible mentions Ethiopian. That is the same kind of failed critical thinking that would make the claim I am black because I am from Detroit. Why? Look at Detroit today. It is a BLACK city and the white population is close to zero. However, when I was born in 1946, Detroit was a white city. Ethiopia went through the same changes in demographics.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly if you look at bible you would see that she was a Kushite and they were known to be very dark. Oh and The name Ethiopia derived, from the Greek form, aithiopia, from the two words aitho, “I burn”, and ops, “face”. It would hence mean the colored man’s land — the land of the scorched faces.

So your saying she was white(or other) and Moses was(not Hebrew)? Or are you saying that africa was at one time full of white people?

So exactly how is what I said an assumption?

Anonymous said...

I've also found that the bible doesn't mention whites at all. Unless you consider the greeks and romans but then again the people could have moved as you said. They could have looked almost African at one time. I've never thought of Pontius Pilate being dark skinned. But wait he never was!!!

Maybe you should read the bible more Robb.

Passing Through said...

Pastor Robb is right. For anyone to say that the wife of Moses was black is simply making an assumption in an effort to promote the New Age doctrine of Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.
As I recall, Exodus 2 tells us that the wife of Moses was Zipporah the daughter of Jethro, the priest of Midian.
Those who promote the New Age teachings of racial brotherhood fit right in with the Hollywood crowd. Miscegenation is becoming as popular as Sodomy. They compliment each other.
Born-again Christian need to awaken from this mass deception that has in recent years entered the church.

Anonymous said...

But how God doesn't care about intermarrige between races. He doesn't think having pride in ones culture/race bad either. He does however disapprove of those who think there race to be better than another or having hatred of someone simply because of their color.

"As I recall, Exodus 2 tells us that the wife of Moses was Zipporah the daughter of Jethro, the priest of Midian."

-If you would read a little futher and got to the book of Numbers its also says "And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman."
Moses only had one wife, according to the bible.

"Miscegenation is becoming as popular as Sodomy"
- What is this I don't even...

If you believe the bible is about Race(and the seperation of them( Robb then provide some verses that state your belief.

Anonymous said...

Also Robb do you have any exclamation on how sports like football and basketball are dominated by Blacks? Or how baseball and soccer is dominated by Hispanics?

I guess you think sports are like Detroit, too. The colored move in and the whites move out...