Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's Pretend

Ok! For the sake of pretending I will make the following concessions.

Blacks are better at basketball than whites.
In fact white people can hardly play at all.
Most of the time they fumble the ball.
And they certainly can't shoot.
They can't make a three pointer.
They can't dribble!
and they can't jump!

Because professional ball teams are almost exclusively black, it is obvious that white players just slow the team down.
And because they slow the team down - it makes for boring basketball games

Do you know why they have a minor league - it is because they are not as good as the major leagues. So in order to have a place for these guys to play basketball - they have the minor league.

Baseball does the same with the various little leagues etc.

So, what do we do with all these worthless white basketball players that can't jump. Get them OUT of the big leagues with the superior black players and let them go somewhere else and play.

It will be so cute watching these white guys trying to slam dunk the ball.

So Don "Moose" Lewis is attempting to start a basketball league of ONLY white players. After all no one wants to be a drag on the "good" players.

What do you think? Shouldn't these White players have a place to play ball where they can frolick about with glee and leave the "real" basketball players play some serious ball.

Click here to learn about the all white basketball league:

Play Ball!

Are you interested in SPORTS but are tired of seeing a whole industry bowing at the feet of black sports heroes as if they are a Greek God hovering over the lives of us "little" people. Are blacks really better athletes? Certainly they are good - the question is are they better? One would think so by looking at professional basketball and football.
Castefootball isn't just about football. It is also about hockey, basketball, boxing, college ball, golf. News of athletes and anti-white racism in sports. Go here:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeling Discouraged?

Sunday's sermon is titled When Discouragement Comes. Be sure to listen at 11 am central.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There is a poll being taken by MSNBC to see if the American people believe the words, In God We Trust should be removed off our currency. Go here and vote: This probably won't be on their site for long, but as of now 11% thought it should be removed and 89% thought it should stay. Check it out.
If you are against the words remaining on our currency then go to this website

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 2

On Sunday I am going to give part two of my message - White & Proud. I am often amazed at the hateful tone some people resort to. I am a Christian - through the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ, however, there are those that seem more concern about "calling me out" - what ever that means - than stepping back to see if they can learn something.
I usually do not respond to people who want to argue with me on the blog. I have no time for bickering with people who simply don't want to listen. As I have said many times, I have no inner need to prove I am right or they are wrong. Those who want to love their sodomy and miscegenation are welcome to continue down the wide (popular) road.
I am interested in those with a humble spirit and whose natural love has not been changed into that which is unnatural.
God created all things and all things are good.
God called Abram, changed his name to Abraham and said he would be the father of many nations.
These many nations are comprised from the scattered nation of Israel
God tells us many times that these people - Israel - were his Holy people.
He said that he separated Israel from all the other people upon the face of the earth.
We are told in Psalms that he deals with Israel differently than he deals with any other nation.
These people - Israel - are his chosen people.
The Bible tells us that Israel would become a great Christian people.
The Bible tells us that Israel would be called my a new name.
Satan and the world hates Israel - God's Covenant People.
Israel is the white race.
Now I certainly don't expect anyone to believe any of this. Those who want to follow the New Age teaching of the One World Church will scoff and go there merry way.
That is your choice.
Those who want to learn more will take time to listen each Sunday to our Sunday morning church service at 11 AM central time - In time, the scales of deception from the One World Church will fall from your eyes and you will understand
I simply do have time to "prove" any thing to anyone. If you want knowledge and understanding then you have search it out.
I am not interested in hating anyone. I only want to witness to my White (Israel) brothers and sisters to love and embrace this wonderful inheritance God gave us.

Monday, February 8, 2010

White & Proud

Sunday's morning service was not broadcast because we were not able to get an internet connection. However, we do have it available now for those who would like to listen to an answer to the question, Can we be White & Proud. Here is the link for part one / part two will be given next week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Sorry

I am sorry about those of you who were unable to listen to today's sermon on White Pride. We were unable to make an internet connection. I believe today's sermon will be available in the archive section by Monday night. Be sure to listen to it and then next Sunday part 2 will be given.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Forget

At our Sunday morning church service, February 7th - 11 am central time I will be speaking on the subject of racial pride. I had an individual ask this question a few weeks ago.

“How can I as a white man be proud of something I didn't do?
God could just as easily have made me black. I’m lucky to be white.
Should I be proud I'm lucky? I really want to know, Pastor Robb.”

This will most likely be a two part series. But I have to warn you - if you are afraid of reality and plain talk - it might be better if you don't listen.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Would Teddy Roosevelt Do?

I know what he would do and if you don't - then you need some more history lessons.

The Haitian government has arrested 10 American missionaries in Haiti, because some sort of paperwork was not not in proper order as they attempted to move some kids to Santa Domingo.

Do I feel sorry for the victims of the earthquake? Well, what civilized person wouldn't? But our attempt to rescue them seems to be futile. In the 1960’s Haiti has a starving population of 4.5 million people. After BILLIONS of dollars of relief (3 billion since 1994) Haiti now has a starving population of 9 million.

Our phony “Christian” charity has brought zero relief - doubled the population and has doubled the number of starving Negroes with more demands of relief

So some misguided missionaries go to Haiti and get caught up in the whole, “Your deliverers have come” mentality.

But with all that said - and there is plenty left unsaid - the bottom line is that these missionaries are our white brothers and sisters - maybe “not too bright” - but brothers and sister never-the-less. Now they have been arrested by arrogant Haitian officials who should be on their knees in eternal gratitude for the help these missionaries were giving - not to speak of the millions upon millions of dollars that is coming from the American government and citizens.

What would Teddy Roosevelt do? He would tell this sorry excuse of a government to release these American citizens NOW! - Not next week, not tomorrow - not in five minutes - NOW!

If they are not release NOW - the Marines, who are currently helping the victims of the earthquake should be given another duty to bring home these missionaries and let that poor excuse of a nation sink into the ocean.

Our current government leaders are disgraceful for not taking immediate action to bring them home.

Teddy Roosevelt would surround the island with gun ships, providing an opportunity for the Haitian officials to repent of their evil ways.


2nd Announcement

I received the following questions a few weeks ago and on January 20th I entered on this blog that I would answer it in a sermon on February 7th.

Here is the question. “How can I as a white man be proud of something I didn't do? God could just as easily have made me black. I’m lucky to be white. Should I be proud I'm lucky? I really want to know, Pastor Robb.”

So you all are invited to listen to the Christian Revival Center on Sunday, February 7th at 11 am central time to hear the answer as to why it is important to take pride in your white racial heritage. The only thing that might prevent me from delivering this sermon on the 7th is if we get a snow storm and have to cancel church. That is what happened last week and there is talk about more snow coming this week end. We’ll see. Be sure to listen! If you miss it, we will have in in archives in a few weeks. Click here to listen on Sunday, February 7th at 11 am central time:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Even Cave Men Should Defend Their Heritage!

The following comment was sent to this blog.

"did you know that 75% of severly uneducated america is white?
just saying"

( I want to point out that they failed to capitalize the first letter of this sentence. They failed to capitalize America and they misspelled severely.)

I posted this comment to illustrate failed critical thinking. This person boldly proclaimed that 75% of severely uneducated people in the U.S. were white.

Such a statement is blatantly untrue. But let’s suppose for a moment that it IS true. Does that mean we should not be allowed to preserve our heritage? Even if we were only a race of cave men that ran through the jungle with clubs in our hands uttering out an occasional grunt, I think we still have a unalienable right to love our people.

The issue at hand has nothing to do with who is superior or who in inferior. The question is, Do white people have a God given right to love our people, love our heritage and pass it down to future generations?

Do white people have a right to defend ourselves from genocide?

If the answer is "No!" than you are a hypocrite. If the answer is "Yes!" than you need to become aware that genocide is exactly what we are facing and the attempt to defend ourselves from genocide does not mean we hate "minorities."