Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bill of Rights

In was on this day in 1789 that New Jersey became the first state to sign the Bill of Rights. Many of the founding fathers, including Alexander Hamilton fought against the adoption of the Bill of Rights. While this seems strange today, the reason for opposing the Bill of Rights was simple.

The rights of free people was so well understood, it was feared that by listing various rights that are protected it would imply that rights not listed were not protected. It is like naming the people you want to thank for their help in achieving a goal or putting on a lavish banquet or conference. It is almost certain you will forget someone.

The rights of free speech, freedom of assembly, right to self-defense, trial by jury etc. Were considered God Given. The constitution did not give those rights to the people as they existed long before the drafting of the constitution. Many founding fathers thought an inclusion of a Bill of Rights would appear as if these rights were government given and not God Given. In as much as the new constitution did not deprive the citizens of their God Given rights it was consider unnecessary and could perhaps lead to a misunderstanding that rights not protected did not exist.

It is for this reason there was the inclusion of the ninth amendment. "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." In other words the founding fathers were saying, we are aware that governments can become abusive so we want to make sure that it is kept on a leash and will not abuse the rights which the people have. But just in case we missed some rights it must be understood that the people do not forfeit them and that they are still retained by the people.

Of course, now we are in a period when the government has indeed become abusive and it is this Bill of Rights which protect us from absolute tyranny.
I didn’t get an opportunity to post a blog on Saturday. I am sure you all know how things can pile up. On Friday we recorded a new edition of the Global Minority Report for WWRB radio and also a new edition of This is the Klan for our internet TV program. These programs continue to be popular. Yesterday I had a student from the University of Central Arkansas come by for an interview for a class project. We always take time to speak to students, they will be decision makers someday. Helping to set some direction in their lives is important and we are always glad to help. I got an interesting letter in the mail today. Here is what it said. "Dear Pastor Robb: I supported the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s and worked with Negroes to advance their cause. Now I realize my mistake. I think I might be interested in joining the Klan. Please send be some information."

Better late than never!

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There isn’t much to report about The Rhino Times. I will keep you updated with new developments as they happen. The only development right now is that our attorney will be going to court on November 26th to fight against The Rhino Times attempt to get an injunction against us. The injunction, as I understand it, would prevent us from suggesting that people should place Knights Party literature inside issues of The Rhino Times. This is rather silly and meaningless because we have never suggested that Knights Party literature should be distributed by placing it inside copies of The Rhino Times or any other newspaper. It would be a rather foolish thing to do because who is going to take time to read a newspaper that is possibly months old.
The settlement agreement plainly states that we would attempt to discourage people from placing Knights Party literature inside editions of The Rhino Times. Their attorney, Seth Cohen, claims that we violated the settlement agreement. The "violation" seems to stem from our statements on the internet discussing the terms of the settlement agreement and pointed out that we are only prohibited from telling people that should place Knights Party literature inside editions of The Rhino Times. Of course, we have never made such a suggestion. However, any other use of the Rhino Times is up to each individuals as old copies of the newspaper become the personal property of those who buy or acquire it through lawful means.
I will keep you posted. Of course any financial help to pay legal expenses will be appreciated. Christian Concepts / P. O. Box 2222 / Harrison, AR 72601.
On December 1 & 2 we will be holding our Christmas Fellowship Conference. This is a great time to come and rejuvenate yourself for the struggle of race, faith and homeland. This is a great event. We will have live music from Heritage Connection. Some informative and inspirational speakers and some fun, all of which we excite you and prepare you for the struggle.
There is no registration fee. Just come and have fun. Call 870-427-3414 and let us know you are coming.

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