Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov 30th - Work Begins on 1st U.S. Underwater Highway Tunnel

Construction of the United States' first underwater highway tunnel gets started in Chicago on this day in 1866. It took twenty-three years and $500,000 for workers to complete the 1,500-foot tunnel beneath the Chicago River.

The Winston Tunnel, built by hand, was completed in 1888, with labor from the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad. The tunnel makes its way through some extremely unstable shale and loose soil. Initially the tunnel was shored with wood, but in the early 1900's the reinforcement was re-done with bricks, mortar, concrete and rock. It was rebuilt in 1912, 1918, 1944 and 1947. The need for constant rebuilding was quite costly, but the tunnel endured until 1972, when it was abandoned. Today, it is condemned and there are no plans for refurbishing it again.

It’s amazing to examine the great feats accomplished by our people. Can you imagine the engineering that went into pursuing this great task? I am sure that many, if not most people at the time, thought such a job couldn’t be done. But like all great achievements there were those that had faith in their ability and the more people said it couldn’t be done the more they set out to do the impossible.

We are getting ready for our annual Christmas Fellowship Conference. It looks like it going to turnout to be a good weekend and we are looking forward to seeing some of our old friends again. Sunday at 11 AM will be the first live broadcast of our Sunday morning church service which can be heard on Stormfront Radio. Go to and you will be able to link to our church service.

I bought the groceries yesterday for the weekend. Saturday at noon we will be having Bar BQ sandwiches, then for supper we will be serving a Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, dressing and dinner rolls. For desert we have available chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, cappuccino cookies, and something made from donut holes. Sunday morning we will be serving pancakes, then for Sunday lunch it will be potluck of Turkey and Bar BQ that may have been left over from the previous day along with Chili. There is no registration fee for the Christmas Fellowship Conference and we never charge for meals at this annual conference either. This meeting and all meals are free to our friends and guest. All white people who love our heritage and our people are welcome to attend. This is not a Klan function - all white people are invited.

I listened to the Republican debate. It was disappointing, though not unexpected to hear the response to the "gay" questions. Openly gay Brigadier General Keith Kerr asked if they thought the U.S. Military was professional enough to accept homosexuals into their ranks. It was sickening to see John McCain begin his answer by thanking the sodomite General for his long years of service to our country.

I don’ think I would have been so polite. It’s amazing how many are terrified of offending sodomites.

I oppose the homosexual agenda, but I do not believe the government should have the right, power or permission to sneak into our bedrooms or peak through windows to see what is going go. The homosexual agenda, infecting the nation, is a fearful thing, but so is an out of control government. Sodomites complain about discrimination - well the best way to protect themselves from discrimination is to keep their perversion to themselves. A healthy society can never tolerate this foul sin to go unchallenged.

Under righteous government the people - all the people - are protected from government snoops. As long as homosexuals kept their loathsome lifestyle away from the public eye (the closet) all was well.

Such is not the case today. Sodomites without shame push their filthy lifestyle into our face. Little boys, who at 7 or 8 years old think girls are yucky, are being told by school counselors that it may be because they are gay. Or the message is told to us that if a young boy enjoys playing the violin more than playing football it is a sign that he may be gay. These people are sick!
And so I suppose if I was in the Republican debate I would be giving the "wrong" answers. So McCain and a couple of others though claiming that "at this time" it may not be a good idea to allow openly "gay" people in the military it was done without condemnation of sodomites and as I said expressed thanks for Keith Kerr for his great patriotism.

When George Washington was in charge of our army during the American War for Independence, he set the example of our attitude toward gays in the military.
Washington remained steadfast in his duty to maintain high standards of morality in the military. On March 10, 1778, "with Abhorrence and Detestation" of homosexual conduct, Washington ordered Lt. Frederick Gotthold Enslin "to be dismiss'd [from] the service with Infamy [disgrace]," and "to be drummed out of Camp tomorrow morning by all the Drummers and Fifers in the Army, never to return."

Washington did not allow sodomites to serve in the Continental army and we should not allow them either.

I appreciate all of your who love this nation and our people. God bless you all!

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