Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mayflower takes anchor in the New World

Land was sighted on November 20, 1620. It was confirmed that the area was Cape Cod, within the New England territory. An attempt was made to sail the ship around the cape towards the Hudson River, also within the New England grant area, but they encountered shoals and difficult currents. It was decided to turn around, and by November 21 the ship was anchored in what is today known as Provincetown Harbor.

With the charter for the Plymouth Council for New England incomplete by the time the colonists departed England they arrived without a patent. To address this issue, a brief contract, later to be known as the Mayflower Compact, was drafted promising cooperation among the settlers "for the general good of the Colony unto which we promise all due submission and obedience." It was ratified by majority rule. At this time, John Carver was chosen as the colony's first governor. The Mayflower Compact also stated that the purpose of their voyage was "undertaken, for the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith."

Exploration of the area was delayed for over two weeks because the shallop (a small vessel) they brought had been partially dismantled to fit aboard the Mayflower and was further damaged in transit. Small parties, however, waded to the beach to fetch firewood and attend to long-deferred personal hygiene.

While awaiting the shallop, exploratory parties led by Myles Standish and Christopher Jones were taken.

By December, most of the passengers and crew had become ill, coughing violently. Many were also suffering from the effects of scurvy. There had already been ice and snowfall, hampering exploration efforts. During the first winter, 47% of them died.
Nothing new to report with The Rhino Times. Our attorney is on top of the situation and I will keep you posted. I did send him $3,000 dollars the other day, but the legal bill will go higher, so if you are angered by the betrayal of our leaders towards our people and say you want to do something about it then send some help to pay this legal bill. This is not the 1860‘s and the battle lines are different. Today they are often in the courtroom and we need financial warriors to win victories. Send your help to: Christian Concepts / P. O. Box 2222 / Harrison, AR 72601. To find out more click on the label for Rhino Times
On December 1 & 2 we will be holding our Christmas Fellowship Conference. This is a great time to come and rejuvenate yourself for the struggle of race, faith and homeland. This is a great event. We will have live music from Heritage Connection. Some informative and inspirational speakers and some fun, all of which will excite you and prepare you for the struggle.

There is no registration fee. Just come and have fun. Call 870-427-3414 if you need directions or to let us know you are coming.

Nothing special happened today, just another work day of answering the phone, etc. I did speak to a reporter from the FOX affiliate in Winston-Salem North Carolina. There has been a considerable amount of literature distributed in the area and they were interested. But I really don’t think they are going to report on it. If anyone hears anything. Let us know.

I appreciate all the hard work that so many of you do. I especially appreciate those who have been faithful to the cause for many years. Never complaining, just doing what needs to be done to awaken our people. The Klan motto is Non Silba Sed Anthar - which means Not for self - but for others. That is truly our purpose. Sometimes people join for personal reasons - they want a Klan membership card or they want to hang our with other Klan members, or perhaps they think it is going to give them some degree of self-esteem. But a real Klansman or Klanswoman joins because they love our people and they want to awaken them to the dangers facing our race, faith and homeland. Their thinking process in one directional - outward. The desire to serve our people with love and compassion.

Hope to see you on December 1 & 2 and don’t forget the Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4-6. Paul Fromm has already committed himself to be here. I am hoping I can persuade Don Black of Stormfront to attend also. I haven’t invited him yet, and will get around to it as soon as possible. If Don or anyone connected to Don Black should read this blog, let him know that he is invited. I will try to call him this week.

God bless you all. All those who are working on behalf of our people, whether they are members of the Knight’s Party or not have my heartfelt appreciation.

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