Thursday, November 8, 2007

I want to post a letter I got in yesterday’s mail. This letter is from Illinois.

Dear Pastor Robb:

I want to thank you for your insight and eye opening educational materials. I was raised in a Christian home. I was born in East St. Louis in 1960. I remember things that younger people do not. My parents taught the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, stay with your own kind and keep you mind clean.

Reading the book that was supplied (Billions for the Bankers) has rekindled by affirmation of faith. I recently studied for the ministry through an at home study course and became ordained. It is another step of progress. I know it is not the credentials that you studied for, but it would make my mom happy.

One does not know until one participates. I was under another impression of the Klan. My grandfather was a member as was my great grandfather. Both were Christians and I am also a Christian and a proud member of the Klan. I do not trust our present government.

I was not angelic in my youth, but that is all behind me. All I have is today, but with the help of Jesus and the restoration of my faith in Him, I can do something about tomorrow. I can help improve the future for my son.

J. L. Illinois
I have contacted our attorney in North Carolina regarding the most recent action taken by the Rhino Times. Outside of that I don’t have anything to say. I do know The Rhino Times have decided they weren’t happy with the settlement and now are trying to challenge it.

Of course the reason they weren’t happy with the settlement is because it did not restrict people in anyway from using old discarded newspapers for any purpose they choose, which would include being used as weight material. The only thing we are required to do, according to the settlement, is to ask people not to put Knights Party literature inside the Rhino Times. Of course, this is nothing new, we have always said don’t waste money by placing literature inside newspapers. And I will again go on record, DO NOT PUT KNIGHTS PARTY LITERATURE INSIDE NEWSPAPERS. Do not go to racks where free community newspapers are being given away free and insert Knights party literature inside the newspaper and put them back in the rack. This is wrong and dishonest and could be interpreted as thief.

Below is our policy, has always been our policy and continues to be out policy.

1) Do not put Knights Party literature inside of old newspapers. After all who is going to read an old newspaper and just happen to find literature. Most everyone is throwing away their old newspapers.

2) Just because a newspaper is considered a free newspaper, such as The Rhino Times, does not mean you have a right to take their newspaper and put Klan literature inside. It would be wrong and dishonest. Do not take large quantities of free newspapers and place Klan literature inside and put them back on the rack. It could be considered thief.

But if you buy, collect, or are given old newspapers then they are yours. What you decide to do with them is your decision. Using sections of the newspaper as weight for distributing is your decision to make and they are your property and a newspaper does not have perpetual owership of the newspaper once it is sold or given away.

I want to add that if someone uses old sections of old newspapers in such a way, they should always be careful that Knights Party literature has this disclaimer at the bottom.
(The use of the old and discarded newspaper should not be interpreted to mean that we endorse its contents. This section of the newspaper is used for weight purposed only.)

I will keep you informed on what is happening in North Carolina as it unfolds.

Watch this site, it appears we are going to have a second round with The Rhino Times.

We are so happy that Paul Fromm is going to be a guest speaker for us again this coming April at the Faith & Freedom Conference. Paul is one of the most widely traveled speakers in the White Nationalist movement and I hope you will make plans to attend. We will have more information on this conference later.

I have a new edition of The Torch printed and being assembled. It should be ready to go in the mail this week and delivered about 10 days later.

For now, don’t forget the Christmas Fellowship Conference on December 1 and 2. This is our smaller event of the year, but one that everyone really enjoys. We have speeches, games, music and wonderful fellowship. Come if you can!

If you want more information call me at 870-427-3414.

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