Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kennedy Assinated on this Day

President John F. Kennedy died on this day (Nov 22, 1963) as a result of assassination in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, a Communist fanatic who has been active in Communist associations for many years. I have a recording of Oswald in a radio debate taken about 6 months (if I remember correctly) before the assasination. At the time he was a member of the Communist front group - The Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Many of Kennedy's speeches (especially his inaugural address) are considered iconic; and despite his relatively short term in office and lack of major legislative changes during his term, Americans regularly vote him as one of the best of American presidents in the same league as George Washington. This only goes to show how easily the media can manipulate the American people. I’m convinced they could make Morris the Cat into a national hero in a matter of weeks if they wanted to.

President Kennedy is the only president to have predeceased both his mother and father.
We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner as I am sure most of you are. Of course if you are accessing this blog from outside of the U.S. then I guess it’s just another day. But here most everyone is getting ready to have a turkey dinner. Canada also has a Thanksgiving day and it is held the 2nd Monday of October. One article I read said 280 million turkeys will be sold this Thanksgiving season. That seems a little high as there are only about 300 million people in the U.S. So that would be almost one turkey per person.

Yesterday I did quite a lengthy interview with a student from Ireland who is attending the University of Florida. As I said the other day, these students are going to be decision makers someday and any influence we can have is important.

I am working on another issue of The Torch. The main article is titled BLOOD STONE. It will deal with the Stone of Destiny which rest beneath the coronation chair. Every monarch of Great Britain has been crowned while setting on this stone. It was brought to England by King Edward in 1296 from Scotland where it was also used to crown the King of the Scots.
I trust everyone will have a good holiday.

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