Monday, February 4, 2008

Bowling and Pizza Party

Well today is Super Duper day. Its the day when 22 states will be holding their primary and decide which of the anointed candidates will be running for president on either the Democrat or Republican Party. Of course I am voting for Ron Paul.

While at the store today I bumped into a friend I have known for the last 4 or 5 years. I haven’t seen him in about 6 months and so we got talking about politics and I asked him if he was gong to vote for Ron Paul. He said what many others have said. I would but he doesn’t have a change to win and so if I did I would be wasting my vote.

Well as far as I see it, voting for Ron Paul is the only way to preserve your vote. Do we really want Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee or John McCain. A vote for any of these men (I am not even going to consider Clinton or Obama) would be a waste. Do we really want to send a message to those who are attempting to create a one world government that we endorse their program. I could not vote for either of these men and sleep knowing that I have betrayed the future of my grandchildren.

Why would I want to vote for these men? I am told that we must vote for them because they have a chance of being elected whereas Ron Paul does not. The Bible tells us that we should "not follow a multitude to do evil." That is exactly what we would be doing.

I would rather vote my conscience and lose than betray the vision of our founding fathers and vote for someone just because I think they have a better chance of getting elected.

I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. If you are voting for the lesser of two evils then surely you must realize that you are still voting for evil. This is something a man or woman who seeks righteousness could never do.

I must choose that which is right and if the nation chooses that which is wrong then the sin in upon their head. I will not be a partner in their treason!

We had a wonderful time at the bowling and pizza party Saturday night. This was a bowling and pizza party sponsored by our church and we had teenagers and kids all over the place along with some parents who thought they were kids.

I had never bowled in my life. This was the first time and if you look at the pictures toward the bottom there is one of me bowling for the first time.

I am posting a lot of pictures so I hope you enjoy them. Especially if you ever get discouraged, look at these pictures and perhaps seeing all these kids will encourage you a little. Make no mistake, these kids are being raised with a love of race, faith and homeland. I do hope you enjoy them. I am so proud of the young people at our church. They are a great bunch of kids and many will someday be outstanding white nationalist leaders.

Take time to listen to our Sunday morning church service at 12 PM eastern time, coming from the Christian Revival Center and broadcast live on Stormfront Radio. Go to and click the red box that says Listen Here! If you cannot listen to it live then look at the list above the red box. Each Sunday morning church service is archived until the next Sunday. So for example if you would like to listen to yesterday’s church service, just go to and click on the link above the red box where it says Pastor Robb’s 02-03-08.

I hope to see you at the Faith & Freedom Conference this coming April 4-6. Write to P. O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615 for a registration form.

Jason has a new entry on his blog. Click on his blog at the top of this page. He is putting on some really great information.

God bless!

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Old blue said...

These are great pictures of the Bowling Party. It looks
as if everyone had a good time!