Friday, February 8, 2008

Black History Month

Ron Paul gave an outstanding speech at the annual meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington D.C. on February 7th. If you would like to watch it go to youtude and type in CPAC and it should come up near the top.

We recorded another edition of the This is the Klan news program. It may have already been uploaded to the internet. If not I am sure they will have it up by tonight.

Randy Gray has been airing This is the Klan on a cable access channel in Midland, Michigan the last couple of years, and we are proud of his work. Now others have come forward and want to put it on channels in their area. So it looks like we are going to have this same program running on public access channels in Omaha, NE; Silina, KS and in Gaffney, SC. A couple of days ago, I also received a call from someone who wants to get it on public access in Virginia. If you would like to get this program on public access in your area, call 870-427-3414 and we will help get you started.

We have a new issue of The Crusader going into the mail today. You should start receiving it in your mail in about 10 days.

Frederick Jones is considered by the promoters of Black History Month to be the inventor of the air conditioner in 1949. But the fact is that this is an outright lie that millions of people are having pounded into their heads.

The fact is that Dr. Willis Carrier built the first machine to control both the temperature and humidity of indoor air. He received the first of many patents in 1906 (US patent #808897, for the "Apparatus for Treating Air"). In 1911 he published the formulae that became the scientific basis for air conditioning design, and in 1915 formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation to develop and manufacture AC systems. This was 34 years BEFORE Fred Jones supposedly "invented" air conditioning.

Also I want to point out that Fred Jones is not even a Negro and at best would be a mulatto. His father was Irish and his mother was black. Which would mean he, at best, is only half Negro. However, from his picture it would appear that even his mother was not a full blooded Negro. If that is the case then Fred Jones is an Quadroon. This is someone who has one white parent and one parent who is half white. From his picture it certainly appears that this is the case, which means he is only one fourth Negro and 3 fourth white.

Here is my question, for what ever inventions or innovations he may have done - should the 1 fourth black part or the 3 fourth white part get the credit?

If we are going to look at the inventions of BLACK people, then lets have BLACK people. You know, the kind you see in those primitive tribes on the Travel Channel. Happy Black(?) History Month

God bless

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Hi Thomas,
Your article is crab...You guyz talk of Jesus and God, but you guyz are devious...nothing like white or black or asian rights...Jesus wasnt white for your information...