Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wonderful African Americans - The New History

Well, it finally arrived! The event we have all been waiting for! Black History Month is now upon us with all its glory. And well it should be!

So lets enjoy Black History Month - the new history we have all been waiting for!

America has been extremely enriched and blessed because of its Black population. Every major city in America has been uplifted. Whole sections of every major city in America has been revitalized. There isn’t a white person in America - or the world for that matter that has not benefited from African Culture.

The once dirty filthy white neighborhoods have been cleaned up by the new Black and Mexican families that have moved in. The old "crack" houses that used to be occupied by the white gangs have been cleaned up by Black youth. Many neighborhoods where whites would commit senseless murder in what was known as drive-by-shootings and other horrible acts of violence no longer exist in the inner city white neighborhoods.

African-Americans are growing weary that they have to be so careful when traveling. It is just too dangerous if you get off the wrong exit of the freeway and end up in a white neighborhood. Those who do, quickly learn to look their doors, don’t stop for gas and get out of there as quickly as possible. No one wants to be caught in a white neighborhood when the sun goes down.

Fortunately, Black youths were able to drive out the violent MS-88 gangs that used to plague the many white housing projects across America. We have all benefited from Wonderful African-Americans. They have refined our etiquette, given us a beautiful language, a standard of culture that has been the envy of the world and have shown us how to live in well developed safe and descent community.

Poor white people continue to benefit from the many social programs they have been developed to make their lives better. Through the generous help of Wonderful African-Americans white people nationwide receive free housing, food stamps, aid to dependant children and health care. Through the generosity of Wonderful African-Americans white people can enjoy a better life. They heat our homes in the winter, cool them in the summer. They feed our hungry children and give them health care when they are sick.

The love and compassion of Wonderful African-Americans have allowed our white young people to have hope for a better future. Special programs have been developed to enhance their learning ability and lift them up to perform better in school. Because Wonderful African-Americans have such a deep love for all mankind they have created the opportunity for our young people to get jobs, scholarships and a general boost in life.

Wonderful African-Americans have been able to save thousands of young white kids from roaming the streets, trashing their neighborhoods, and wasting away their youth in senseless gang activity. Money from Wonderful African-Americans have helped single white mothers who have to cope with trying to raise 8 to 10 children alone. They have helped to keep young white males from going to prison and have attempted to teach responsibility to hundreds of thousands of white males. They have told these white males - if you are going to make babies you need to stay home and take care of the babies you make. Unfortunately many white women, even in their early teens, have several babies - all from different fathers.

Wonderful African-Americans have helped to define our culture, shape our national spirit and have shown us the principles of self-government. They have given us our framework of constitutional law, justice and liberty.

When you consider these and the many other ways we have benefited from having Wonderful African-Americans living among us you would think that we should get down on our knees and thank them for all they have done for us.

But that has never happened!

The sad part about all this is white people just don’t appreciate it. Every time some white guy becomes successful, every time a white man gets rich, becomes a big time movie star or famous in some other way - do they marry a white girl - no way! It seems every successful, rich and famous white man wants to have a African-American girl hanging on their shoulder. None of them want a white woman.

Even in advertising, modeling etc. it is becoming harder and harder for a white girl to become a model unless she has some black blood in her. Even though there are still many out there, the fact is no one wants to open a magazine and see a full-blooded, Euopean lip, wavvy haired white girl of fair complexion. More and more promoters are beginning to realize this and are starting to use models in advertising who don't look so "white" and instead are now starting to use girls that show the beauty of Africa in their face.

And finally what's wrong with these white people who think we owe them something.

Black History Month - it’s a wonderful thing!

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This afternoon, we are taking the young people from our church out for bowling and pizza , however, I think some of the older folks are going to get in on the action too. I have to admit that I am 62 years old and I have never bowled a game in my life. Maybe I’m just a boring person, but I have never picked up a bowling ball and rolled it down the alley. My granddaughters tell me that this is going to change this afternoon. I protested, but they tell me there is no way I am going to come out of that bowling alley without playing a game. So we will see.

They did promise not to laugh! But I think they’re lying!

I’ll post some pictures.
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God bless you all!


I am Maximus said...

Thats funny---Black History!!!

Anonymous said...

this one was so good, i sent copies to all my friends. i know they will enjoy it as much as i did.

NCKnight said...

Whoa! Do I detect a note of sarcasm in the air?