Monday, February 11, 2008

A Funny Letter

I have been sick the last few days. It seems that what ever I have is going around. As a result I was unable to speak at church Sunday and Rachel Pendergraft spoke in my place. She spoke on White Pride and presented the question, "Is it wrong or sinful to have racial pride." If you would like to listen to her message go to and click on Rachel Pendergraft's name which appears above the red box which says, Listen Here! It takes a few moments for it to download, and then it will begin.

About the 20th of January I received a rather funny letter from, Ft. Payne, Alabama. I thought I would post it so as to give your funny bone something to laugh at.

"Dear Pastor Robb:

"Enclosed is a letter (I retained a copy for my records) that I received in the mail, along with the envelope that is postmarked Klamath Falls, OR. I have made a copy of this, too.

"Since I am unfamiliar with either Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft (sounds German, doesn't it?) and since I don't recall ever seeing or hearing you, I was curious about something, and that is where you obtained my name and address? Off the internet? No matter.

"The point I wish to stress is that I AM an American citizen, born and bred, and I AM concerned about our once-great nation which has sunken to the point that it is equal in moralilty to that of a stray dog!

"We have more enemies than at any other time in our history, and it is obvious a FEW of them are among us, according this piece of trash I am returning to you or whoever the poor lost soul is who sent it.

"I would also like to point out that the letter which made mention of "white" Christian or not and "white" Christian civilization just to name a few of the obviously prejudice-filled statements made in this disgusting and totally UN-Christian letter! And you suggest that I JOIN you in your bigoted "Klan?"

"Why would I wish to be associated with a group who don't even know the meaning of the word Christian? Why would I lower myself to that level?

"How DARE you or anyone associated with you, call yourselve "Christians" while openly defiling Gods (SIC) word and Jesus' teaching about love, mercy and brotherhood?

"I intend to show a copy of this filth to our local authorities, and to our state Attorney General if I do not receive a written, signed apology from either you or This (sic) Mrs. Pendergraft within the next 14 days! And sir, I am as serious as a heart attack about this!!

"Meanwhile, I wish you to know I will pray that you become a TRUE Christian and allow Jesus to remove the prejudice, hatred and bias from your heart.

"Jerry Abbott, (A REAL Christian by God's grace and Jesus' blood!)"

I thought you would enjoy his letter. I guess he thinks I will be terrified that he is going to show our literature to the authorities. I hope he does! Maybe we will get some more members.

Tomorrow I will post the reply I sent him. I intended to post it on the 29th of Janurary, but failed to do so.

Jason Robb has written on his blog about the boycott of Ford Motor Company. Check it out! The link to his blog is at the top right.

We put a new issue of The Crusader in the mail last week so you all should receive it soon.

God bless you all for your fight for our liberty.

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