Thursday, April 3, 2008

I had written a post on my blog yesterday and as I went to post it I evidently hit the wrong key and it disappeared. I was too tired to write it again so went to bed.

We have been busy getting ready for the Faith & Freedom Conference which begins tomorrow night. I spoke with Paul Fromm this evening and he has arrived in town and we are all looking forward to see him again.

Thursday morning a news crew from Al Jazerra - English, was here for about two hours working on a story. They shot some footage of us recording This is the Klan and the Global Minority Report.

They will be back again Friday night for our the first session of our conference.

Getting ready for these conference’s is a lot of work. When you rent a hall the only thing you need to worry about (except for last minute cancellation) is opening the door. Because this our own place we have more concern with upkeep. Of course this also provide much more liberty for our guests. We can direct more attention to the children which includes lessons and recreation areas. Of course we never have to worry about cancellation.

I am going to try to post some pictures a little later, so be sure to check back.


Anonymous said...

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