Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Faith & Freedom Conference

Before I begin talking about the conference I want to tell you to be sure to check out the blog at http://www.jasonrobb.blogspot.com/ where Jason has some important information about a new attempt to force abortion upon America.

The Faith & Freedom Conference was great and the meeting hall was packed. The conference began Friday evening after a chili supper. Music from Steve & Bonnie and Heritage Connection started out the evening and then we had a short presentation from myself as well as as Pastor Mark Downey and Paul Fromm.

Saturday was a filled with Music and speeches. Stormfront radio host, Nordic 2005, who has a degreee in classical music gave us a piano recital in the afternoon that blew everyone's socks off.

Our speakers, including myself were, Mark Downey, Stormfront radio host, Truck Roy, Jason Robb, Paul Fromm, Ralph Forbes and Rachel Pendergraft. Winston Smith was unable to attend, because of a death in the family and Don Black was also unable to attend because of illness. However on Saturday afternoon we hooked up a speaker and Don was able to speak to our guests fora few minutes over Stormfront Radio.

Later Dr. David Duke who has been listening to the conference over Stormfront Radio called and spoke to our conference guests for about 45 minutes. Nathan Robb was the emcee for the week-end.

Saturday evening I spoke along with Rachel Pendergraft and Paul Fromm. Mr. Fromm is always well received and gives an informative and inspirational message.

Throughout Saturday we had teaching classes for the children which included a nature walk through our beautiful Ozark countryside.

Delicious meals are always available from our camp kitchen which included, Chili, Bar B Que sandwiches, Nachos, Spaghetti, Chocolate cake, Beef sausage gravy and biscuits, salad and pancakes.

Saturday night we all enjoyed ourselves sitting around the campfire roasting beef hot dogs and marshmallows. One fellow said he was so pumped up he couldn't sleep for two days.

Of course we appreciate Stormfront Radio for broadcasting our entire conference. I am going to put some captions at the pictures.

Steve & Bonnie are on stage performing.

This young girl made a beautiful cake for the conference which we all enjoyed.

Charity Pendergraft setting up the literature table.

Flags line the walkway to the Christian Revival Center.

Richard Hensley visits with one of our guest during a break.

Stormfront Radio host, Truck Roy speaks Saturday afternoon.

Derrick Black (left) and Paul Fromm.

Some of the children getting ready for the nature walk,

Pastor Mark Downey of Kinsman Redeemer Ministries.

A news crew from National Geographic were in attendance on Saturday afternoon.

Charity Pendergraft of Heritage Connection on camera for National Geographic.

Steve & Bonnie, along with Stormfront Radio host, Nordic 2005 singing.

Children in the "Kids Korner" have a lesson on American Christian History.

Ralph Forbes, correspondent for American Free Press and the Barnes Review.

Saturday evening the children give a presentation for the adults.

This is me (left) with Paul Fromm.

Paul Fromm is pictured here with Heritage Connection.

Muriel (my wife) and me with Paul Fromm.

Paul Fromm with Jason Robb

From Left. Rachel Pendergraft, Nordic 2005, Derrick Black, Charity Pendergraft, Truck Roy and Shelby Pendergraft.

Paul From with me and Rachel Pendergraft

Paul From with Jason Robb's son - Caleb


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! Especially liked the one of Jason and Caleb is so cute! Hope you post more photos of them both in the future.

Anonymous said...

It was an honor to be a part of this wonderful event, dear brother, and I'm renewed in my commitment to our cause. I benefitted from everything, of course, but especially liked your condemnation of the Jews, Rachel's information on the worthless ADL, Fromm's wisdom about immigration and free speech, etc. I'm at everyone's service during all conferences, selflessly, for Christ's glory.

Anonymous said...

found your site today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..