Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Trap is Set

Ben Stein (left) is a Jewish celebrity and actor of sorts and he has set a trap for Christians. It’s the old bait and switch scam. Did you ever set a mouse trap? I am sure you have. Sometimes people will see one of those pesky mice run across the floor and you know it’s time to set a trap.

All kinds of things are caught by setting traps. For the mouse in your kitchen it might be a piece of cheese put carefully in a spring trap. As soon as it reaches for the cheese the trap springs down and kills it. The trap could be a worm on a fish hook or perhaps a piece of meat to catch a stray dog. Of course the proverbial carrot on a stick is generally used to entice someone to become caught in a trap set by a con man.

But is the cheese, worm, meat or carrot a good thing? Is the person who puts out the cheese, carrot etc a friend or are these things being set out to entice and to trap a victim. So Ben Stein has set a trap in the form of a movie to catch Christians and destroy their resistance to race-mixing.

So here is how the trap works. Christians believe in the Bible and therefore believe the earth and the entire universe was created by God. We don’t believe that the universe just popped out of nothing. After all every thing we see about us was made. Whether it is the computer in front of you or the chair you are setting on. Therefore Christians who reject evolution are aware that over the years we have been bombarded with an attack upon our faith, whether it has been an attack on Christmas or removal of prayer from our schools. We have seen our faith trashed on television and in the movies and we have all witnessed those who continually ridicule the Biblical teaching of a creator or as some call intelligent design. And all Christians are aware of the continual battle in our public schools over the teachings of creation and evolution.

Enter Ben Stein

Of course, Ben Stein is not the biggest name in the pecking order of celebrities. But he is big enough! So Stein made a movie to promote creation. Churches and Christians are falling all over them selves to promote this movie. Stein has made appearances all over television to promote his movie. Church bulletins are telling people to see the movie, parents are taking their children to see this wonderful movie that will teach them about God and creation. Churches are organizing youth activities and arranging for group discounts to see the movie that will help bolster their understanding of creation.

BUT Ben Stein is not a Christian and he doesn’t care to hoots about our Christian morals, traditions and certainly not about our Christian God - Jesus Christ. Ben Stein is not a good person doing a good thing for Christianity or creationism.

What did Ben Stein do? He threw out the carrot - the bait - to trap Christians. For 92 minutes Ben Stein is in absolute control. Christians (especially movie going young people) are at his mercy as he promotes his real agenda and his real agenda has nothing to do with evolution or creationism. The real agenda of Ben Stein is to get Christians inside the doors of the theatre and in front of his movie. He did that by persuading Christians that they are going to watch a wonderful Hollywood movie defending creation and demonizing evolution. But the intent is quite the opposite.

Ben Stein takes this opportunity when Christian young people have lowered their defenses and begins to explain that evolution is the foundation of racism. They are told that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the foundation of racial hatred, segregation and prejudice. And as an example he uses Hitler and the National Socialist government of Germany as a perfect example of what can happen when racism gets out of control. According to Stein, Hitler embraced Darwinism and spread the teachings of evolution throughout Germany. Everyone has been taught to hate Hitler and now they are told that at the core of his teachings was white racism which came about through the teachings of Darwin. But just the opposite is true. The teachings of Darwin were rejected by Hitler and schools were not allowed to teach Darwinism or evolution. The teachings of Darwin were spreading in Germany (as they are in this country) but when Hitler was elected chancellor he encouraged the rejection of Darwinism and books which promoted evolution and Darwinism were destroyed.
Now I know that you can go on the internet and find all kinds of sites claiming that Hitler got his racist beliefs from Darwin, but the fact is that Darwin rejected "racism" and worked to end slavery. Would that make an abolitionist a partner with Darwin? Yes, you can find all kinds of people (quoting each other) claiming a Hitler - Darwin connection, but that doesn't make it true. For example you can find pornography all over the internet also, but that doesn't make it a wholesome lifestyle.
Did you ever see pictures of book burnings in Germany? Do you know what was in those book burnings - Charles Darwin books and others promoting anti-Christian morals and values.

According to Stein and others like him such as Ken Ham, racism is a by-product of evolution. If you reject evolution then you must also reject racism. According to this devilish teaching interracial marriage is commendable and should even be desired. True Christians are to reject racial integrity as strongly as they reject evolution.

The purpose of this movie is not to defend creationism but to demonstrate how evil white racism is because it is the same as evolution.

Do you want to preserve your racial heritage? If you do, then you are (perhaps unknowingly) supporting evolution. Do you want your son or daughter to marry within your racial family? If so you are a racist! Do you feel more comfortable around white people? If you do then you are a racist! And if you are not careful - you might become a Nazi.

The cure for the evils of evolution is to reject any feelings of racial pride. As a young person, do you date those of another race? If not, then perhaps it is because you are a racist.

The message of the movie is not about creationism but to trap Christians into accepting, tolerating, promoting and engaging in interracial relationships and marriage. After all as Christians we don’t want to promote the evils of Darwin - do we?
The trap has been set - don't get caught!
For those of you who are interested in the about at the evil teaching of Racial Reconciliation should get a copy of the book, Racial Reconciliation and the Word of God. The cost is $15. Write to P.O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615.
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Anonymous said...

Ahh racism, the bread and butter of the fearful. Didn't your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ say the we are all children of the Lord? Or do you just like to pick and choose the parts of the Holy Bible that agree with your narrow-minded views (and Old Testament passages at that, the very passages that Jesus said were superseded by his words)?
Some Christians you are, enjoy the lakes of fire...

knowthebible said...

God hates racial mixing, and it's about time we Christians stood up and told the truth about it:

Else if ye do in any wise go back, and cleave unto the remnant of these nations... and shall make marriages with them... the LORD your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land which the LORD your God hath given you. Joshua 23:12-13

Anonymous said...

Your fear is justified. You and your vile minions are going to lose this ignorant and hateful battle, thanks to God. The God I worship and that this world belongs to, is not your God and never will be. God and everyone in the world know you are a murderer who represents murderers and their blood-soaked history. You are the only one who doesn't realize that you are a casualty of the devil and will burn in hell for perpetuating your disgusting and anti-Christian, pro-satanic messages. As a white, European/American, independent, successful, CHRISTIAN female, I will pray for your cursed soul after I kiss my handsome black husband, and our beautiful children, goodnight....

Anonymous said...

I'm a proud Klansman and a REAL Christian, and I don't want your prayers! You are a filthy white trash whore, your mongrel kids are walking abominations, and your parents are filthy white trash because they obviously did not raise you right. Now go pray for your own cursed soul.

Anonymous said...

if your so confident... why leave your name is anonymous you racist idiot..