Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Back (Maybe?)

I know, I haven't written on my blog for the past 2 weeks. We had our national Knights Party Congress on August 29, 30 and 31 so the few days before the conference things were "crazy" with last minute preparations. Then we had the three day congress after which there was all kinds of catch-up work. Things are getting back to normal (What ever that is!) and I will be able to take time to write on the blog.

I will try to post a few picture taken at congress either Monday or Tuesday (Maybe Wednesday?) We will see how it goes. We have a new issue of The Crusader going in the mail on Monday, so those of you who get The Crusader should receive it is about 10 days. The Crusader has been changed to a tabloid format and will publish in this form 4 times a year. On the alternating months we will published The Victory Report. The tabloid format of The Crusader will be excellent for distribution and so we are encourageing everyone to order extra copies on each publication cycle. We will be notifing you either on this blog or by email prior to publishing and this will give you time to get your order in.

Charity Pendergraft (of Heritage Connection) will be leaving on Monday to fly down to Florida to spend a couple weeks with the Don Black family. We will miss her at church and also she in a big part of our work here so we may get burdened down and beging looking for her return fairly quickly.

Be sure to listen to the weekly broadcast of The Political Watchdog on Wednesday nights on Stormfront at 8 pm eastern time. Also watch the Sunday morning broadcast from the Christian Revival Center each Sunday morning at 11 am central time.

Thanks for your patience. I should be back writting on my blog by Wednesday if not before.

God bless!

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