Monday, September 29, 2008

Why the Jews Hate Sarah Palin - Part 4 of 4

Jewish Causes
The Jewish Cause and Jewish Causes are different, even though the source of each is the same enemy that the Apostle Paul says are "hostile to all men," 1 Thess 2:15
Jewish causes encompasses the complete reconstruction of our culture. This is precisely why former New York Mayer Ed Koch took such a negative approach to Sarah Palin, reported in the September 10, 2008 edition of The Jewish Week, saying "Governor Palin scares the hell out of me."
If Palin has paid tribute to world Jewry and has given unconditional support to the Jewish nation, why should Koch be fearful of her? Good question! But it is not Ed Koch only, Jonathan Sarna, a Jewish history scholar at Brandeis University, said Palin, "Harkens back to a populist tradition that is alien to most Jews - the world of guns, of anti-urban small towns."
The Jewish Week continues saying:
"Many experts disagree, saying Palin's blend of old fashioned, anti-urban, anti-intellectual populism and a slashing, religion-based "culture wars" ethic will scare Jewish voters and cut deeply into McCain's claim to be a GOP moderate and maverick."
Ed Koch also said, "I do find enormous differences on domestic issues - which are also part of defending America, including the issues of abortion rights, gay rights . . ."
Jewish causes not only include abortion "rights," constitution protection for "marriage" of Sodomites which usually goes under the misnomer of gay "rights," but also include open borders, gun control, trashing Christianity and small town values.
Look at the values which built this nation and you can across the board consider them to under attack by Jews. Eliminating these values is the core of Jewish Causes.
That is why they hate Sarah Palin (and all conservatives). She and they can bow at the demand of Zionism but they will never embrace her or anyone who embrace traditional American values. No matter how often preachers or politicians serve Jewish demands for the Zionist cause, they will continue to hate and be fearful of that same preacher or politician if they identify themselves or have the perception of identifying themselves with traditional Christian values.
It's not so much of a hatred for Sarah Palin as much as it is a hatred for the Gospel of Christ and for those who are believed to embrace it.

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