Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why the Jews Hate Sarah Palin - Part 2 of 4

Christianity is a danger to Jews. They feel this danger at any mention of the name of Jesus Christ and have worked for years to carefully and surgically remove any public figure who openly advocates their commitment to the Gospel of Christ. In The Virtue of Hate, Jewish author Meir Soloveichik wrote: “Many Jewish intellectuals and others of influence still take every assertion of the truth of Christianity as an anti–Semitic attack. After the Catholic Church beatified Edith Stein, a Jewish convert to Christianity, some prominent Jews asserted that the Church was attempting to cover up its role in causing the Holocaust. And then there is the historian Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, who essentially has asserted that any attempt by the Catholic Church to maintain that Christianity is the one true faith marks a continuation of the crimes of the Church in the past.”

The statement above was directed toward the Catholic Church but it reveals that this is the attitude toward all committed Christians - even those who try to befriend Jews. Jews are aware (even though Judeo-Christians are not) that Judaism and Christianity are polar opposites. They cannot co-exist! In order for one to survive the other must perish! The vast attitude of Jewry is that any commitment to Christianity (other than as a social construct) is potential for Jewish expulsion.

In other words any assiduous Christian secretly would support a holocaust.
Therefore Jews must always be on guard, looking over the shoulder for the next verbal outburst against the growing Jewish domination of Western culture.

In a 2002 Jewish journal Tikkun author Kim Chernin examines the reasons why there must always be this guard and concludes that it comes from “A conviction that Jews are always in danger, always have been in danger and therefore in danger now. Which leads to the insistence that a criticism is an attack and will led to our destruction, which is rooted in the supposition that any negativity towards Jews (or Israel) is a sign of anti-Semitism and will (again inevitably) lead to our destruction.”

Chernin continues:
“We keep a watchful eye out, we read the signs, we detect innuendo, we summon evidence, we become, as we imagine it, the ever vigilant guardians of our people’s survival. Endangered as we imagine ourselves to be; endangered as we insist we are, any negativity, criticism, or reproach, even from one of our own, takes on exaggerated dimensions.”

Jewish author Joel Kotkin, in his The Christian Right, Conservatism and The Jews: wrote: “For generations, [American] Jews have viewed religious conservatives with a combination of fear and distain.”

And Elliot Abrams in Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America, added that the Jewish community fears America “as a land permeated with anti-Semitism and always on the verge of anti-Semitic outbursts.”

What most people fail to understand is that there is the Jewish Cause and there are Jewish Causes. The Jewish Cause and Jewish Causes are two separate things - they are not the same!
(Continued next time)

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Mark Downey said...

If Sarah Palin is a crypto-jew, was she chosen as McCain’s VP nominee as a decoy to distract the voters
from the real root problem of bailing out jewish usury-bank robbers?

Pastor Mark Downey