Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Interesting Observation

Congress is working overtime attempting to get some kind of bailout bill passed on the financial crisis that the nation is facing. Congress is going to work all day Saturday and if nothing is settled then they will be working on Sunday also. But the pressure is on, they have to get it completed fast - why? Well it is because we are being told Monday starts a Jewish holiday and they have to have it done because, I guess, they don't want to blaspheme a Jewish holiday. It is evident, however, no one cares if they work on (blaspheme) the Christian sabbath.


Anonymous said...

Astonishing! Simply unbelievable!

What has happened to this country?

We truly are living under alien rule!

Anonymous said...

i believe the 4th commandment says to keep the 7th day (saturday)holy. if congress worked on saturday and if necessary sunday it would be because they felt it necessary. if your proverbial ox is in the ditch you do whatever to fix the problem, regardless of what day it is.

Anonymous said...

the jews and some christian denominations worship on the 7th day sabbath.