Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fleas & Hatred

by Forrest Nordic

In today's naïve politically correct society, 'hatred' itself has become synonymous with 'evil.'

A simple dictionary definition of 'hatred' (Cambridge Dictionary) is 'an extremely strong feeling of dislike.' Normally, I disapprove of 'situational ethic,' however, the ability to feel hatred is something built into human nature, just as it exists among many other living things. That hatred is an example of 'situational ethics' (though perhaps not in the usual sense of the term).

For example, just as 'sinful pride' exists, so also does 'proper pride,' which includes self-respect and a healthy regard for oneself or something related to oneself. There is a righteous anger and an unjust anger; there is a righteous hatred and an unjust hatred. Even the Bible tells us there is "a time to love and a time to hate", Ecc 3:8. Today, because of political correctness, people are not making the necessary distinctions. Personally, I'd define 'righteous hatred' as 'a strong desire to get rid of or keep away from that which threatens harm to what one loves.

If fleas get into my carpet and invade my house, you can know that I definitely HATE it! I want to get rid of the fleas at all costs. Fleas and I cannot live in the same dwelling. Now, when fleas are absent from my home, I rarely think of them. I do not really have a plan to remove all fleas from the planet. I suppose that they have a right to exist? (I'll leave that question to the philosophers and theologians.) The point is, fleas are a natural and even deadly enemy to both man and household animals. Therefore it is proper and entirely natural to hate them.

In the same manner, multiculturalism and the multiracial society are a deadly enemy to the long-term survival of any race and culture. Therefore it is only natural and just to oppose these conditions. One does not have to hate the other races. In this situation, it is the mixing of the races that one may justly hate. Such mixing is certain to destroy the culture and identity of the people who inhabit any geographical area of the Earth. There can be little doubt that racial integration brings about race-mixing (or miscegenation or interracial marriage -- call it what you will) which ends in genocide, threfore it is only natural and just to hate racial integration. If that means that we are not happy about the presence of racial aliens among us, because they are 'different' and will change our society forever and radically change our very DNA -- so be it.

We object to the presence of racial aliens. Is it that we hate these people individually, as persons? No! It is simply that our love for our own people demands geographic separation, so as to preserve our racial integrity and ensure our survival, both as a people (DNA / genotype) and a culture.

It IS right to hate sin. If race-suicide is a sin -- and so it seems to me to be -- then it is right to hate the conditions that will inevitably bring it about.


Anonymous said...

This is what is happening to the Dutch people as a result of race-mixing:


A beautiful and noble and intelligent people -- the ancestors of Ludwig van Beethoven (yes, Beethoven is a Dutch name!) -- are being lost to the world because of liberal genocidal policies.

Anonymous said...

It is true that Ludwig van Beethoven had trouble trying to adopt his nephew Carl.

One of the objections, trivial though it was, had to do with the fact that Beethoven's name was VAN Beethoven, not VON Beethoven.

There was actually harassment over this, since Beethoven, proud of the Dutch part of his ancestry -- and believing it dishonest to cover it up -- refused to change his name's Dutch "prefix" to the German equivalent.

Anonymous said...

What does the name Beethoven mean?

"Most experts think that it has to do with the fact that in the seventeenth century the Beethoven family was a family of Catholic farmers, living in Flanders. The word "beet" (these days spelled "biet") means, not surprisingly, "beet."
The word "hof" (plural "hoven") means "garden," not only the grounds, but also the buildings. Some researchers point to a part of the Netherlands, called the "Betuwe," where a long time ago a (German?) family had found "better meadows" (the prefix "bet" meaning "better") and later on travelled southwards to Flanders where they settled down. In Flanders there was a locality called Betouwe and in the sixteenth century it's mentioned in the archives as Bethove or Bethoven. Anyway, the use of "van" ("from") does suggests that the name points to a particular place, be it the original "better meadow" or the later one developed "beetgarden." In the sixteenth and seventeenth century the name was also spelled as "Piethoff(en)," "Betthoff(en)," and "Biethof(en)." A third group of experts points to the noble family de Bethues, living in Limburg, the most southern part of the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Like the world would care that one race of disappear. It's happen many times any since ancient time, but the world goes on.

Anonymous said...

This child, who was a great singer and devout Christian in the 1990s, illustrates vividly what ADAM means in Scripture. His skin was so light that the blood gave him a rosy complexion at all times.


Andrew said...

Yes blacks commit crimes. Some live in terrible neighborhoods. Some are drug dealers, rapists, criminals, ect. So are whites, asians, and people of every color. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves and to do unto others and we want them to do to us. This cult of the KKK is not a Christian organization.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Bible does it say that race-mixing is a sin? Perhaps is this among the next series of additions to scripture made by ambitious men?

Or have you talked to some man, woman, or cow in the sky that told you so personally?

Isn't it funny that fanatically religious people of any political or social persuasion will interpret their belief structure so that it justifies what their respective beliefs are?

Move to Idaho, get a farm, and build your little, insignificant, out of the way, obsolete all white community there.