Friday, March 27, 2009

Shelter - Food - Jobs

Below is a negative comment sent to my post. However, they failed to leave an address and phone number for any illegal aliens to call. This person condemns me because of my desire to protect the future of our children, but they don't actually want to help them either. If they did they would certainly leave a contact number for these illegal aliens to call. Why doesn't he want to help? He says he does but it looks more like a hollow promise.
I don't hate these illegals, in fact I want to help them by providing addresses and phone numbers from all those who condemn me and say they want to help them adjust to America. Come on, let me post your address and phone number as a contact person who will provide food and shelter.

I don't want them here, but I am willing to admit it. This person SAYS they want to help them and then refused to provide the information so he (or she) can.

Obama 4EVER! has left a new comment on your post "Prepare to be Invaded":
Some Christian you are! These people are just coming here to feed their families and get jobs! What is wrong with that? You hate them because they are different.
PS: Are you willing to give them YOUR job? I know you are checking back to see if I posted your comment. So please let me know where you work, and when you will be turning your job over to an illegal alien,


Anonymous said...

I Like how Illegals get Jobs * Like that and an American (Even Black Americans) get nothing! It's stupid! We should rename this to "Be-Born-here-and-don't-get-a-Job" instead of America. I am tired of these people getting whatever they want (ESPECIALLY AMERICAN JOBS) You see alot of Americans on the Street, Homeless when these Newsreports come on: You see white Americans, Black Americans--But how many Mexicans or anyone else on the Street? I like also like how we have to learn diffrent languages instead of them learning ours! (I was using Sarcasm).

choke'n'puke said...

I agree with Pastor Robb. I hope more true Americans can muster up the courage to spesk how they really feel without fear of repercussions!

Anonymous said...

We feed - they breed.

Anonymous said...

id like a reply to my comment on the "information on the mortgage crisis" if possible........

Why were all mexicans in this video portrayed wearing a sombreo?

And why were all Jewsish people portrayed as inherently evil.

Why were all black people portrayed as being gangster rappers?

You know there is something wrong when a third of the worlds only superpower believe in creationism.

Anonymous said...

We don't 'hate them for being different.'

We just respect the fact that they are different.

Besides, an invasion is an invasion. We would not tolerate Whites invading our country, so why should we tolerate non-Whites doing the very same thing?

Anonymous said...

John McCain was hardly a man of strong convictions and firm political policy:

NCKnight said...

"Hanoi John" - the TRAITOR.