Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prepare to be Invaded

America is about to be invaded! But this invasion is not from Iraq, Afghanistan or our old imagined nemesis - Russia. Of course Russia was never actually an enemy of America anyway. The threat was always from the Jewish gangsters who dominated that grand old empire and reshaped it into the Soviet Union. (Kind of what the U.S. is turning into - Soviet America?)

Anyway, the United States has been under invasion for the last 40 years and each year of those 40 years revealed an invasion that was worse than the proceeding year. This invasion was encouraged by a federal government in Washington D.C. that never had the courage or WILL to be tough on the invaders.

Now there is a growing alarm that we are about to see the former invasion as a mere trickle compared to the real danger of a tsunami of people coming into our nation. It is expected that this MASS invasion will meet little or no resistance.

The Mexican economy is in chaos and drug wars along the Mexican border have killed close to 7,000 people is the past year. Only a fool can convince himself that this will not spill over into the U.S. Because of our unwillingness to shut our borders we now have an estimated 1 million street gang members (most of whom are illegal) throughout the U.S. Every city, town and hamlet in America is suffering from the enormous cost of this invasion. Every street corner sees the evidence of this invasion.

There has been effort to secure $3 billion toward beefing up our border security. There is a demand to hire more agents, to build a 700 mile fence, 300 miles of vehicle barriers and add four drone airplanes and erect 105 radar and camera towers. But what good will any of this do when we have a government that does not have the WILL POWER to stops the invasion and perhaps even want the invasion to continue in order to weaken our already broken economy in preparation to empower the North American Union.

Prior to leaving his office as director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff questioned what our response should be if the projected mass migration should actually come to pass. However, his concern was not with the welfare of the United States, but with the welfare of the invaders. With so many suddenly dumped upon us, How will we care for them? How will we be able to house them? How will we be able to provided health care? How will we be able to assist them? Etc.

The cost of securing our border could be as simple as calling for a citizens militia. I am confident that hundreds of thousands of angry citizens would be willing to bring their own gun, provide their own ammo and pay their own expenses to travel to our border to stop the invasion. I would be willing to bet that among those hundreds of thousands would be a multitude of mothers, wives and sweethearts willing to do the task that this government is afraid and unwilling to do. If the government does not want to spend the money to put troops on the border (something that I have been calling for for over 30 years) then it can save the cost of deploying troops on the border by simply asking for volunteers. After all, this country, in a large part purchased its freedom by the sacrifice of volunteers - they were called The Minutemen!

Now I am aware that there are those who are going to be alarmed at my suggestion of securing the border at the barrel of a gun. So here is what I suggest to all those who think I am being to extreme and that we should welcome the invaders. In the comments section, give your name, address and phone number so illegal aliens will know where to go for assistance. Also list how many you will be able to shelter and your willingness to personally take care of all their medical needs and living expenses. If you will post this information in the comments section then Illegal aliens will know where to go.

Last, but not least considering the invasion is almost certainly coming you need to buy guns and ammo.

You have a nation to defend!


Phil said...

If you come across our border illegally it should be looked upon as an invasion. Open fire! How many people do you think are going to risk coming over here then?

Obama 4EVER! said...

Some Christian you are! These people are just coming here to feed their families and get jobs! What is wrong with that? You hate them because they are different.

kerdasi amaq said...

What happens, if, this illegal invasion turns the United States into what Mexico is today?