Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A funny comment to a recent post!

Occasionally I will get a humorous comment that goes so far beyond reason and logic that I will make it a part of my post. Such is the case in the comment I am posting today. This person, after listening to a recent broadcast of The Political Watchdog, states my claim about white people having a history of conquest is somehow inconsistent with my statement that our white nations are being invaded. He (or she) says such a claim in false, yet it is established in all demographic studies that white people are, indeed, at zero population growth.

The person who wrote this comment then begs for me to make a reply. I guess it may be the only way they can add some meaning and importance to their life.

Oh well!

Your rhetoric in your broadcast and blog is always trying to employ logic to prove that your message is valid. Regardless of the content of these speeches, unfortunately your 'logic' is very confused and you unwittingly contradict yourself over and over again. Everyone IS tired of the same old argument that white americans are immigrants too blah blah blah, its boring and i sympathise that the WN movement is bored by it, however you quite frankly do not do your movement any favours. You say in your 18/03/2009 stormfront broadcast that white people are Conquerors and other races are Submissive, and that this is an intrinsically good thing that white people should be proud of and one of the reasons why people of other races hate us. But later in the SAME broadcast your proclaim (falsely) that all white countries in the world are under invasion from muslims, blacks hispanics etc. So, my question: Using the logic that it we should be proud of our conqueror ancestry, then applying the same logic to modern times, how can you proclaim that the invasion of white countries is a bad thing. There is no consistency in your argument. It is merely sophistry and biased. Perhaps a better eduction would have given you a better understanding of 'logic, reason and science'. I look forward to reading your rebuttal.
No rebuttal is necessary!
PS: The words Americans, Stormfront, Muslims and Hispanics, as noted above, should have been capitalized. I guess they were sleeping during that part of English classes. Oh well . . . so much for public education.


NCKnight said...

He also misspelled "education". What a dweeb.

Anonymous said...

Well to start off, i never begged you for a reply, i simply said i was looking forward to your rebuttal because it would be funny... and it was! You completely missed the point of what i was saying. I did not argue against you and say that the white population is growing. Frankly i couldn't care less how the population is growing. I was ACTUALLy pointing out something completely different, a fault in your logic. So for your benefit i will explain... again. In your broadcast you say that white people have always been conquerors and other races have always been submissive. Perhaps a fair point if we look at the history of the world. It would be fair to say that globalisation began with white european nations invading other countries and settling there. My point was that you glorify this aspect of white heritage and then you later remark in the same broadcast that 'white countries are under invasion', as if thats a bad thing. So why is it aright and something to be proud of that our ancestors were invaders and other races were submissive and now that other races are invaders and whites are submissive, the 'right and wrong' labels are reversed. You can laugh all you want at my comment, but your laughing at your own stupidity and shortsightedness at not understanding my point which was very clearly explained. If its OK for us to be proud of our conquering history, then the invasion of America and the submissive nature of the white race is therefore according to the same logic: a good thing. And as for my typo's; that is something that only someone without a good answer to a completely rational question would point out. i never attended public schools, I attended private schools and university where we were correctly taught that the content and logic of an argument is far more important than whether you remember to capitalise the word 'American'. And for the benefit of NCKnight... i did not 'misspell' education, it was a TYPING error, and i would think that to anyone with half a brain cell that would be blindingly obvious. However i thank you for entering my comment into your blog, at least now more people can see the flaws in your so called logic.

Anonymous said...

Reply to poster at 4:01 PM March 29th.
Well, Pastor Robb, it looks like you got under his skin. He seems like the type of multi-culturalist who speaks about the glories of integration and a mutli-racial nation but most likely is careful he doesn't get off the wrong exit of the freeway. Don't want to end up in one of those "bad" neigborhoods. What color are those bad neighborhoods any way?
This guy acts as if he taught logic to Plato. He misses the whole point. As I have heard you say, "Our forefathers conquered many lands, but when they conquered these lands they brought education, medicene and civil government."
Our nation is today under invasion, but we are not being conquered, our soul is being rotted out. This final battle is not over yet and with inspired leadership of men like you and David Duke we will conquer this time also.
I suggest that those who want to discover the spirit of their forefathers click here,

Anonymous said...

The benefits of invasion are subjective. For example, you may think that what your forefathers did for America was great, but from the perspective of millions of other people it was inherently bad. Likewise, the invasion of America from ethnic groups is seen as a good thing by the silent majority of people. Also Platonic logic would not be hard to argue against. Its very easy to dish out names like communist, liberal, multi-culturalist, left wing, but again the way these terms are taken is subjective. What you may see as an insult is actually a compliment. So keep the names coming, unless you are one of the even more stupid rednecks who would use the terms communist or left wing and liberal in the same sentence, because as i am sure you must be aware, even if you mostly act like you do not know the difference, liberal and left wing ideologies could not be more different. Socialists and communists believe in big government, liberals believe in the freedom of the individual and the lack of interference from government in the choices people make in their day to day lives. So keep the compliments coming, just don't call a liberal person left wing also. ha

kerdasi amaq said...

Is it really in the interest of white Americans to turn their country into a third world nation?

Would you like to live in Mexico?

Will these invaders destroy that, which is bringing them to America in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Someone once confronted some Mexican high school students who were bragging about how they would take over a certain U.S. state.

The Mexican students were told, "You'll just turn that state into another Mexico."

The Mexican students agreed!