Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Washington DC

As I reported last week, on Monday, February 23rd, Rachel Pendergraft and I traveled to Washington DC for a private meeting with (I can't say). This is the second time we were invited and we are most likely returning again in May.
We were invited to present the cause of White Nationalism and our concern over immigration, the ADL, bias in the media and other important national matters.
I am shown in the photo to the left. This was in a very secure area and in the photo you can see the ID tag on my lapel that allowed us in the secure area.

Rachel Pendergraft is shown lecturing to this group of about 75. I ask for all your prayers as we continue this dialogue with these individuals.
Standng to Rachel's left is the person who is arranging these meetings. I purposely cut the picture so he cannot be identified as this could shut the door and future invitations

While in DC we stoped by to visit our friend Willis Carto and his wife Elizabeth. Willis is the publisher of the American Free Press as well as The Barnes Review

We are shown here with long time friend, Michael Collins Piper. Piper has written many books dealing with international Zionism and the cause of American Patriotism

Photos also show Elizabeth Carto at her desk in their DC office and Rachel and I at Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington.


Anonymous said...

Yeah who was the guy you cut out? Rush Limbaugh?

Anonymous said...

I would like to give a shout out from the Mystic Knights of Indiana. Keep up the good work down there!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your intentions are so honourable why do you have to duck about to meetings and cant say where you are going