Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dig Deep - Somebody Has to Pay for This!

Are all the politicians and news analysts you see on TV completely stupid or what? We keep hearing about our broken health care system and how we have to fix it. And even though I like a lot of what Hannity, Beck, O’Rielly, Coulter, Huckabee and Limbaugh say they are either completely off the wall in being able to figure this out or they are afraid that their careers will be over it they would say what I am about to say.

I don’t think these people are stupid. They are actually quite sharp and I think they are sharp enough to know that there are certain thing you can not say and still stay on TV!

The problem isn’t the health care system the problem is the government and its huge entitlement programs. These entitlement programs were supposedly designed to help poor people but they have been hijacked to benefit parasites who are sucking life out of the economy.

It’s not the insurance companies that have broken health care and it’s not the medical field. Both of which Obama continually blame.

The real problem for our "broken" health care system and the economy in general is the change of our demographics.

We have gone from a prosperous country with a 92% white population in the late 1960’s to a country which is on the brink of becoming a non-white majority within the next 30 years. The White population has reached Zero Population Growth, but the non-white population is growing like jack rabbits and now we are in debt up to our eyeballs. We just can’t afford to them feed and care for them any longer!

Let me give you some facts.
While unemployment is over 9% , each month we still bring in over 182,000 legal immigrants who are mostly from 3rd world countries.

The government refuses to put troops on our border to stop the flood of illegal aliens who comprise about 100.000 more people each month.

According to the National Research Council, "Immigrants are poorer, pay less tax, and are more likely to receive public benefits than American Citizens."

The average American struggles to pay his health care premiums because he doesn’t have enough money in his pocket. Why? Because it is being taken from him by the government to pay for benefits to a growing number of an unproductive welfare class.

The Bureau of Land Management, spends over 1 million dollars a year cleaning up the trash and other environmental damage done by illegal aliens coming into our country. More money out of your pocket.

Three hundred thousand pregnant Mexican women cross the border to birth babies on US. Soil. These are called "anchor babies." It cost American hospitals about $6,000 to provide for doctors, medical staff and hospital care for each baby born. Hospitals have to get the money to pay for this from somebody! Guess who?

More money out of your pocket.

White couples limit the number of children they would like to have because they cannot afford to pay for them. Parasites don’t care! More babies - more welfare!

Of those 300,000 babies born costing $6,000 for each, some are born with medical problems, Downs Syndrome, Autism, heart defects. So the cost of medical care for those babies is even more - even into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Guess who pays? They are poor - don’t expect any money from them!

And what about educating all those non-white unproductive "new Americans?" Look at $7,000 dollars a year for each.

I sure am glad you’re rich!

Of course, we can’t forget free breakfasts and lunches. There are a lot of hungry tummies to feed.

We can’t forget about all those foreign languages and the expense of hiring extra teachers, who usually have to be hired from the country of origin which means we have to pay for their moving expense.

Oh Goody! We get to pay for that too!

Colorado has 40 different languages in their school system.

You better take a second job!

Connecticut has to deal with 120 different languages in their schools.

Oh my! public housing, crime increases, new prisons, food stamps.

The Parasite has gotten enormous!

That is just here in the US what about the international agreement the U.S. signed that commits us to give .07% of our Gross National Product to poor (non-white nations).
The bottom line is there is no more to give, the bank is broke.

OH! I know what we can do says the silly politician, we’ll print more money!

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Jesus commanded us to feed the poor and hungry. Leviticus tells us to treat foreigners in our land well. I thought you were supposed to be a pastor. But judging by your selfish greed and unwillingness to help others you ate no christian. America SHOULD have socialised medicine. In the UK it is amazing and precious to every citizen.

Adeimantus said...

"What man is there among you, who, if his son shall ask him for bread, will offer him a stone?"
-- Jesus Christ (Matthiew 7:9)

Greed means refusing to give when you have MORE than you need and your brother lacks.

The problem in America today is that the government decides -- not the citizens -- how much is taken from whom and given to whom -- and this redistribution is decided primarily on considerations of race, rather than a fixed, decent, objective standard in which people properly qualify for charity.

For example, a farmer who grows a good crop and then has the sudden misfortune of the river flooding his fields and destroying everything deserves food and shelter to carry him and his family over to the next growing season.

The hard-working White American these days often cannot afford to have enough children to help keep his race alive. His (and her) earnings are government-gleaned on a racial basis -- arrogated and then given to aliens who don't legally belong in the country. This is done for the purpose of reducing the White Race to minority status.

We are to provide first for our own, then, out of abundance, we may freely help those in need. When we have no personal say in the matter, we are merely slaves.

Anonymous said...

again blaming the non-whites for America's ills. prosperity when US was 92% white? show the evidence of this. besides there was suffering back then and you want to is cover your ears and pretend it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

We should feed them jack rabbit food, free coupons to McDonalds and within a generation they will be nutritionally starved and too unhealthy to reproduce. And give them as much AMA quackery as they want. Meanwhile, White people should be growing their own gardens and seeking alternative medicines. To heck with the establishment.

Mystic Knight of Indiana said...

First of all anon. God did let His people fight when they were being invaded. This is not just Mexican tourists visiting our country. This is an invasion. As for your comment on the UK healthcare system. Sell your lies to someone else! You are insane if you think the socialized medicine of the UK is so great. My wife is a Brit and her family lives in Britian. I have heard from them about how bad the heathcare system is.

Mystic Knight of Indiana said...

"again blaming the non-whites for America's ills."

Well if the shoe fits wear it. The non-white population of the nation is a burden on our economy! Go into the welfare office and see who is in there. You may see some whites but I bet the majority are non-whites. The white man produces the non-white takes. That is so obvious if you just open your eyes!

Methodist said...

"again blaming the non-whites for America's ills. prosperity when US was 92% white? show the evidence of this. besides there was suffering back then and you want to is cover your ears and pretend it didn't happen."

Anon is probably one of these people with a Barack Obama t-shirt, a copy of "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx in one hand and a burning American flag in the other. It just goes to show who these people are. They are not Americans. Liberals are not Americans. They are worldly. They believe in one world government. A one world religion that outlaws Christ. The ideals of America are outdated to them. Socialism is the new religion to them. That is why Barack is a saviour to them.
But as for your comments. Was there crime back then like there is now? People will shoot you know just for looking at them wrong. Crime is abunant in darker neighborhoods. White neighborhoods are quiet and peaceful. But it is racist to mention this. "What non-whites commit horrid crimes??? UH, UH, your a racist!" They say this because there is no argument. This is true. People do not like to be labeled so they label them. Racism can be used for any argument about non-whites. If you want to end the argument call the guy a racist.

innervision said...

America no longer has an abundance of anything any more. We gave until there is no more to give. Now people expect us to continue to give. We go in debt trillions of dollars a year because we give.
we give 3rd worlds factorys, we give 3rd worlds money, We allow 3rd world people to come to the US, We give them money for food,rent and other utilities. Still they want more. Well at some point we have to say enough.

Jesus was teaching in a small town when a woman approched him and asked him for help to which he replied, You are not one of my followers. To which the woman said No, but even the dogs are allowed to eat the crumbs that fall off the childrens plates. Jesus said I like your answer and helped the woman. He did not mean give until you have none.

We do not need centeral healthcare. We need to get some of the freeloaders out of this country and make it so no more can come in.

People need to wake up.

NCKnight said...

I found this article on the Fox News website:

America's Health Care Is Better Than Europe's
Thursday , July 16, 2009
By Glenn Beck

Are you ready for universal health care?

Lawmakers keep telling us how much better countries like Britain, Canada and France have it. But here's the one thing no one has the guts to tell you: America's health care is much better than Europe's.

Critics of our current system love to vilify the evil private corporations: "All they care about is the bottom line!" The funny thing is, when there is a bottom line, the quality tends to improve.

I mean, which is better: private school or public school? Private bathrooms or public bathrooms? Private health care or public health care?

Obviously private is better, but for those brainwashed by Washington's lies, here are just a few ways in which our health care system is vastly superior to those oh-so-forward-thinking, progressive countries we're apparently desperate to become:
Americans have a better survival rate for 13 of the 16 most common cancers than Europe. Take prostate cancer: 91.9 percent of men live through it, versus 73.7 percent in France and just 51.1 percent in Britain.

Or that every year Britain's National Health Service cancels about 100,000 operations. Think of it this way: When you're counting on a procedure that means life or death, you don't want to have some bureaucratic bonehead who's only counting dollars and cents. And you certainly don't want to be standing in a long line, like the one million Brits currently waiting to be admitted to a hospital and another 200,000 just hoping to get on a waiting list.

We get annoyed when it takes 45 minutes to see the doctor — at least we get to see one!

And are we really going to listen to and follow in the footsteps of Europe, the place that when it gets a little hotter than usual — like it did in August of 2003 — they have 37,000 people die?

Statistics show it's even worse in Canada, where 800,000 of their 33 million citizens are on waiting lists for more than 18 weeks — which is twice as long as doctors consider "clinically reasonable." Put it in perspective. That's like having every single person in Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle — over 7 million Americans — who would be on waiting lists.

Why is this happening in Canada? Simple: doctor shortages.
Apparently Canadian medical school graduates don't want to make 42 percent of what ours do, so they just work in America.

What else is coming to America? How about tens of thousands of patients a year, including Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. If that socialized medicine is so good then why did he have his 2006 heart surgery at America's Cleveland Clinic, instead of staying at home?

Before we trash our current system and in New York state heap nearly a 60 percent tax on the "rich" to pay for health care, shouldn't we ask ourselves who's going to be left to innovate?

Wake up people: That's not the American way!

Our grandparents left Europe, packed up everything they owned, left families behind so they could come here — to America — and be free. They came to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. They didn't come here, risk everything, work their butts off, only to have our dopey politicians implement the very government programs they were running from.

Methodist said...

"Sell your lies to someone else! You are insane if you think the socialized medicine of the UK is so great."

Thank you NCKnight for the article. You proved what I said is true.

Lutheran said...

"Jesus commanded us to feed the poor and hungry."

The bible also says that God helps those who help themselves. What is better to give a man food and take care of him all the time or to teach that man how to take care of himself so that he too may help others? I believe we should help the poor and the hungry but do we help these people help themselves with Socialism? No. Socialism creates burden. The American dream is to be able to prosper. If you have socialism where you are taxed to death for making something of yourself then where is the prosperity? God, Family, Country that should be the order. This should be our concern. You take support of your family first not your country and hold God above all things. But what they want is Country, Family, and no God. Barrack Obama and his cohorts are rewarding those who do not work and punishing those who do. He is encouraging welfare. Should some person be rewarded for not getting a job? EH, NO! What enjoyment is there in life if there is no hardship? Seriously think about it. If you never achieve anything. What is there to be proud of? When I achieved my certification for being an EMT I was very proud. I still am. I am proud of what I made myself. It makes me want to achieve more. What kind of lesson are we teaching our children, our future, if we tell them don't worry the government will take care of you? What kind of future leadership are we going to have? I fear for the future of this nation because that is what we are doing. Wake up folks!

Pastor said...

I agree Lutheran. This socialist utopia they claim they can build is a lie. God commanded Adam to work! "all the days of your life you shall toil". Judas pulled a little socialist act when the woman washed Jesus's feet with expensive oil. Judas said "why is she doing that? That can be sold and the money can be given to the poor." Christ said, "leave her alone. There will always be poor people in this world." So you cannot eradicate poverty. Everyone in this world is different. It is the uniqueness of Man that is one of God's greatest gifts I think. If we were all alike with the same traits then what good would we be to one another? If you have a society where everyone is equal the only thing they are equal in is that they are all equally POOR.

Pastor said...

"Three hundred thousand pregnant Mexican women cross the border to birth babies on US. Soil. These are called "anchor babies." It cost American hospitals about $6,000 to provide for doctors, medical staff and hospital care for each baby born. Hospitals have to get the money to pay for this from somebody! Guess who?"

All of us need to write to our Congress! Tell them to stop this wacky nonsense that if you are born here you are automatically a citizen. It is ok to complain here. But what good are our complaints if we do nothing about them?

Anonymous said...

Welfare is the perfect example of socialism. A mere 1% of those who get on it get off of it. There are generations of families that live on it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cities + minorities = ghettos!

No poverty said...

Let me ask you good old boys a question. Is it fair that whites live high on the hog while blacks and other minorities suffer? Is it fair that you have beautiful neighborhoods and wealth while the minorities live in slums? It just goes to show how backward you people are!

Pastor said...

No Poverty have you got a brain in your head? White people have worked hard for what they have. We have built this nation off the sweat of our backs. Now we should just give it up to people who do not want to contribute to our society? I dont think so. Why should we have to change our society for these worthless bums?

Anonymous said...

No poverty said

"Is it fair that you have beautiful neighborhoods and wealth while the minorities live in slums?"

There are very very few beautiful white neighborhoods anymore. Certainly almost no white middle-class neighborhoods--at least in the state I live in.

The wonderful minorities have spread from the inner cities, which they have destroyed, into all the outer cities (suburbs) and are now in process of destroying these also.

Given time, all urban places will be slums and the whole country will look like the fallen, once-great and prosperous cities.

innervision said...

Minorities live in slums by choice.
They don't have to form violent street gangs which only attract that kind to the area. They don't have to sling drugs to the locals. All of those things lower property value and drive off anybody with money to invest away. These Minorities can change the way they live, they can clean up their neighborhoods and become productive in society. The white man did not tell these Minorities to steal weapons and kill each other on a massive scale. Whites did not tell them to get in the biggest boat of a car and shoot up some resturant or crowded street. The only people who are to blame for the problems of Minorities are the Minorities themselves. We gave them every oppertunity to better themselves but they have chosen not to. Our hands are clean.

Methodist said...

"Is it fair that whites live high on the hog while blacks and other minorities suffer? Is it fair that you have beautiful neighborhoods and wealth while the minorities live in slums? It just goes to show how backward you people are!"

Is it fair that someone like Louis Farakhan, Jesse Jackson, and others get time on TV but Pastor Robb or David Duke does not. Is it fair that Bush got all the press about handling the Iraq war but now you barely hear anything about it? Is it fair that people who love this country and like guns are labeled extremists? Is it fair that religious people, especially Christians are targeted by your party? They are made fun of and they want to get rid of them. Someone who works for a living deserves what he gets. Some scum who is too lazy to work and "wans to live awve da gubmint." deserves what he gets. That is the American way Liberal!

Methodist said...

"you ate no christian."

I think you are right. I do not think Pastor Robb gets into cannibalism.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with the christian conservative right is that they've confused the american dream with being a christian. Jesus did not condone wealth, capitalism, or the pusuit of capitalism. He DID on the other hand teach us to love our neighbour and leviticus told us to treat the foreigner well. Capitalism is not compatible with christianity in the way you think it is. Just because YOUVE been brought up to believe your values are 'godly' values, that doesnt mean they are. You are brainwashed. Also, im a Brit and whilst many Brits may moan about the NHS, we still LOVE it. If the NHS were to be abolished tomorow, there would be a revolution. British people love to moan about the NHS but in reality we love it. every single one of us. Period. And those who dont can still pay for private health care anyway! Margeret Thatcher, perhaps the most right wing Prime minister of the last century, who was PASSIONATELY anti socialist, told us on the day she gained power 'the NHS is safe in my hands'. If its good enough for Maggie, Cameron and is the envy of the world (after all many travel here for the free health care), then it should be good enough for you backward rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Methodist is not a funny guy. he doesnt realise that r is next to e on a querty keyboard.

Anonymous said...

And, yes, people who like guns 'aee' extremists. That is completely fair.

Methodist said...

"Capitalism is not compatible with christianity in the way you think it is. Just because YOUVE been brought up to believe your values are 'godly' values, that doesnt mean they are."

First of all if you want to show any respect to the religion you claim to be part of you should capitalize it. This nation was blessed because it was formed as a Christian nation. We were given freedom from YOUR country that oppressed us with taxes. What is wrong with supporting your family and holding God above all things? What is wrong with the freedom to choose what goes on in your life and not have big government do it for you? These are Godly things. This country is turning away from God because of libs like you. Who feel they do not need the Lord. As for your comment I would love to see you stand up to whole British Army in a revolution. You go run Britian boy and leave the decisions of what goes on here to us.

Methodist said...

I forgot one. Is it fair that an unborn child has no choice of whether it lives or dies?

Lutheran said...

Anon again the question arises Anon. What is better for a man to be taken care of or for a man to be taught to take care of himself so he can teach others? Answer the question Brit.

Methodist said...

"Methodist is not a funny guy. he doesnt realise that r is next to e on a querty keyboard."

Oh the poor liberal can't take a little ribbing. Obviously you do not realize you should read over what you are typing before you send it out. Thank you for the compliment though. I believe humor and laughter are gifts from God.

Pastor said...

If what anon is saying is true then why are capitalist nations better off? Why does capitalism work and socialism not? Socialism, as mentioned before, creates burden on people. Less government is good. Even the commies in China figured that one out. I highly doubt that God hates capitalism or we would not be the greatest, strongest, richest nation on God's green earth. By the way what happened to YOUR British Empire? Where is it now?

Skinhead said...

Anon in the words of the great British band Skrewdriver. "White power! for London! White power! Today! White power for England before its too late!"

Lutheran said...

Any rock and roll fans in here? Anyone know rock history? Anyway, does anyone know why a lot of British rock bands came to America? Because of the high taxes put on them by the British government. You can make more money here. Whoa! What people actually want economic prosperity? You know I love Britian do not get me wrong but who bails these people out when they get into a jam? The good ole USA. What would happen if Russia attacked them? Who would come to their aid? US! Who gave them arms during WW2? Who helped defeat Hitler? US! Now one of them thinks they know how to run our country better than we do! Sorry think not!

Anonymous said...

What good is this for the poor? If you are struggling to survive and now you got to pay about half of your check in taxes how does that help? If you honestly think they are only going to tax the rich and not us "common folk" I got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you too.

Anonymous said...

If one takes a political science class in college, one will learn that capitalism is the flip side of communism in Marxist dialectics. Capitalism is often confused with 'free enterprise', which is probably what some are alluding to. Capitalism is based on greed and usury, whereas 'free enterprise' is grounded in Christian business ethics. Our founding fathers knew the difference. Our political representatives today... don't. Just as they don't know the difference between a democracy and a republic. A democracy is two foxes and one chicken, voting on what's for lunch.

Adeimantus said...

Plato criticized "democracy" as a wicked and corrupt form of government. The "democrats" of his time put Socrates to death on false charges. This is why he wrote his classic book, The Republic (from which I borrow the name Adeimantus).

He wanted to lay down the political theory for a better form of government, based on recognizing natural differences in different kinds of people. The main political theory of the Republic is that different kinds of people are naturally suited for different kinds of tasks in building a society. Natural inequality is what we would call this today.

Anonymous said...

I believe you have just fallen for Plato's Noble lie!

Adeimantus said...

The late William Pierce said, "If the Jews are for it, I'm against it."

Jews love 'liberal' democracy.

In 1948, David Petegorsky, former Director of the AJCongress, said:

“Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.”

NCKnight said...

Not a peep out of our British antagonist in over a week. I believe he has surrendered like his ancestors did at Yorktown in 1781.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys have been condemning of the guy from Britain. But in doing so you should not have ridiculed or made fun of Britain. I am from Britain and I am a white nationalist and we are under attack by the same kind of multi-culturalists and anti-white traitors that you suffer from. If someone from Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Poland or any of our white homelands posts a comment against white nationalism or against American, keep in mind to respond to his ideology but don’t attack the country. We are all in this struggle together to secure a future for our children. We need a world-wide unity of our people.

Anonymous said...

I am the British antagonist and I HAVE been writing, several times infact, unfortunately my sensible comments have been censored.

Anonymous said...

The big lie of capitalism is that everyone can be rich. This is nonsense. Capitalism only works if there is an imposed wealth differential, where only a privileged few are allowed to be rich and the vast majority intentionally kept poor to keep them working at the thousands of dull and dreary jobs the wealthy require to be done but refuse to do for themselves. Taxes are the impoverishment mechanism used to keep you all slaves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:34 PM, pure capitalism is money manipulation to enhance the wealth of the few. That is reason I get angry every time someone makes a comment about the strength of America being built on capitalism. Is was not. We are turning INTO a nation of pure capitalism in which the money is being manipulated to secure the well being of the very few while the rest of the nation is being reduced to servitude under the guise of equality.
America was founded on FREE ENTERPRISE or as some say a free market economy. In a free market economy, the citizen is free from government intervention and is allowed, and encouraged to work, invest, create and build a business that will benefit him, his family and subsequently his neighbor. Those who CHOOSE NOT to take advantage of free enterprise, CHOOSE to work for others.
Therefore a "rising tide lifts all ships."
Pure capitalism and pure communism are twins. Only free enterprise brings the blessings which we in American have enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

"The real problem for our "broken" health care system and the economy in general is the change of our demographics."

Back when Americans were healthy, the idea of demographic change would have been absurd. It is by the medical establishment and money manipulators, that have made America sick... physically, mentally and spiritually. There is only one demographic change responsible for the gradual transition from healthy to sick and that is the jew. It's straight out of the Protocols. Our food, air and water have been poisoned by greedy shylocks who get rich at our expense. We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

"I am the British antagonist and I HAVE been writing, several times infact, unfortunately my sensible comments have been censored."

Well they must not have been as sensible as you thought they were! Now let this be a lesson to you, Snooty. NEVER go into another man's house and criticize how he runs it!

Anonymous said...

"Well they must not have been as sensible as you thought they were! Now let this be a lesson to you, Snooty. NEVER go into another man's house and criticize how he runs it!"

I'm not the Brit, but I too have had sensible comments (promoting White Christian Nationalism) that disappeared. Is the policy to elicit only "yes men" and no constructive criticism? There's a difference between fearing the truth and a jealously of more intelligent propaganda... it's called ego.

Thomas Robb said...

I post 99% of the comments given. I don't post comments that are just plain stupid, resort to name calling or use vulgarity - even if they are supportive of my posts. Sorry! If a comment is not posted then it came under one of those above.
Sorry! I don't mean to offend anyone. But I am offended by the suggestion that I only post "yes" men. A simple reading of the various posts will show that this is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Jesus died for everyone not just whites John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son that WHO SO EVER beiliveith n him will haver everlasting life. Thats the true and almighty God i serve. And you wanna talk about rights you have more rights than any other nationality in the world. I don't understand where the since of entitlement comes from. I came on this website so that I could do research on a prove that racism isn't as concentrated as it was back in my parents day but the more reasearch i do im finding my argument to hold less and less weight. I do not dislike you or the people that are affiliated with i simply feel that you all are uneducated and behind in time. And do one thing for me please leave God out of all the things that are unpure because this helps to crupt the minds of people who want to no him!!! Sincerely A BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN