Thursday, July 30, 2009

Was Crowley Stupid?

Obama was right when he said that the Cambridge Police (Sergeant Crowley) "acted stupidly" for arresting Professor Gates.

Now before you get angry with me I want you to understand that the reason I say they acted stupidly is different than the reason Obama said it.

The comment made by Obama in last week’s prime time press conference revealed the real Barack Obama behind the politically correct facade. Obama has to walk this incredible tight rope so that the inner man does not expose himself to the public. I believe the history of Obama reveals him to be an extreme anti-White radical racist. However, he could never have gotten elected if this would have become public knowledge. He had to present himself as someone who has grown beyond race, someone who thinks chocolate and vanilla ice cream looks and tastes the same. But the real Barack Obama was oozing out in front of the cameras and thus the public when he made the statement about the police acting "stupidly.’

Obama is a racist who jumped at this opportunity to lash out at the police, as quickly as a pack of dogs after a meat wagon. But after he made the comment he realized that the only one who acted "stupidly" was Barack Obama. And immediately damage control was called in to clear up his blunder.

Now why am I also saying Sergeant Crowley "acted stupidly" for arresting Professor Gates? It's simple "What did he expect?" According to police officers I know, practically every time they arrest a Negro, the officer is accused of being a racist. So of course this "scholar" is going to cry racism. Gates has made a career of creating white guilt and bouncing off our compassion. Every Negro commentator makes the same claim, we have to be sensitive and understanding of the black community. It reminds me of what my son says when I go visit, "The baby is sleeping, be quiet or you will wake him."

We are told that we have to understand their life experience. We have to understand their community. We have to understand and be sensitive about their fear of racial profiling. We have to listen, as they moan and groan about how they are mistreated - yadeda, yadeda and more yadeda. Because if we do not understand their sensitive little egos - then they are going to cry, bellyache and whine like a baby.

Well, here is what THEY need to understand. A white Christian society is organized on Law - Order - and Discipline. Thugs get arrested and go to jail.

Sergeant Crowley was accused by Gates of being a racist, yet Crowley spent 5 years teaching other officers about racial profiling. Now it is HE which is being accused of racial profiling.

Racial profiling is not a tool used by police against minorities. Racial Profiling is a tool used by minorities against the police.

Crowley acted stupidly because he thought he could arrest this black man with impunity. What did he expect? Crowley must be a racist - Professor Gates and President Obama said he was. In fact all white people are racist!

Now the great Beer Summit of 2009 is over and Crowley said that he and Gates are going to get together for future meetings. Perhaps we will soon see Crowley and Gates going on picnics, taking walks on the beach and sitting around camp fires singing Kumba Ya!

Don’t be foolish enough to think that the purpose of future meetings is to help heal their wounds. The purpose will be to enhance the feelings of white guilt as we learn about the evil effects racism has on American Negroes.

Crowley seems like a descent guy. A good man who thought racist were those people who mistreat Negroes. Now he finds out that HE is a racist as hundreds of thousands of Negroes wonder where he hangs his Klan robe.


Methodist said...

Cmon what do you expect. In their eyes there is no such thing as a black racist. If you arrest a black and he is guilty but cries racism it must be investigated. It is tv news. Two blacks could jump a white and no one would hear about it. Why? Because they do not want whites to rise up against them. Whites are guilty! We are guilty of enslavement, causing them not to prosper into the great blacks they know they can be. Yet if you look at blacks around the world most of them have achieved NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

One time a black guy asked me if I would want to be black. I told him no. He called me a racist. How is this racist? I am what God made me to be. Is it racist not to be less than you are now? Is it racist not to want to live in slums? Is it racist to be proud of your heritage? Even Micheal Jackson knew it was better to be white.

Anonymous said...

"Crowley acted stupidly because he thought he could arrest this black man with impunity."

I don't think you can prove that, any more than the whole event was staged, which would seem more plausible given the fact that the characters all played they parts wonderfully for the New World Order's Multicultural Diversity Theater. It's just all too orchestrated and choreographed. Crowley, Gates and Obama are all on the same team.

Anonymous said...

"All on the same team." Now talk about having to prove something - that takes the cake!

Of course neither you or Pastor Robb can prove your statements. But I think what Pastor Robb said is much more plausible.

"Scholar" Gates acted no different than the gang bangers in the hood.

Anonymous said...

""All on the same team." Now talk about having to prove something - that takes the cake!"

Right! Let them (you) eat cake.

"Officer" Crowley acted no different than the average totalitarian agent for the emerging police state in America. The point is that their acting was so good, that most people swallow the script... hook, line and sinker. I can't wait for Gates and Crowley going on a picnic and patting each other on the back for public consumption. In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" And of course the answer is NO, regardless of make believe theatrics. "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" II Thes. 2:11.

Oh, and the neighbor who called in the 911 played her part perfectly... she's so hurt that anybody would think she's a racist.... boo hoo. She even got a feminist lawyer right off the bat to go on TV for her. This whole drama is about as plausible as the myriad of school yard shootings where the kid just went bonkers. Uh huh. People are beginning to wake up. By the way, Crowley did act with impunity: there have been no adverse repercussions; in fact, he's gotten his 15 minutes of fame and lauded as an exemplary policeman for the New World Order.

Crowley just happened to phone Obama and he had a conversation with Gate's good buddy, suggesting they get together over a few beers. Riiiight. How many millions of Americans can do that? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody brought up a comment during a conversation about police profiling. Is gates guilty of this?
A white cop comes to his door, starts asking questions, gates goes ballistic. I think black children are being taught by their parents that all white cops are racists. It is embedded in their minds from the very beginning of their lives.
I believe officer Crowley got upset because his authority as an officer was being questioned. Racial profiling, police profiling. Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

"I think black children are being taught by their parents that all white cops are racists."

So true. Blacks are being taught from childhood that the white man owes them something. "The white man is evil. He enslaved you. He owes you." It is this type of teaching that will never bring the races together. They are the racists. They say they want to be equal but call themselves African Americans or Afro-Americans. Or as I call them Afroed Americans. LOL

Anonymous said...

See now any white person would realize that if you mouth off to a cop something bad is going to happen. You will be told to shut up. If you refuse you will be arrested. If you resist you will be beaten. Blacks have been through this lesson over and over thoughout history but still they fail the test.

Anonymous said...

I was pulled over by a black officer once. I answered every question with Sir at the end. When an officer of the law addresses you you should always show due respect. No matter what race he or she is.
I came from a Klan family, but was taught by my elders, not all black citizens are bad. I firmly believe this.
Sometimes I wonder if black parents raise their children with the same idea about whites. Unfortunately most black children get their education from the streets. And naturally our race is the blame for it. The white race is just a whipping post for their failures.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I wonder if black parents raise their children with the same idea about whites. Unfortunately most black children get their education from the streets. And naturally our race is the blame for it."

It is a two sided coin. The black race wants equality but wants to save their identity as black also. You cannot have it both ways. We want to save our identity as whites also but are called racist for this. Blacks are the biggest racists. The idea is that you are not black if you are not liberal. You are acting white if you try to educate yourself. These people want conflict with the white race not equality. Their leaders play on this. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Even Barrack Obama. They get fame from being angry blacks yet they never want to achieve their goals of equality because they will be out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Blacks see the race card as a get out of jail free card. They can raise a rukus with police and when they get arrested they cry race. Then all these negro leaders run to their aid, including the media. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

This site is so sad. I mean really Obama a racist! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. And as far as the police officer who taught racial profling for 5 years. That dont mean hes not a racistist. I love being Black I wouldnt dare change who I am and I have never known a Christian to be all white or all black. I dont know what GOD you people serve but thats not my GOD and Im pretty sure that if he wanted just one race praising him he wouldnt of put other races in this world. I am a Christian & we have EVERY race possible in my church. I have achieved a great deal in my life & there are whites as well as blacks who have not achieved as much as I have and for some one to say that one race has accomplished more than the other need to now what they are speaking before they let such uneducated things come out of there mouth. Read up and educate yourself on certain things before they let something so stupid come out of they mouth. This is a sad world that we live in and a even sadder place to live in with such hate & disrespect for another race. I am going to pray to the GOD who loves all. Some of the facts that whites have about blacks & other races are so wrong. Do you really not like me because of the color of my skin. You know nothing about me. How? Hopefully my prayers will help some of you see the error in your ways before you go & meet your maker. The GOD you praises has another name that he calls himself: SATAN. He is a liar. Michael Jackson was a lost soul. No matter how he tried or what he did he couldnt denie who he was. A Black man, who had a black mother and father and sisters and brothers. I just wanted to see this site so that I could know who I need to watch out for. Who I need to warn my beautiful black kids about. Who they need to be afraid of. Not the black man across the street but that white man or woman right next door.