Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am going to stop posting every comment that comes my way. This blog is to promote the cause of White Christian Revival and not to be the soap box for lunatics. Those of you who are offended by this decision can email me and tell me how I am afraid of the truth. Perhaps after "Telling me off" you will feel better and can get on with your life.


Nordic2005 said...

Here's a comment I hope is okay.

Someone asked the question why there is so much more miscegenation than might otherwise be expected. Here's my opinion.

PREFACE: I put the primary blame on the public education in America and the secondary blame on the media.

There is a profound lack of appreciation of White Culture--and that culture includes the White Race (the living people) which produces it and is an integral part of it. Just as music appreciation classes are needed for 98% of the people to learn to like serious art music, other aspects of White Culture need learning to be appreciated, and this includes the physical and organic racial characteristics of the White people themselves (art classes which teach pencil-sketching and drawing could help here, along with the study of great works of mater artists showing and praising Aryan beauty through the millennia).

Also, besides the culture going to weeds because of lack of strenuous cultivation, we have a huge problem of a lack of a positive self-image among Whites generally. This is a product of media hypnosis. Most people believe in the version of the world they see on the television. Today there is almost a sacred commandment everywhere (including the churches), "Thou shalt date inter-racially." The Negro (and minorities generally) are frequently portrayed as superior to Whites. Whites are clearly suffering from a widespread racial inferiority complex.

I actually believe that some Whites, especially young women, feel they are doing something guilty, if not criminal, in selecting a White male, as this helps keep the White Race alive -- and that is a crime in their thinking. This is a result of diversity propaganda in the schools and media.

It would be, theoretically, easy for me to dye my skin black, but I would be loathe to do this because I like myself as white-skinned. I still believe that for many of these women, they find Negroes exotic and they hate their own race and, unconsciously at least, wish they were themselves black.

IESVS said...

There is no proof that any race is superior to the white race. That's only paranoia. What is it about this notion of skin coloration that has everyone up in arms about? It's just weird.

Anonymous said...

Name some of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Ok now how many blacks did you name? Now imagine a world without blondes. White people were blessed with beauty. Why mess with that?

Nordic2005 said...

Skin color is only one distinguishing feature of a race.
It is perhaps not even the most important, though it is sometimes the most conspicuous (at first glance).

Not all black-skinned persons are Negroes, for example.

When a Negro is born as an albino, without natural skin color, it is still totally obvious that he/she is a Negro.

Likewise, the qualities we cherish in our fellow Whites are those in the very DNA itself. These are our racial brothers and sisters and our extended family. Naturally, we ought to care about them.