Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fleas & Hatred

by Forrest Nordic

In today's naïve politically correct society, 'hatred' itself has become synonymous with 'evil.'

A simple dictionary definition of 'hatred' (Cambridge Dictionary) is 'an extremely strong feeling of dislike.' Normally, I disapprove of 'situational ethic,' however, the ability to feel hatred is something built into human nature, just as it exists among many other living things. That hatred is an example of 'situational ethics' (though perhaps not in the usual sense of the term).

For example, just as 'sinful pride' exists, so also does 'proper pride,' which includes self-respect and a healthy regard for oneself or something related to oneself. There is a righteous anger and an unjust anger; there is a righteous hatred and an unjust hatred. Even the Bible tells us there is "a time to love and a time to hate", Ecc 3:8. Today, because of political correctness, people are not making the necessary distinctions. Personally, I'd define 'righteous hatred' as 'a strong desire to get rid of or keep away from that which threatens harm to what one loves.

If fleas get into my carpet and invade my house, you can know that I definitely HATE it! I want to get rid of the fleas at all costs. Fleas and I cannot live in the same dwelling. Now, when fleas are absent from my home, I rarely think of them. I do not really have a plan to remove all fleas from the planet. I suppose that they have a right to exist? (I'll leave that question to the philosophers and theologians.) The point is, fleas are a natural and even deadly enemy to both man and household animals. Therefore it is proper and entirely natural to hate them.

In the same manner, multiculturalism and the multiracial society are a deadly enemy to the long-term survival of any race and culture. Therefore it is only natural and just to oppose these conditions. One does not have to hate the other races. In this situation, it is the mixing of the races that one may justly hate. Such mixing is certain to destroy the culture and identity of the people who inhabit any geographical area of the Earth. There can be little doubt that racial integration brings about race-mixing (or miscegenation or interracial marriage -- call it what you will) which ends in genocide, threfore it is only natural and just to hate racial integration. If that means that we are not happy about the presence of racial aliens among us, because they are 'different' and will change our society forever and radically change our very DNA -- so be it.

We object to the presence of racial aliens. Is it that we hate these people individually, as persons? No! It is simply that our love for our own people demands geographic separation, so as to preserve our racial integrity and ensure our survival, both as a people (DNA / genotype) and a culture.

It IS right to hate sin. If race-suicide is a sin -- and so it seems to me to be -- then it is right to hate the conditions that will inevitably bring it about.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Want Inspiration?

Someone made a comment recently and suggested people visit a youtube website. It was most interesting to watch once again and thought I would post it on my main blog page.
I am aware that there will be an element that will be offended. One comment suggested that conquests by our people are subjective and that while I see it as good, others saw it as evil.

The fact is that it was good for our people. Every thing we have and are as a people is a result of our forefathers conquering. Whites who are offended by the conquest of America and believe that we "stole" land from the Indians, should immediate give what ever land they live on back to some Indians. After all, you wouldn't want to live on stolen land.
Even the people they conquered became a better people. Medical care, education and civil government were the gift that lifted them from sickness and squalor.

Any way, the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrZbUS0MaY4aY4 is from the film Zulu. It is an account of a battle at Rorke's Drift in Natal, South Africa. One hundred and thirty-nine British soldiers successfully defended their garrison against an intense assault by four to five thousand Zulu warriors. The overwhelming Zulu attack on Rorke's Drift came a hair's breadth away from defeating the tiny British garrison. The successful defence of the outpost is held as one of history's finest defences.

To those who will no doubt condemn me for posting this short video about the battle of Rorke's Drift, I ask you whoes side would YOU have been on? Put aside you prejudicial teachings of multi-culturalism and the evils of white people and ask your heart. Whoes side would you take up battle for?
Click here for more about the battle of Rorke's Drift. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU6ZPHx_avg&feature=related

Friday, March 27, 2009

Shelter - Food - Jobs

Below is a negative comment sent to my post. However, they failed to leave an address and phone number for any illegal aliens to call. This person condemns me because of my desire to protect the future of our children, but they don't actually want to help them either. If they did they would certainly leave a contact number for these illegal aliens to call. Why doesn't he want to help? He says he does but it looks more like a hollow promise.
I don't hate these illegals, in fact I want to help them by providing addresses and phone numbers from all those who condemn me and say they want to help them adjust to America. Come on, let me post your address and phone number as a contact person who will provide food and shelter.

I don't want them here, but I am willing to admit it. This person SAYS they want to help them and then refused to provide the information so he (or she) can.

Obama 4EVER! has left a new comment on your post "Prepare to be Invaded":
Some Christian you are! These people are just coming here to feed their families and get jobs! What is wrong with that? You hate them because they are different.
PS: Are you willing to give them YOUR job? I know you are checking back to see if I posted your comment. So please let me know where you work, and when you will be turning your job over to an illegal alien,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prepare to be Invaded

America is about to be invaded! But this invasion is not from Iraq, Afghanistan or our old imagined nemesis - Russia. Of course Russia was never actually an enemy of America anyway. The threat was always from the Jewish gangsters who dominated that grand old empire and reshaped it into the Soviet Union. (Kind of what the U.S. is turning into - Soviet America?)

Anyway, the United States has been under invasion for the last 40 years and each year of those 40 years revealed an invasion that was worse than the proceeding year. This invasion was encouraged by a federal government in Washington D.C. that never had the courage or WILL to be tough on the invaders.

Now there is a growing alarm that we are about to see the former invasion as a mere trickle compared to the real danger of a tsunami of people coming into our nation. It is expected that this MASS invasion will meet little or no resistance.

The Mexican economy is in chaos and drug wars along the Mexican border have killed close to 7,000 people is the past year. Only a fool can convince himself that this will not spill over into the U.S. Because of our unwillingness to shut our borders we now have an estimated 1 million street gang members (most of whom are illegal) throughout the U.S. Every city, town and hamlet in America is suffering from the enormous cost of this invasion. Every street corner sees the evidence of this invasion.

There has been effort to secure $3 billion toward beefing up our border security. There is a demand to hire more agents, to build a 700 mile fence, 300 miles of vehicle barriers and add four drone airplanes and erect 105 radar and camera towers. But what good will any of this do when we have a government that does not have the WILL POWER to stops the invasion and perhaps even want the invasion to continue in order to weaken our already broken economy in preparation to empower the North American Union.

Prior to leaving his office as director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff questioned what our response should be if the projected mass migration should actually come to pass. However, his concern was not with the welfare of the United States, but with the welfare of the invaders. With so many suddenly dumped upon us, How will we care for them? How will we be able to house them? How will we be able to provided health care? How will we be able to assist them? Etc.

The cost of securing our border could be as simple as calling for a citizens militia. I am confident that hundreds of thousands of angry citizens would be willing to bring their own gun, provide their own ammo and pay their own expenses to travel to our border to stop the invasion. I would be willing to bet that among those hundreds of thousands would be a multitude of mothers, wives and sweethearts willing to do the task that this government is afraid and unwilling to do. If the government does not want to spend the money to put troops on the border (something that I have been calling for for over 30 years) then it can save the cost of deploying troops on the border by simply asking for volunteers. After all, this country, in a large part purchased its freedom by the sacrifice of volunteers - they were called The Minutemen!

Now I am aware that there are those who are going to be alarmed at my suggestion of securing the border at the barrel of a gun. So here is what I suggest to all those who think I am being to extreme and that we should welcome the invaders. In the comments section, give your name, address and phone number so illegal aliens will know where to go for assistance. Also list how many you will be able to shelter and your willingness to personally take care of all their medical needs and living expenses. If you will post this information in the comments section then Illegal aliens will know where to go.

Last, but not least considering the invasion is almost certainly coming you need to buy guns and ammo.

You have a nation to defend!

Information on the Mortgage Crisis

Click Here! http://www.sfradiofiles.com/Video/Housing%20Crisis.html

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A funny comment to a recent post!

Occasionally I will get a humorous comment that goes so far beyond reason and logic that I will make it a part of my post. Such is the case in the comment I am posting today. This person, after listening to a recent broadcast of The Political Watchdog, states my claim about white people having a history of conquest is somehow inconsistent with my statement that our white nations are being invaded. He (or she) says such a claim in false, yet it is established in all demographic studies that white people are, indeed, at zero population growth.

The person who wrote this comment then begs for me to make a reply. I guess it may be the only way they can add some meaning and importance to their life.

Oh well!

Your rhetoric in your broadcast and blog is always trying to employ logic to prove that your message is valid. Regardless of the content of these speeches, unfortunately your 'logic' is very confused and you unwittingly contradict yourself over and over again. Everyone IS tired of the same old argument that white americans are immigrants too blah blah blah, its boring and i sympathise that the WN movement is bored by it, however you quite frankly do not do your movement any favours. You say in your 18/03/2009 stormfront broadcast that white people are Conquerors and other races are Submissive, and that this is an intrinsically good thing that white people should be proud of and one of the reasons why people of other races hate us. But later in the SAME broadcast your proclaim (falsely) that all white countries in the world are under invasion from muslims, blacks hispanics etc. So, my question: Using the logic that it we should be proud of our conqueror ancestry, then applying the same logic to modern times, how can you proclaim that the invasion of white countries is a bad thing. There is no consistency in your argument. It is merely sophistry and biased. Perhaps a better eduction would have given you a better understanding of 'logic, reason and science'. I look forward to reading your rebuttal.
No rebuttal is necessary!
PS: The words Americans, Stormfront, Muslims and Hispanics, as noted above, should have been capitalized. I guess they were sleeping during that part of English classes. Oh well . . . so much for public education.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The New Dawn!

Listen my Political Watchdog radio program by clicking here http://www.stormfront.org/radioheader/flashplayer3.html
I am sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We have been extremely busy. Keep in mind that while the nation continues to plunge into darkness, those who have their feet firmly planted in blood, faith and homeland are preparing to greet the NEW DAWN!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have We Reached Critical Mass?

Will the American economy continue its meltdown? There is little faith that the economy can be turned around any time soon. I am of the opinion that the stimulus packages developed by Obama, not to mention the billions of dollars that Bush push upon upon us last fall will only make things worse. There is a term used in physics - critical mass - which simply means the amount of material that must be present before a chain reaction can sustain itself.

When something reaches critical mass, nature takes over and is no longer in our control. A good and simple example of this would be an automobile on an icy road. The driver is able to control the speed of the car, the breaks and the steering. But suddenly the speed of the car on the icy roads reach critical mass and the driver loses control. When that happens he (or she) is no longer in control. The driver must frantically wait until the car crashes or comes to a stop with hopefully no injury.

I think our economy is about to reach critical mass. When that happens it will spin out of control. We have created a society that cannot be sustained. The entitlement programs are pushing us toward critical mass and we will not be able to keep “the car on the road.” A primary reason for this critical mass is the alien flood into our homeland. Our nation is being buried by this flood - both legal and illegal. It is foolish to believe our culture will survive when we are being flooded with those who are of an alien culture.

I strongly believe in the free market economy. I also believe that governments are inherently bad. But I know that we cannot live without government, however we have to keep an eye on it - keep it under control. The Pilgrims knew the value of government and were aware of this need to create a form of civil politic to govern the colony. Therefore before settling into their new home in America they drafted the Mayflower Compact which governed the colony until 1691.

The framers of the Constitution debated in the Pennsylvania State House (later known as Independence Hall) about how this new nation would be ruled, however they were none-the-less united in their fear of an overpowering and oppressive government. Historically, governments almost always become oppressive. Because of this fear of an oppressive government they wanted each state to maintain its individual sovereignty. They gave us a Republic - a Constitutional Republic - with the primary purpose of protecting the God given rights of the people. They created this constitutional republic with the primary responsibility to stay out of our way. The tenth amendment to the constitution clearly tells the federal government that the only power they had were the powers expressly stated in the constitution and if the constitution did not grant them a certain power then they don’t have it and it belongs to the states and or to the people. Here it is, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

The bottom line is that the founding fathers simply did not trust the government - even the one they were creating - they knew it was necessary - but not trustworthy.

Thomas Paine penned the sentiment of the founding fathers when he wrote, “The best of governments is a necessary evil and the worse of them an intolerable one.”

I fear that the huge amount of money being given by the federal government has more to do with control than with the economy. It will continue the growth of big government. It will shrink the exercise of our unalienable rights and reduce us to absolute despotism.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Police Brutality / Klan Brutalilty - ALL BOGUS!

I remember in about 1983 traveling to Montgomery, Alabama to watch a rally of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This is the group founded by Martin Luther King in 1955 during the time of the Montgomery Boycott. Joseph Lowery was the main speaker and I was in Alabama at the time and decided to go. I don’t recall the theme of the rally but I do recall that most of his speech centered around the injustice that black citizens of Montgomery receive at the hands of the Montgomery police.

Joseph Lowery spent a considerable amount of time highlighting what he described as the brutality of the police against blacks. While in Montgomery I was spotted by the local police and within moments had a tail following me and watching every move I made. They didn’t even attempt to hide, they actually stood beside me and let me know who they were and why they were there. They wanted to make sure I would not cause a disturbance. As we stood and listened to Lowery rant about police brutality against black citizens and listing and citing various injustices blacks had received I turned to the police officer and said, "It sounds like they are more concerned about you guys than they are about us, Maybe I should be following you around?"

He just looked at me and said nothing. But the fact is that so-called Klan crimes against blacks are dwarfed by the magnitude of crimes, brutality and injustices that law enforcement is accused of committing. In fact, if you type Police Brutality in google you will see a whole list pop up. The interesting thing is that if you type Klan Brutality, the top stories that pop up are more information about police brutality. In fact to find stories of Klan murders, crimes etc a person needs to check archives. To find stories of police murders, crimes etc, it is simply a matter of looking in yesterday’s newspaper. Perhaps we should be investigating the police instead of the other way around.

Is this an indictment against all police? Absolutely not. I am quite aware that the vast majority of those in law enforcement are good and upstanding citizens. But there are some who commit crimes and there are in fact more police who commit crimes than there are Klan members.

I have recently been aware that the police in Greensboro, North Carolina are concerned about the distribution of Knights Party literature. This is amusing, but also chilling. The distribution of literature is a constitutionally protected activity. To use tax payers money to investigate a constitutionally protected and God given right is a violation of the people’s trust. Especially when you considered that perhaps we should be investigating the police. Greensboro has no recent record of so-called Klan crimes. In fact, to the best of my knowledge the most recent Klan "crime" in Greensboro was in 1979 when members of another Klan group killed six people who had attached them with clubs, bats and guns. All the members of the Klan were found not guilty in two different trials. One conducted by the state of North Carolina and the other conducted by the federal government. But accusations of police brutality continue to this very day.

Recently members of the black communityin Greensboro, NC, held a Rally Against Police Brutality. Click here to learn more about this rally and see photos.

Accusations of this nature against the police is common. In fact, go to google and type in Rally Against Police Brutality. There are A LOT! Now type into google, Rally Against Klan Brutality. You know how may show up? NONE! In appears that the black community is more concerned about being the victim of police violence than they are of alleged Klan violence.

Again, I want to mention that I am not attacking the police. I don’t believe in the hysteria of police brutality. The point I am making is that Klan brutality doesn’t exist either.

Does that mean that there is NEVER an incident when someone who claims Klan membership may commit a crime. Of course not! But the percentage of Klan crimes is lower (much lower) then police crimes. In fact more people die of bumble bee stings every year (100) than has died from so-called Klan hatred in the past 100 years.

I sometimes have reporters ask me if I am concerned about law enforcement people infiltrating the Klan. My answer. No! Why should I be? Let them join. Let them pay their dues. The only thing they will discover is that we are inside the same as we are outside. We have nothing to hide. We are an open book! There is nothing to report except to say there is nothing to report!
I am aware that there are many in all segments of our nation, from the truck driver to the owner of the trucking company that is concerned about the future of America. There are CEO’s of major corporations who are concerned for the future of their children, just as much as I am.
We have people associated with the Knights who are from every walk of life. From those that work with their hands to those who work with the computer key board. We have associates who are news reporters and others in law enforcement. I have had reporters hand me donations after an interview and have received donations from others as well who will perhaps never join but want to support the cause of White Christian Revival. We have associates and supporters in federal agencies, including the FBI, and Homeland Security. Admittedly associates from some of these federal agencies are small, they do reflect, however, a concern that many white people in America have.

I remember a funny incident which occurred a few years ago when an employee at ****** reported to a superior officer that another individual was a suspected member of the Klan and demanded that they be reassigned to another position or at least be severely reprimanded. Unfortunately, for this individual, the superior officer was also a member of the Klan.

Why do Klan members so often keep their membership private? It isn’t because they have crimes they are trying to hide. It is because want to protect their families from rabid, angry, demanding Negroes who would like to destroy their jobs, livelihood and reputation in the community by accusing them of committing the same kind of crimes and brutality that they regularly throw at the police.

We support ALL law enforcement personal because we know they are innocent of the hysteria hurled at them. A growing number of people in this nation (law enforcement as well) are also aware of our innocence and may not join, but do support and are even beginning to financially support the cause of White Christian Revival.

It truly is time for white people - ALL white people to stick together!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Washington DC

As I reported last week, on Monday, February 23rd, Rachel Pendergraft and I traveled to Washington DC for a private meeting with (I can't say). This is the second time we were invited and we are most likely returning again in May.
We were invited to present the cause of White Nationalism and our concern over immigration, the ADL, bias in the media and other important national matters.
I am shown in the photo to the left. This was in a very secure area and in the photo you can see the ID tag on my lapel that allowed us in the secure area.

Rachel Pendergraft is shown lecturing to this group of about 75. I ask for all your prayers as we continue this dialogue with these individuals.
Standng to Rachel's left is the person who is arranging these meetings. I purposely cut the picture so he cannot be identified as this could shut the door and future invitations

While in DC we stoped by to visit our friend Willis Carto and his wife Elizabeth. Willis is the publisher of the American Free Press as well as The Barnes Review

We are shown here with long time friend, Michael Collins Piper. Piper has written many books dealing with international Zionism and the cause of American Patriotism

Photos also show Elizabeth Carto at her desk in their DC office and Rachel and I at Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dirty Jokes are in Race Jokes are Out!

Clint Eastwood Slams Political Correctness

Actor Clint Eastwood sees nothing funny about political correctness.

The "Dirty Harry" actor told Germany's Der Spiegel that modern society lives in a state of fear over the possibility of being labeled racist for telling jokes based on ethnicity or nationality.
"People have lost their sense of humor," he told the magazine. "In former times we constantly made jokes about different races. You can only tell them today with one hand over your mouth otherwise you will be insulted as a racist.

"I find that ridiculous. In those earlier days every friendly clique had a 'Sam the Jew' or 'Jose the Mexican' -- but we didn't think anything of it or have a racist thought. It was normal that we made jokes based on our nationality or ethnicity. That was never a problem.

"I don't want to be politically correct. We're all spending too much time and energy trying to be politically correct about everything."