Friday, July 2, 2010

Yes or No!

I often receive comments to this blog from an individual who comments under the name Norwegian. He recently sent a comment that I am placing here along with my reply. The comment he makes is in reply to yesterday's blog titled, Those who DO are outnumbered by those who DON'T!

Norwegian writes:
The only way I could view this a legitimate race issue would be if all white people in California were employed, and if all Hispanic immigrants were taking advantage of the system. Since there are workers and non-workers on both sides of the racial divide, and since both whites and non would lose their benefits under your suggestion, it really can't be considered a race issue. As it stands, I'd say it's more of an issue of productive workers supporting the unemployed and being taken advantage of by the freeloaders. You can disagree with welfare/handouts without addressing race, and refrain from alienating so many people.You could also cite your source for the article excerpt.I'm also curious s to what the title is referencing.

My reply:

My Dear Mr. Norwegian:
You make the same mistake that most detractors of White Nationalism make. You make assumptions based upon misinformation that is spoon fed you by the national media and the entertainment industry.

The assumption is that White Nationalists think all white people are good and all non-white people are bad. Or even worse, they assume the absurdity that we hate anyone that isn't white. Believe me, I have traveled in every state of the union except for Hawaii and I have been shown kindness and consideration by many non whites. I am well aware that there are many good people of color. I am also aware that there are many vile and spiritually ugly white people such as Joran Van de Sloot.

When we discuss the race issue it does not mean we are implying that all non-whites are bad people. But there is a greater proportion of violent crime committed by non-whites. That is why even liberals and egalitarians stay out of black neighborhoods. It is foolish to argue otherwise because you can not name a "bad" white neighborhood. They don't exist.

I know that detractors to the above statement will make the claim that white neighborhoods are not safe for black people. There certainly may be a rare occasion when this is the case, but for the most part that is even a false statement.

The trouble with black neighborhoods is that not only are they unsafe for white people to travel in, but they are also unsafe for other blacks. Young black girls live in fear of being sexually assaulted in a darkened hallway or a deserted alley. Elderly black people live in fear behind bolted doors because the neighborhoods have been taken over by the gang bangers.

The issue is race! This does not mean that we think all blacks (Mexicans, etc) are bad and all whites are good. But you have to view race as a corporate entity. Consider the example I gave a while back about snakes. Very few people are bitten by snakes each year and there are approximately only 10 rattlesnake related deaths each year. Does this mean all rattlesnakes are dangerous - yes. Are all snakes dangerous - No! But if a person does not know how to tell the difference then it is best to stay away from all snakes. And the reason only a few people are injured by rattlesnakes each year is because people are wise enough to stay away from them. Those who don't heed the warning run the danger of becoming a statistic.

There are approximately 32,000 white women sexually assaulted each year by Negroes. Walter Williams, a black economic professor at George Mason University and widely read syndicated columnist stated that blacks are 10 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than whites would be to commit a violent crime against blacks. Those who don't heed the warning run the danger of becoming a statistic.
You can read his article here:

The story of California entitlement programs is deplorable. Certainly there are many whites people who abuse the system and certainly there are many non-whites who are hard working and who do not abuse the system. But when you look at the corporate body of race there can be no honest denial that the vast entitlement programs such as public housing, welfare, Aid to Dependant Children, health care, food subsidies, and crime are dominated by non-whites. The huge influx of illegal aliens is a drain on our national economy.

Sure there are many nice black people. There are also many nice people among all the nonwhite races. Who said there wasn't?

I am sure you have nice nonwhite friends. But it doesn't make bad neighborhoods any safer! And it doesn't alter the fact that illegal aliens and even legal citizens whose very existence depend on the generous help from the nation's producers are a drain on the California as well as the national economy.

I stated a couple of days ago that you don't love your people and you said that you do. So let me ask it this way, "Would you care if your people ceased to exist?"

It shouldn't take a lengthy answer of mish mash - a simpl yes or no will suffice.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Surely you're bright enough to understand the liberal line of thought on race and where it has taken us.

Read any mainstream blog on race and sexual preference and you'll observe that the "non-racist" person is now one who has no particular preference in race when selecting a mate.

This is, whether you agree or not, the position you're ultimately supporting. To notice racial differences in any discriminatory manner is now understood by an increasing number of people to be "racist."

If a White man is not equally attracted to Black, Asian, and Hispanic women, he's now borderline "racist."

To love and prefer your own kind now means "racist."

ERGO: you do not love your race.

NorwegianHeat said...

Well, disregarding your "mish-mash" and getting straight to your question, my simple answer would be yes.

I do disagree with the points you make in your article, and would still like to comment on those as well.

Anonymous said...

Ah, back to the again I ask, if you stay away from all snakes (blacks) but admit whites also commit crimes (now they are snakes as well) shouldn't you stay away from everyone? How do you know the good whites from the bad whites? You do not know the good blacks from the bad blacks so you stay away from them all. This should deem true for whites as well. But apparently you do not stay away from all whites so you must just take your chances they are not a murderer?

And I see you finally made reference to Joran Van de Sloot. Of course he murdered Natalee Holloway 5 years ago but I guess it's better late than never.

Methodist said...

Tell me what a black or a Jew or a Mexican has ever done to you Robb?

Thomas Robb said...

I have never had a bad experience with a black, Mexican or Jew.

It't not about hate - it is about love for our people. The white race will be a minority in this country is less then 40 years. We are being invaded on a daily basis. I love my people and culture. I want America to reflect the values and culture of our people - not that of Mexico.

Dear Methodist: What has a black widow spider, rattlesnake or rabid dog ever done to you? Have you ever been directly harmed by any of these?

Nordic2005 said...

It's not about hate - it is about love for our people.

Just common sense, too!

Any nationality, race, or culture naturally desires to survive.

Whites would also, were it not for the constant multicultural propaganda innundation.