Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Tom Vilsack a Secret Racist?

We certainly have now heard the story of Shirley Sherrod’s dismissal from the Department of Agriculture. She was the black women who while speaking before the NAACP in March revealed racist feelings she had while dealing with a white farmer over 20 years ago. A video tape of her speech was shown on which immediately resulted in her dismissal by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Sherrod, however, contested the tape, claiming that the full content of the tape eventually shows that she eventually came to terms with those racist feelings and helped the white farmer that was seeking assistance.

Andrew Breitbart, owner of says the purpose of showing this speech was not to focus on Sherrod but to show the reaction of the NAACP audience as they giggled and laughed at her remarks prior to her statements condemning racism. In other words, Sherrod eventually talked in her speech that it is wrong to deny help to a farmer just because he was white. But before she made this confession, the audience thought it was a big joke denying this white farmer government assistance and thereby revealing their racism.

I suspect that Tom Vilsack, an Obama appointee and who is white with a life long record of attempting to endear himself to people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other black civil rights activists will now have the tables tuned on him with demands of apology (which he should), demands of resignation (which he should) and accusation of being a racist (which he is not).

The accusation of someone being a racist is thrown around so much that it is loosing its meaning. (What ever that was?) Everyone who opposes special favors for Negroes such as (Affirmative Action), or want to protect our borders from the invasion of illegal aliens, or opposes Jewish domination in the movie industry or Zionist domination in our foreign diplomacy is accused of being a racist.

Even Glenn Beck who cannot do a single show without talking about how wonderful Martin Luther King was is accused of being a racist. So is Bill O’Rielly, Shawn Hannity, Ann Coulter.

I guess I am in good company!


Anonymous said...

You guess you're in good company with media whores and jewish shills?

Anonymous said...

Breitbart can backpedal all he wants, but he released that video to scare whites with a fake story of a black person in the government abusing their power. Plain and simple. Pointing out a few giggles just doesn't seem like much of a story, does it?

As a side note, how many generations of black kids did we deny a college education?

When someone graduates at the top of their class in high school, is denied entry to college because of race, and goes on to become a janitor, what kind of message does that send to the black community?

You continually wonder why blacks have such problems with crime and violence. Maybe some scars take a hundred years to heal.

Anonymous said...

All the word racist means is that you love your race! It has been used as a "cut down" to mean something bad. That you love who you are and your identity is wrong. It is not wrong! I am happy to be white. Would I want to be black? NO! I will proudly call myself a racist. I love the white race!