Friday, July 2, 2010

Those who Do are outnumbered by those who DON'T

A recent news story begins this way . . .

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's order to pay 200,000 state workers just the minimum wage sent a signal to California lawmakers: In the impasse over closing California's $19 billion budget deficit, Schwarzenegger is ready to play hardball.

If he REALLY wants to play hardball, don't cut the pay of those that are working. Cut the benefits going to illegal aliens. California is almost 20 billion dollars in debt. It is going bankrupt. Remove the benefits illegals get such as education benefits, health care benefits, housing benefits etc. All of these free benefits are being paid for by California workers.

If these benefits were cut, millions could be saved in law enforcement, prisons etc. But they are afraid to mention this. The worse it get (and it is getting worse) the more people will move to the foundation of White Nationalism. The entitlement programs are no longere sustainable. Those who do not produce have out populated those who do.

The issue is and has always been race. It will remain so.

I am sorry if some of you don't understand it. In time you will!


NorwegianHeat said...

The only way I could view this a legitimate race issue would be if all white people in California were employed, and if all Hispanic immigrants were taking advantage of the system. Since there are workers and non-workers on both sides of the racial divide, and since both whites and non would lose their benefits under your suggestion, it really can't be considered a race issue. As it stands, I'd say it's more of an issue of productive workers supporting the unemployed and being taken advantage of by the freeloaders. You can disagree with welfare/handouts without addressing race, and refrain from alienating so many people.

You could also cite your source for the article excerpt.

I'm also curious s to what the title is referencing.

Anonymous said...

"The issue is and has always been race. It will remain so. I am sorry if some of you don't understand it. In time you will!"
Nah, you want to make it so. That's what makes you racist. Simply taking benefits from illegals will not ease the economic burden. That will increase it as money for jailing and deportation will add strain to California's financial troubles. But I doubt you will donate to that cause.