Friday, July 16, 2010

Muti-Culturalism and the Death of Civilization

We are continually hammered about how wonderful multi-culturalism is. But history has shown that multi-cultural (read multi-racial) societies do not last very long. They are simply a short period of time as one dominant culture gives way to another dominant culture. America was a white dominant nation from its inception in 1607 until the later part of the 1900's. Now America is undergoing a great racial and cultural shift. America will soon look like Mexico.

Britain is undergoing the same transition. On the world scene white people made up about 50% of the world's population only a short hundred years ago. Then as a result of white guilt and white generosity, (health care, food baskets etc) the non white populations began to grow (explode). Today, the white race is only about 10% of the world's population and the world is broke, hungry and in chaos. There is just too many of them for us to feed!

There are people beginning to realise that multi-racial societies is good for minorities, but not good for our people. Some people wake up early and are called racist by those yet asleep, but more and more people are beginning to see that it just doesn't work and as to the racist label, it is tossed around so much that it is beginning to lose its meaning.

Here is a good video:


Anonymous said...

And Hillary Clinton says
We Need More Intermarriage.

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Listen carefully.

This Fisher Price doll is saying "Israel is the light." (pronounced iz-RILE). [Fisher Price may well be a Jewish-owned company.)

Fisher Price doll