Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not a Surprise!

Ok! It shouldn't’t be a surprise. A federal judge has declared most of the Arizona law to be unconstitutional. According to our custom we all are suppose to bow before the court’s ruling. However, we often fail to understand that the court is not the highest branch of government ruling over all others. We are a constitutional REPUBLIC with three branches of government. All EQUAL! It is the Constitution and not the court that is the supreme law of the land. The court has no constitutional authority to force its will upon the legislative or executive branches of government. Likewise the legislature cannot force its will upon the court. In other words, congress cannot pass a law forcing the court on how it should rule. Even so, Constitutionally the court does not have authority to force its will upon the legislature. The Arizona law (SB1070) was passed by the legislature of the state and the enforcement of the law is carried out by the governor (executive). The court has an opinion-that’s all they have. If they are able to force their opinion against the will of the legislature and the will of the executive then we not longer a republic but an oligarchy dictatorship of the court.

Each branch of government has equal power. The legislature passes laws, the executive branch carries out laws passed by the legislature and the court gives their opinion. The executive is not authorized to force court opinion on the people or else we live in a dictatorship and the will of the people is under the heel of tyranny.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's no surprise !!! But it only show's even more how Gov. has gottin to corrupt and put's people with their view's in our court's. There is 60 million pissed off American's that's going to change this or die trying !!!

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration closed GM and Chrysler dealerships and the decision was based on race -- only those owned by White males were forced to close. Minority-owned dealerships were exempt from this shut-down.

Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures