Monday, December 3, 2007

Our annual Christmas Fellowship Conference went extremely well and it was good to see so many of our good friends. We had a lot of young people and kids which is always a good sign of a growth. The picture that I think will appear to the right shows a couple of the little ones decorating some Christmas cookies. We also have pictures of different ones playing other games.

Picture of people visiting and listening to speakers

We have a cannon recently donated to us so it was a big thrill to watch the cannon shoot. The kids really liked this.

Heritage Connection singing a Hank Williams favortite, I'm So Lonesone I Could Cry.

Begining on Sunday, December 2nd my Sunday morning church service is being aired on Stormfront Radio. You can listen each Sunday at 11 AM (Central Time) to the live church service coming from the Christian Revival Center. Just go to and click on the button where it says LISTEN. The photo here is of Charity Pendergraft getting ready to make the connection to Stormfront. Standing above Charity is her dad, Scott who oversees all our video and sound operations, although Charity handles much of this herself.
Hope you enjoy these photos. I will write again on my blog on Wednesday morning.

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I blame the damn republicans!