Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pilgrims Land at Plymouth Rock

It was on this day , December 11, 1620, that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. The Pilgrims were Separatists, because they wanted to completely separate themselves from the Church of England. It was persecution of the Pilgrims by the English monarchy which lead the Pilgrims to leave England and first migrate to Holland and then subsequently to America. Other ships brought additional Pilgrims to the colony. The FORTUNE (1621), the ANNE and the LITTLE JAMES (1623) and the second MAYFLOWER (1629).

It important that to understand that this settlement was a church. The pilgrims were not a loose band of adventurers, they were a tightly knit Christian church that came to America and established a church colony. From out of this church colony a nation was built. Those who claim that we must maintain separation of church and state are confused. We cannot maintain something that never existed. America was founded as a Christian Church. The crazy people who want to remove any recognition of Christianity from our government are just that - crazy. I suppose they can’t help it. Just give them a warm teddy bear and they will be content.
My sermon for church last Sunday was Faith is the Victory. You can still hear it by going to Stormfront.org. I want to invite everyone to listen to our weekly church service by listening to Stormfront each Sunday morning at 12 PM Eastern time. The title my message on this Sunday is Empowered for Purpose. I am still working on it and not absolutely certain what direction I will take it. But again I invite you all to listen in this Sunday. We had some problems with our connections last Sunday and if some of you attempted to listen and were not able to I want you to try again this Sunday. Last Sunday we did get the connection working at about 12:20.
Be sure to make plans to attend the Faith & Freedom Conference next April 4-6. As I have been telling you we are honored to announce that Paul Fromm will be attending. I have word from Don Black, the founder of Stormfront that he will also attend. So there are two reasons for you to drop everything and attend the Faith & Freedom Conference. There are a couple of other speakers we are waiting to hear from. Also bring the kids, we will be having a children program throughout the weekend. To learn more about Paul Fromm go to http://www.canadafirst.net. Don’t miss this conference. It is time for our people to stick together and begin taking our country back.
God bless you all!

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