Thursday, December 6, 2007

President Adams Proposes Establishment of U.S. Observatory

It was on this day, December 6, in 1825 that the newly elected president, John Quincy Adams suggested the establishment of the Depot of Charts and Instruments. The suggestion did not come into reality until nearly four years later when President Adams sign the authorization shortly before he left office.

The United States Naval Observatory is one of the oldest scientific agencies in the United States. Located in Northwest Washington, D.C., it is one of the very few observatories located in an urban area; when it was initially constructed, it was far from the light pollution generated by the then-smaller city center.
Established in 1830 as the Depot of Charts and Instruments, it was made into a national observatory in 1842 via a federal law.

The observatory's primary mission was to care for the United States Navy's marine chronometers, charts, and other navigational equipment. It calibrated ships' chronometers by timing the transit of stars across the meridian. Initially located downtown in Foggy Bottom (near the Kennedy Center), the observatory was moved to its present location in 1893, atop Observatory Hill overlooking Massachusetts Avenue, amidst perfectly circular grounds.
The names National Observatory and Naval Observatory were both used for 10 years, until a ruling was passed to use only the term Navy Observatory. Former President John Quincy Adams had intended for it to be called the National Observatory. John Quincy Adams spent many nights at the observatory, watching and charting the stars, because it had always been one of Adams' hobbies to study the stars - The bill for the creation of a national observatory was passed just before his leaving presidential office.
I was listening to Stormfront tonight and Paul Fromm gave a plug for Heritage Connection’s new CD - Aryan Awakening. If you would like to learn more about Heritage Connection go to where a couple of their songs are available for your listening.

Speaking about Paul Fromm I want to remind you that he is a scheduled speaker at our Faith & Freedom Conference coming up on April 4-6 at the Christian Revival Center. If you haven’t as of yet made plans I certainly urge you to put the date on your calendar. This conference is for all white nationalists and will be a wonderful time of fellowship and learning. Paul Fromm can be heard each night on at 12 AM Eastern Time. I know you will enjoy his program. I will also obtain his website and post it tomorrow. His program is titled For Our People.

Just a reminder to listen to the Sunday morning church service coming from the Christian Revival Center each Sunday at 12 PM Eastern Time.

I spent most of the day in preparation for my Sunday message taken from the book of Joshua.
If you have been looking for a church that teaches the Bible from a historical and well as a fundamental point of view this may be your answer. Even though most churches are afraid of the issue the fact is race is the central theme of the Bible, Romans 9:1-5. Be sure to listen each week and tell your friends also.
God bless you all!

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