Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Anti-White Movie Designed to Create White Guild Complex

Another anti-white movie is starting to make the circuit. The name of the movie is Final Solution and is the story of GERRIT WOLFAARDT. According to the movie promoters, Gerrit is the grandson of a South African freedom fighter. He is raised to be prejudice against black people and as he grows he begins to develop intense hatred for his Negro neighbors.

In his search for identity as a teenager, Gerrit's role model becomes Adolf Hitler. He reads Mein Kampf cover-to-cover and concocts a "final solution" for the Swart Gevaar, or "Black Menace." The solution is genocide. Gerrit develops a plan to kill all black people in South Africa. The white viewer is made to feel guilty because he or she is part of this evil race of people which has a long history of oppressing anyone who isn't white. To carry out his genocide he is supported by elements within the South African military.

Of course he meets a fine Christian girl who shows him God’s love for all people. He eventually repents of his evil racism and is lovingly forgiven by all the black people he hated.

The movie begins as a group of racist South Africans whites make a hit-and-run attack on a black township determined to murder the innocent blacks, but they meet up with an underground unit of black freedom fighters.

The leader of the white racist paramilitary gang is JAN OOSTHUIZEN who was trained to hate and kill by Gerrit before his conversion. The white racists flee to a church full of interracial worshippers led by the now born-again Gerrit. Jan Oosthuizen beg them to protect him. Of course they do, because they are full of God’s love.

The movie is being promoted in Bible book stores and it is suggested that pastors show the movie to their congregation and especially their youth groups. We are told in one promo that "Final Solution is a must see for Believers who want a better understanding of why racism should be addressed from a Biblical perspective."

Gerrit Wolfaardt no longer lives in South Africa. Evidently after he participated in the destruction of apartheid and the creation of the now multi-racial nation he decided to cut and run. Of course he has left millions of white people there to suffer at the hands of the new black leadership that he helped to bring about and has moved to the safety of Colorado Springs, Colorado where he promotes his ministry of Racial Reconciliation.

This is just another example of the betrayal of the modern (post-Christian) church which has become the mouth piece of the New Age Movement and the One World Church. If you would like to look at a Bible study of this multi-racial branch of the New Age Movement, I would suggest you obtain the books - Racial Reconciliation and the Word of God and also The Last Church. Both of these can be obtained for $20. Just send a check or money order to: Thomas Robb Ministries, P. O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615 and tell me you want these two books.

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