Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Anti-White Pastor

We recorded a new edition of This is the Klan yesterday. I do not know if it is on the internet yet. But if not surely it will be on by tonight.

I know you have heard much about Obama and his association with an anti-White church in Chicago. I am posting a link that has video excerpts of Jeremiah Wright who served as pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ (Obama's church) until his resignation last month. It is amazing how Geraldine Ferrero was dragged over the coals for making a simple statement that Obama would not be where he is today if he wasn't black. She has been forced to resign from Hilary Clinton's campaign staff. Yet Obama is a member of an anti-White Church and we hear little about it.

Of course, Ferrero is right. America has been turned into a nation that is in love with multi-culturalism and the first black man that comes forward able to be the poster child for this new America has the media falling all over him like a love sick grade school girl. The encomiums lavished upon him is almost embarrassing.

There isn't much time left until our Faith & Freedom Conference and if you are not sure whether you should attend or not I hope you will put that aside and just make your plans. We have an impressive lineup of speakers and you will not leave disappointed. This is a private and secure location and your kids (of all ages) will have a great time. Call me for more information 870-427-3414.

The American Family Association has suspended it boycott of the Ford Motor Company. Ford had been a heavy financial back of the homosexual agenda and this was the reason for the boycott. Read more information about the suspension by clicking to Jason Robb's blog.

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