Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Fake Holocaust Story

Well, I broadcast my first show of the Political Watchdog on Stormfront Radio last night and everything seems to go pretty good. Charity Pendergraft, of Heritage Connection was here at the controls making sure there wouldn’t be any glitches. She is also the one that controls our hook-up for the Sunday morning live church broadcast from the Christian Revival Center. Of course that is heard each Sunday morning at 12 PM ET.

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Perhaps one of the most humorous things of recent date is the revelation of another fake holocaust story. This one is from Misha Defonseca who has now admitted that her real name in Monique De Wael. In 1997 she published Misha - A Memoir of the Holocaust Years, in which she claimed that as a young girl of eight she wandered 3,000 miles across Nazi-occupied Europe searching for her missing parents who had been sent to the concentration camps. She now admits that the story is not true. In fact she is not even Jewish.

Her book was printed in 18 languages and earned her a tidy $21 million dollars. To the left is the cover of her book.

In her "memoirs" she claims to have fled from her home after her parents were arrested by the Nazi’s. She lived in a "safe house" but fled that also when she overheard plans to turn her over to the Gestapo. According to her bizarre story she lived in the forest with a pack of wolfs which cared for her. She lived on wild foliage, stealing food when she could and cooking and eating small animals that the wolfs would bring her. She traveled across Europe with her wolf family which cared for her as they would a wolf cub.

Animal experts questioned the validity of a wild wolf pack treating her as a member of the pack as she claimed.

More on this outrageous story can be read here

If such a weird, outrageous and bizarre story can be passed as a truthful account of the holocaust without any real scrutiny how much more can stories that appear more believable be accepted even though they also be false. The fact is the complete holocaust story is wide open for dispute, it is for this reason that even questioning the truthfulness of the holocaust is against the law in numerous European countries and can and does often place the honest inquiry in prison. David Irving, a noted historians whose books were used as text books at West Point and Annapolis was just released from prison because he merely questioned the validity of the holocaust. Ernst Zundel also is currently in prison for publishing documentation which question the holocaust. In fact his attorney had her law license stripped away for 5 years because she was too forceful in her defense of Ernst Zundel that it was "apparent" that she did not believe in the holocaust either.

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