Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Demand

Unless you have been sleeping for the past two weeks, there is little doubt that you have heard all the chatter about Barack Obama and his religious mentor and pastor, The "Rev" Jeremiah Wright. Wright’s anti-White rhetoric is now legendary and Obama is attempting to get away from him faster than you would from a dead skunk laying in the middle of the road. But Obama will never be able to run fast enough or far enough. At least not in this election cycle. Perhaps in 4 or 8 or even 12 years from now as White America further submerges itself in the rising non-white flood, such rhetoric will be less offensive to the general electorate. Of course the white electorate may still be offended but that will matter little as the voice of White America grows even more meaningless than it is now.

We have seen polls in which Obama has been losing support, but I have not seen any polls which show a break down of where he is losing the support. I am confident that the erosion of support is only from White voters and his support from Black voters is still strong, no doubt between 85 and 90% as is reflected in past primaries. Obama’s attempt to explain away the words of Wright as that of a grumpy uncle or the careless words of a grandma has been a failure in the eyes of most Americans. And for him to claim that in the 20 years which he attended the Trinity United Church of Christ, that he never heard Wright make such statements or that he was unaware of Wright’s hateful language is disingenuous, to say the lest.

I shudder to think of what the reaction would have been if the situation was reversed. If it were suddenly revealed that a white candidate (for any political office) was found to be a member of the Christian Revival Center and that I were his spiritual advisor. Jesse Jackson, Al Shapton, John Conyers and every news reporter and pundit, including Shawn Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh would be demanding that the party denounce him and expel him from the party. But I hear no such demands for the Democrat Party to denounce Obama or oust him from party affiliation. Nor, do I suspect you will hear any such demands. Except from me and a few others.
I demand that the Democratic Party denounce Obama and oust him from the party.

There I said it, but I don’t think Democrat Party head, Howard Dean will pay much attention to me, nor do I think Bill O’Reilly or Shawn Hannity will carry the challenge to the airwaves.
The Democrat Party bosses are in a real dilemma and will have a tough time in the weeks ahead. Will they allow Democrat voters put Obama on the ticket knowing the baggage that Obama will have to carry or will they snatch it away from him and give it to Hilary? Or will a dark horse emerge at the convention? And what will be the reaction of millions of Negroes who voted for Obama be? Will they feel that the nominee and the election has been stolen from them? Will they feel that white America has stomped on them again and take their reaction to the streets?
We have had an enormous amount of rain in the Ozarks the past couple of days. The creeks are high and impassable. Those of you who have been here in the past know about the little low water bridge you have to cross. You are familiar with the little creek that gently flows down through the valley between the mountains. Well I have some pictures of what that gentle little creek looks like now. Not so little and not so gentle.

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