Monday, March 24, 2008

We had a wonderful "Easter" service last Sunday. I put the word Easter in quotation marks because I really do not like the term. The word comes from Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. Ishtar was above all associated with sexuality: her cult involved sacred prostitution. It is unbelievable that this name has now been associated with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We perfer to call the day, Ressurrection Sunday. If you would like to hear Sunday's sermon please click here

The church provided a pancake breakfast for those who wanted to come early - which a lot did. I was going to take some pictures of those who came early, but completely forgot until everyone was done eating and most had scattered. My wife said, "Did you take some pictures?" and I realized I hadn't. I did get a couple, including some of the smaller children looking in the leaves for candy that the Sunday School teaher hid around and about.

I did an interview with Jeremy Young of the Al Jazeera News Network.The story is for a European audience. Also they will perhaps be at our Faith & Freedom Conference. Also expected at the Faith & Freedom Conference is National Geographic Magazine.

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