Monday, March 31, 2008

Conference only a few days away

I have not been able to write on my blog for a couple of days. We are busy getting ready for our annual Faith & Freedom Conference and we are looking for a great turnout. We had five more people register on Friday and we have all this week yet to go. It's not too late to get registered. You can call me at 870-427-3414 and register over the phone.

All white nationalists are invited. Come and hear some great speakers, have a lot of fun and enjoy some fantastic fellowship.

We have an issue of The Crusader at the printer and it should be back in about a 10 days and then it will be prepared for mailing. We are probably still looking at about 3 weeks until you get it in your mail box.

Thursday we were all ready to record our weekly internet TV program, This is the Klan and also our shortwave radio broadcast, The Global Minority Report when we discovered the batteries to the mike's were dead. So we delayed the recording until Friday
afternoon. We did get them recorded. Our new show of This is the Klan is available now at .

Sunday, after church, some people stayed around for a while and we all did various jobs preparing for the conference. I have posted some pictures. Toward the end of the afternoon we gathered to make smoores, which everyone enjoyed. It lightly rained most of the afternoon which damped the ground but didn't dampen the spirits of those working.

We also are happy to have a new baby at our church. Heather and Kenneth had a little girl on Friday, the 27th.

Freeland Duscumbe, who hosts a show on Stormfront Radio called Riding Shotgun with Truck Roy, is here a few days early and is helping to get things prepared. Paul Fromm will be here on Thursday, while Don Black and Derek will arrive on Friday.

Remember, it's not to late to register. This is going to be an outstanding event. So be sure to come. Especially those of you who live within five or six hour drive.

Don't forget the Political Watchdog on Wednesday at 9 PM EASTERN time on Stormfront Radio.

We had an article printed about us in New Zealand. I will post it tomorrow.

God bless you all!

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