Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Adam Was White and it DOES matter!

I have received the following comments sent to my blog.

"I do not see why race is so important to you. I have met people of other races who are nice people. I met people of other races who I do not like. I met many of my own race I do not like. However, I do not believe the object of your game is loving your own race first. You have written many derogatory things about blacks, Jews, Mexicans. I believe your goal is the goal of Hitler a blond haired, blue eyed America. "

I am sure the views of the person who wrote the comment above is shared by others. So I will respond for this person and the others who share his or her thoughts.

I have never said that there are not nice people of other races. I have met many nice and polite Negroes, Mexicans, Asians etc. I have also met many disgusting and vile white people.

I have never written or spoken any derogatory statements about blacks, Jews, Mexicans etc. That is to say I have never purposely spoken badly about a member of a "minority" race. I have spoken about historical facts of Jewish involvement in subversive activities. But even these are usually statements made by Jews themselves.

For example when I quote Ben Hetch, the late Hollywood Jewish script writer, who stated that if he had been in charge of the crucifixion of Christ he would have had sent him to Rome and fed to the lions. Why? Well, according to Ben Hetch, "They never could have made a saviour out of mincemeat!" That is not a derogatory statements but exposing what Hetch said. Or when I quote Rabbi Marcus Ravage who in Jan edition of 1928 Century Magazine boasted how Jews have infiltrated Hollywood, schools and even our Christian seminaries and have done so to destroy Christian culture. I can not be accused of making derogatory statements but only of quoting from Jewish sources.

The part that is extremely funny is how this person has swallowed Zionist propaganda when making the statement: "I believe your goal is the goal of Hitler a blond haired, blue eyed America." This is classic propaganda claiming that everyone who promotes the survival of the White race is trying to create a race of blond hair, blue eyed people. The reason this propaganda is circulated is to further divide us by making it appear that we not only hate minorities but even hate white people who do not have blond hair or blue eyes.

I can't blame this person for thinking this way because he or she is simply the victim of Jewish propaganda that Ravage bragged about which had infiltrated the public school system as well as our Churches.

Another commenter wrote:

"I read from the Book of Genesis. I read the genealogy of Jesus. You leave out one of the most important things: no where in the bible does it say Adam was WHITE! Does it? That brings up another point if race is such an issue why don't they mention that specifically in the bible?"

I know this person means well, but the fact is that the name Adam is actually from the Hebrew word Adam and it means to show blood in the face, to be rosy complexed or to blush. It is the classic example of the rosy red cheeks which is only identifiable with white people.

The reason race is important is because the Bible makes it important! God made a covenant with Abraham (Gen 12, 17) and God has been faithful to that covenant. Those who are searching really need to read the last several posts on my blog.

This doesn't mean that all non-white people are bad and all white people are good. But it does mean that God is faithful to the covenant made with Abraham.

The Bible is a book dealing with race throughout. Read the Scriptures that I listed in the last couple of posts and pray to have a narrow mind focused on the things of God and not a broad mind subject to the whims of a sinful world.

The person above said what many feel that race does not matter. But it does matter, because God made this covenant with Abraham and Sarah and we can boast that God is faithful. In fact Hebrews 6 tells us that we can have confidence of our salvation on the knowledge God has kept his covenant with Abraham.

Anyway that is enough for now. Keep praying for guidance!

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Anonymous said...

that is thomas robb opinion. that dont make it right he cant prove one thing. it just a racist statement, hebrews the book that was written to the hebrews said follow peace withall men holiness without ,no man shall see the LORD